Page One Hundred Thirty Seven: The Artful Dodger

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  1. Candace

    lol I love it.

  2. SoulVici

    I completely agree with the book sentiment. This one time I was cutoff from my squad in Vietnam. We paratrooped deep into the enemy lines, which were naturally in a river. Lost my M16, my handgun and all my equipment. All I had left was my trusty knife. So I hear some gunshots and sneak my way towards them. I find a sniper who’s been pinning my squad down. Just as I’m about to slit his throat, the thing turns into “1001 ways to cook bacon”.

    • David

      That must have been pretty frustrating! I hope you at least got a few good recipes out of it.

  3. Broseph

    I hope the Quetzalcodex isn’t TOO flammable.

    • David

      That’s definitely a trait you need to have around Laz…

  4. Eagle0600

    How apropos.

  5. eriendil

    Laz learns a lesson in life, if you want something, ya gotta work for it!

    • David

      But working is haaard

      • eriendil

        All part of growing up. Laz, the apron strings have been cut, your’e on your own, you have in your hand all you need to suceed! Get off your little crybaby butt and use it. Did you expect to be spoon fed forever? You have in your hand right now more than most of us get at this point in our lives…….

        • Veri

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  6. Thoth

    Ah well. It would have been even more frustrating if he’d turned into a collection of knotted cords.

  7. approvedjunk

    It’s almost like he’s saying ‘yeah…don’t wanna deal with all of your questions anymore. So I’m going to be a book now. Have fun reading me! (But beware of some are reading me after all)

    • David

      Perhaps Laz will have an easier time interacting with a book anyway XD

      • approvedjunk

        Who knows. He is a young kid growing up. Maybe if Quetzy had changed into a video game he would pay more attention to it. Or take a twist on the codex and pretend it’s a strategy guide for what he needs to know for the future.

  8. Silvermane

    That’s hilarious! I love this! ^_^

  9. Topazert

    Can all Gods do that?

  10. Supertwitfan

    Second panel… lol he gots a big head!

  11. Draconis Noir

    Okay… So, who bets that the QuetzalCodexl is one of those really irritating books that speak to you – as and when they feel you should know something, and only to tell you the basics of what you need to know.

    • sythja

      Like a book form of Navi from the legend of zelda?

      • Draconis Noir

        I think I would probably burn that….

    • kitsunekage

      Like Bob the Skull from The Dresden Files?

      • Lin

        the book series or the tv series, Bob was different in both.

        • GargoyleZoo1


  12. Senok el Tirun

    What problem have Laz with the book reading? 8 )
    This moment dont have anything enough close to hurt Laz, so have enough time for learn…

  13. Calebdude

    I can think of at least a dozen instances in the past week where that ability would’ve been real useful…

  14. LP

    Maybe Laz should try to find a book that’ll get him out of there. There was this one time I was trapped on an island filled with nothing but books and crazy gizmos that served no logical purpose and it turns out that the way out *was* a book. O_O

    On the other hand, I bet Quetzacodexl will just have useless information in him like, “15 days until due at library Aztec” and “Remember what your mother told you”.

    • Redryll

      Ah yes, Myst. Good times, good times. The only way to the book out was to read the books.

      • LP

        Except for tree-land, where I just logically arranged the water pipes and got out in like five minutes.

        The Selenetic Age, though. *shakes fist* No way to solve that place without a PHD in perfect pitch.

  15. Grenaid

    Just curious, the picture link is broken in both rss feeds:
    Any reason this is so or is it just a problem with Google Reader? My other comics seem to work fine.

    • David

      Uh oh D: I haven’t heard this from anyone else. If you keep having a problem bring it up again! I’ll look into it.

  16. kwah

    hahahaha hes in my dream but then again i know how to make some basic weapons and scavenge even if badly .

    • David

      Just remember if you get stranded alone forever with all the books in the world not to break your glasses. You can’t read without your glasses!

      • kwah

        considering i have glasses ill take that into account also find a book on how to read braille if i loose my hands im going to have a lot more to worry about then reading .

  17. silverblob5

    Hmmm… should sell copies of the Quetzal Codex. I’d probably buy one, if only for the name.

    • Miri

      Totally. COmpletely and totally.

  18. Miri

    That’s…. that’s going up as my REAL Quote of the Day. I’ve had three so far.

    1. “How do YOU know what burning metal smells like?”

    2. “You Koshers, take your food bake ot Kosheria!”


  19. Miri

    ….Is it bad that upon subsequesnt readings of this comic, I can hear the sound effects?

    Panel 2: *in a musical up-scale, you know the type* FLIIIIP-FLIP-FLIP-FLIP-FLIP-FLIP-FLP!

    Panel 3: PAFF!

    Panel 4: -thud-

    • David

      That’s pretty much exactly how I imagine it XD

  20. reynard61

    *insert obligatory “I can read you like a book!” joke*

  21. myshrinkingviolet

    Oh man, Quetzalcoatl is so awesome! He’s a man, a winged serpent, and a BOOK! As if I didn’t like him enough! I adore him now. I want one~

    • David

      Best deity ever~

      • kwah

        lies bob the destroyer rules!

        • volfen7

          ure all wrong…BANJO THE CLOWN, CHUCK NORRIS, AND GIGGLES THE CLOWN…the three holy deities…those are the best ever…but Mr.Q iz a close runner up

  22. VelociraptorBlade

    Laz: Crappiest. RPG. EVER.

    Although, I am worried by his casual use of the word “sacrifice”. That is usually not something you want to hear from a New World god (or any god in general, for that matter)

    • corvuscorone68

      i learned somewhere that Quetzalcoatl is/was/will be (take your pick) opposed to human sacrifice

  23. kitsunekage

    I *really* wish I had that ability when ever my brother comes to bug my with *insert anoying action here*.

    • reddog51

      *inserted foot on face* that the annoying action the OF DAY

  24. Ouija

    Laz worship service begins… now. BWAHAHAHAHAHA -maniacal cackle-

    • GargoyleZoo1


  25. mokon

    when you need to dodge a question turn into a book taht could help alot

  26. volfen7

    did nobody notice the one eyed horned demon/titan/giant with a pipe-wrench-thingie?…it waz one of the more clearly defined pages of the codex when it waz morphing…

  27. Finn MacCool

    quetzalcoatl might rue this once laz finds himself in need of some toilet paper.^^

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