Page One Hundred Thirty Six: Living on a Prayer

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  1. ridjenite

    Oh, snap. CAught on a fib. Also, First!

    • approvedjunk

      And also, /faceplam at the last part there. Everyone can see that you are first, there is no need to scream it out….

    • eriendil

      Who cares who’s first to post ? Saying something intelligent that contributes to the discussion is far more important, would’nt you think?

      • approvedjunk

        Exactly. It’s especially annoying when that’s the only thing that they type too. Nothing personal against people who do, I just feel it’s a very unnecessary action.

        • SoulVici

          As is pointing it out. Contributes nothing. Ironically, so is pointing out pointing it out.

          • eriendil

            Guess it gets down to what your’e really here for, huh?

  2. Rick

    Nothing wrong with a good bit of text. Gives clarity to what has come before. Gives direction to what may yet come.

  3. blitz

    dang, didn’t make first. Also: what a coy snake god. ALSO also: metaphysical beings explained ftw.

  4. approvedjunk

    That’s always a scary thing when the big bad guy is afraid of something. So is this saying that something is only there if you believe in it? Almost like how a rumor can become truth if enough people say it is?

    • eriendil

      You are so right! The Nazi propaganda minister in WWII, Hermann Goebbels himself sais that if a BIG LIE is spread around widely and often enough, the majority of people, in mindless herdlike fashion, will belive it and follow you. The people of Germany were BS’d into believing they were the master race and would gain greatly from it, while in reality it only served to put and keep Hitler in power. Do you see the parallel here?

      • David

        The folks in Salem might not have been witches, but they hung like witches, so what’s it matter?

        • eriendil

          Very true, Dave. The resident evil within us as a race has always been there across generations, with the devil relentlessly looking for ways to draw it out of us into the open, and then take advantage of rhe resulting chaos. Evil IS an invention of our own human nature, with the devil as it’s personification in our own image, anthromorphing, I think it’s called. What constitutes crime and the “evil” behind it is up to the social and moral values of a given culture, whose reaction to percieved evil may be a crime in yet another cultures viewpoint. The millions murdered in extermination camps in WWII, a million plus cambodians murdered by Pol Pot in Cambodia, the ethnic “cleansing” in Serbia, and the treatment non-muslims often receive in intolerant islamic cultures are all examples….

          • Estrane

            Makes me think of Stephen King’s “Cell” in how one explanation of how everything went crazy was that humans are naturally murderous, blood-thirsty creatures and the only only reason we aren’t is that our intellect came out on top of that yet if the intellect is taken away (or covered up) we become crazy murderous people bent on killing all those who are not like us.

    • Cece

      Quetzacoatyl doesn’t say “believe”, he says “remember”. Most people with some education or interest in history or lore know about Quetzacoatyl, but few worship him these days. Must a god have followers who invoke his name or beseech him for favors, or is showing up on the History Channel – or a webcomic – enough to keep ya’ kickin’?

      • approvedjunk

        I think if he is forgotten completely, he as a personification will disappear and be replaced with some other representation. Think about Christianity and how the lumped all of the Gods and Goddess of other races in to one big person.

        • Miri

          It seems to be that belief = power, remembrance = existance.

          So, since nobody exept a very few people actually believe in Quetzalcoatl and all of the other gods, races, legends, etc, they don’t have much in the way of actual power, but since they are remembered at least in some way by a bunch of people (even if it’s only through D&D), they still have a firm hold on reality. In Quetzalcoatl’s case, since he gets half of his power from nature, but it’s a peaceful power, he’s more suited to the role of guardian, protector, and patron of knowledge and learning, things that are still (at least somewhat) respected and revered by humankind; therefore his power still exists, but not in a way that would allow him to interfere too directly with humanity.

  5. netherstone

    you know there is a saying that goes ” there is no situation so dire that the intervention of the gods cant make it worse…” and since i have yet to read here anything yet that hasnt had them in it somewhere its a wonder Laz is still alive

  6. eriendil

    Laz’s own big mouth gets in the way again. He doesn’t realise or remember that half the solution to a problem is understanding what the problem is. Don’t let the evil child within cloud your eyes and ultimately your judgement. The Devil knows human nature, and a thirteen year old boy on the edge between childhood and maturity is likely to be easily manipulated. This is why Lilith sent him to Quetzacoatyl, who is now helping Laz to mature enough so that the Devil’s own weapon (Laz) can be turned against him.

  7. Mara Jade

    Ha! You call that text? I read subnormality for breakfast!

    Lovely comic as always, good sir Emerson.

    • David

      Haha, thanks! I’m going to try and use less text in the future anyway 😛

  8. Ouija

    David, you shouldn’t have. No really, you shouldn’t have. ¬.¬

  9. Zama

    Hmm… You stole my idea my friend.. I was going to use that concept in a book I was thinking about possibly writing.

    • David

      It’s your own fault for neglecting to wear a tinfoil hat!

      • fangrider

        SO TRUE! i thought of the I pod when i was three! theyre intercepting our thought waves!!!

        • eriendil

          EEK! Rabid weasels are using ipods to spy on us!!!

  10. Miri

    Duuuude, it’s amazing how many of the speculations of the people on previous page were right.

    But, hey, doesn’t that mean that Laz is, like Quetzalcoatl, the best of both worlds, narture spirit and god?

    ……oh god. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF LAZ HAD FOLLOWERS?!?!?! *shudder*

    • Ouija

      Hehehe, it would be an amusing experiment to see if the author can be woo’d into breaking the fourth wall if commenters started a worship service in the comment section…. man that’s really twisted.

      • David

        That would be an interesting experiment in metaphysics.

        • Miri

          Isn’t this entire webcomic an experiment in metaphysics?

          And if a legend counts as worship and remembrance, and David is telling Laz’s story (which is all a legend is), and all of us are reading this comic and putting our energis into it, doesn’t that mean that Laz really does have followers?

  11. silverblob5

    Wait….do the people who read his old blog count as followers?

    • reynard61

      I regularly follow this comic. Does that count?

      (Also, I can’t help but wonder if Quetz — can I call him “Quetz”? — is going to become a Trickster Mentor.)

  12. Joe

    Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the cosmological thought that went into this. It’s so interesting because it so clearly links to all of the previous story, and gives it new form. Pulling that off is always a mark of good imagination AND writing. Kudos.

  13. blitz

    yo, congrats on leveling up on belfry =P

  14. SkitZ

    Ohhhh….. evil is like salt to the Devil… too little and he’s too bland and cancels poker night… too much and he is turned into a pillar of salt by nuclear war… does this mean aliens have there own hate god?

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