Page One Hundred Thirty One: Intertwined

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  1. Just Kevin

    Zo-M-G! oh and # 1

    Well this seems interesting. Is he going to be running around with a pocket universe can saying “Open it”, and bam Quetzalcoatl jumps out! No. Okay 🙂

    • David

      A wild Wolf appears!

      Quetzalcoatl, I choose you!

  2. eriendil

    I don’t think Laz would quite as much of a little smartass if he was standing in front of the Devil having this conversation…….

    • Just Kevin

      Well… smart ass or not you could pretty much guarantee he would be an ass.

      • reynard61

        In my experience there’s really not much difference between a smart-ass and a dumbass — other than the lack of a hyphen…

        • eriendil

          Very true! His immaturity can also be excused somewhat, but his supposedly genius level IQ should have n made up for it, he should put it to better use than setting lockers on fire and melting limestone temple pillars with acid. He’s capable of reasoning things out for himself, but as his bio says, he is often horribly immature.

          • VelociraptorBlade

            Ain’t that right….
            Anyone else thing this ‘ll end up involving 2012?

          • David

            Good ol’ 2012.

            I hear some Christian group is claiming the end’ll come May of this year! Maybe we’ll be able to skip ahead to the fun part.

          • eriendil


          • VelociraptorBlade

            Jeez…….. You’d think more people would vouch for September being that date…..

    • mokon

      to laz the guy that will end it all

  3. fangrider

    HAH! didnt see that one coming, and the plot thickens!

  4. Bartimaeus

    Laz: “Good, cause I don’t know.”

  5. Miri

    Lawl. Poor Laz. I forgot that Quetzalcoatl often speaks in riddles.

    • David

      I hear he sometimes speaks with a forked tongue, even!

  6. approvedjunk

    Love that first panel. And the second…..well I’d guess this is my all time fave page, let’s just say that. And Quetzy, obviously he has no idea just tell him already. *snickers* …… Mister Kittycattle…

  7. Supertwitfan

    Quetzalcoatal(damn that’s hard to spell off the top of my head… *looks up at webcomic*) seems to be the smartass that can outsmartass me irl. I like his facial expression in most of the panels, makes the god look almost cute/innocent like and kinda expecting something exciting to happen.

    I also likes how he slowly pronounces his name for laz, something that any smartass would do to a interdimensional rulebreaker who is forced to do things that he obviously wants no part of but has no choice… oh and gets attacked by wild animals a lot.

    • eriendil

      I have trouble spelling it too. I just call him Mr. Q, who is likely saying that his own existence is threatened by Laz’s destiny as the destroyer/ender of days. Mr. Q is evidently going to keep Laz out of the Devil’s reach until Lilith completes her plot against the Devil. Remember when she said “you’ll get your’s, prince”?

      • Uhl

        Things seldom turn out that way, or as well as anyone would like.

        • eriendil

          That’s always a given in any plans or plots concocted, but so far in the story, Lilith has been sucessful in keeping the Devil’s plans to bring about the end of days at bay by hiding Laz, The end of days would be a total apocolyptic destruction of the status quo among the various worlds of existance and everyone/everything in them, which would threaten Quetzacoatyl’s world and existance as well. Lilith’s aim may be to thwart the Devil’s plans for total domination rather than destroying him, and maintain the status quo, and thus everyone’s existance, as well.

  8. kisame

    i want to like this comic, i really do, and i dont get why i dont. it got demonology and gods in general, which is allways good, a very nice sense of humor, hell, even the animation isnt as bad as other comics! but i dunno, maybe its cause of the non jokey randomness that comes every 2 strips or so, but i just dont like it. srry

    • David

      Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. Every now and then someone will link me to a comic and I’ll be like, “I love this art and concept! I must read!” and then completely fail to get into it even though I think I should.

  9. Senok el Tirun

    Why so hard say somebady right the name: “Quetzalcoatl”? The winged snake dont have this hard name…

  10. Kasekine

    When I saw that first panel only one phrase could describe it, “Quetzal and me.” Wouldn’t that be the most interesting tv show…

  11. Keeva

    Is it just me, or is Laz undergoing some subtle physical (and maybe metaphysical) changes? Because I don’t remember his nose being brown, unless that’s just a trick of shading…. IS he changing, David?

  12. Warriorking4ver

    Oh god, why does every supernatural being in the cosmos have plans for this poor boy? FIND ANOTHER CHOSEN ONE DAMN IT! XD

  13. Dickens

    OMG He was the Aztec god i think….

  14. zebbythezombie

    huh..always wondered how exactly to pronounce that..

  15. Voidreth

    Kittycattle… HA

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