Page One Hundred Thirty Nine: Oh, One Of THOSE Reunions

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  1. Eagle0600

    Whoops. Better start fast-talking now.

  2. ridjenite

    May not be necessary. Remember- Laz helped her escape Rohit’s party, so it may be a little more peaceful.

  3. Draconis Noir

    I can see her thoughts – “It took a GOD to get rid of you, and now your back. What’s it gonna take to keep you gone?!”

    • reynard61


      • David

        Even Satan doesn’t seem to be able to get him away from her! Yet anyway.

    • Sir Chaos

      Well, it also took a god, plus several lilitu, to get him back to Eshita, so I guess the answer is, “even more gods”.

  4. approvedjunk

    Awkward meetings are awkward?? I guess nothing says nice to see you again like a sword in your face held by an angry Rakshasa. Or meeting one that you didn’t leave on really good terms.

  5. Thoth

    Ah well. Laz did save her neck a couple of times – and since she was the one being pursued there, and presumably still by a greater number of opponents, she should welcome some random interference. Of course, “should” and “will” are very different things.

    • David

      I think she’s just confused at this point…

  6. Dr. Cynic

    I knew it. I knew she’d be back. There’s no way in the multiverse that Laz could survive without some actual martial backing. Plus, you can’t keep someone as kick ass as her out of a comic.

    I <3 Eshita, what can I say?

    • David

      It’s a pretty popular sentiment!

  7. DragonForLife

    about time that shehowed up again.

  8. Uhl

    Oh, Poor Laz. Jungle full of hungry critters wants to eat him, and now this.

  9. eriendil

    As belligerent as she is, she just saved him from being attacked by Rohit, wonder how he and his buddies managed to get out from under the collapsed temple. Eshita must’ve remembered Laz saved her butt, otherwise she would’nt bother to help him just now. She’s not gonna hurt him, shes just pumped up from the heat of battle, and being her dual nasty/helpful self as usual. Why does Rohit want to marry someone who keeps kicking his butt? IF he ever does, it’ll be a hell of a honeymoon!

    • Jasper

      Yes it would be, it would also be an ACTUAL apocolypse before she marries him, not one that almost happens on a different planet…like the one Laz stopped hehehe

  10. silverblob5

    Eh… least if it gets out of hand this time, Quetzalcoatl can bail him out. If he’s paying attention. And feels like it.

  11. kisame

    long time no see

  12. Elithril

    Heck, who wouldn’t want to marry a girl who could kick your butt?! Rohit just needs to learn some manners and how to share, compromise, and that being royal doesn’t get you everything you want.

    • David

      Oh, if only it were so simple that it could be solves by a little understanding.

      I think this case is going to take a whole heap of understanding.

  13. banjo2E


    • Sarssol

      This would be funnier if it weren’t such a common situation in games.

      • David

        Sidequest time!

  14. Topazert

    No peace for the semi-wicked I suppose.

  15. Kevin

    Well I imagine that she will react harshly… “Why in gods name does he keep appearing around me?” “He is nothing but trouble.” Those would be my first two thoughts.

    • David

      These two seem to be the perfect Destructive Duo, don’t they?

  16. mokon

    not again would be the first thing to come to mind if i was las

  17. Supertwitfan

    Oh looky here, now what adventure do they go off to this time? =D

  18. Redryll

    Laz looks likes he is missing his left horn in the first panel, but if it wasn’t for that, the first panel would look great. Cant wait for the Quetzalcodex to introduce himself. That will be hilarious. I wonder what region of the world their next destination will corespond to? Always leaves me wondering.

  19. Anime fan

    ROFL, what a page to make my return on. YES, ITS ME AGAIN! lol

    • David

      Oh hey, I remember you! Welcome back.

      • Anime fan

        Glad you do, its taken a while to get the computer to stop growing mandibles and trying to eat me. I assume you also remember my raging insanity?

        • Disconnected

          Who could forget?

  20. Critter Rhode

    “OK. OK. Now people only one at a time. If you all would just form a line behind the ropes we can make sure you have your turn.” just popped in my head when reading this page.

    • eriendil

      I don’t wanna get in line behind YOU! (just kiddin’)

  21. Zarium

    A girl gave me that look one time, thankfully she wasn’t holding a cutlass at the time. Maybe this is the start of a beautiful relationship for Laz? Him, a god-book, and a angry reoccurring neko with a fondness for swords… How could it go wrong?

  22. NobodyImportant

    I’ve been reading for a while now, and I just now realized something: This comic makes no sense. My favorite kind.
    Also, the horn on his head in panel one looks like it’s on the far side of his head and that he’s missing one. xD

  23. Karst45

    Yay “anger management” kitty is back!

  24. John

    Or not. Ignore my comment on the last page.

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