Page One Hundred Thirty Four: The Nature of Suck

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  1. eriendil

    Child psychology 101. Talk to an angry, confused child at thier level, get them to listen to you. Then ask the questions that gets him to examine himself, and his own intelligence wins out over immaturity, bringing out his good side. Way to go, Quetzacoatyl!

    • David

      Quetz’s taken him some counseling lessons!

      He’s doing a better job than mine ever did 😛

  2. Redryll

    If nature is a force to be reckoned with…WAIT A SECOND! Laz’s mother, Lilith, is leader of the Lilitu. The Lilitu are nature spirits. So Laz is technically half nature spirit. If he embraces his mom’s aspect of his heritage over his dad’s, he might end up reaching his desired goal with minimal drawbacks. IF he can get his demonic side under his control or subdued. He just has to figure that out. No wonder Lilith wanted her little sisters to send him to meet Quezty. Nature is DEFINITELY a force to be reckoned with!

  3. approvedjunk

    Nice. you two definitely have good points. (while reading them, i went from reading to having my mouth open, finger up to a hhmm face and back). At least Laz doesn’t want his father to succeed.

  4. pazuzu

    great so far u r allowed to use my nick name and charater that goes with with ur comic here is something that not most people know about pazuzu he is the first general of satans army and one of the powerful ones too he is the control of air and weather and wind he can’t die if he dies the air dies so he heals by using the air around him and he can sense anybody in the air up too 100 feet he can see up to 1 mile away he can hear up to 10 feet he can make anything out of air he uses a katana made out of black steel form hell he fights like a ninja he shot lighting out his right hand and wind out of the other together it like getting hit by a bowlder he is a soul dealer kind of demon who like to hunt and play with his pray he will do almost any thing satan says fire can hurt him he can can-men-it but not create water can’t hurt him he can’t can-men-it but he can create rain from it earth can hurt him so yeah that way he flys when some one throw a bowlder at him

    • eriendil

      What point are you trying to make? Is it necessary to fill up the whole page with nonsense? Either someone forgot to tell you they stopped dropping acid back in the 60’s, or are you just another troll? If you respond by being rude or obsene, or another pageful of nutx, you prove my point……

    • David


      • eriendil

        Thanks for stepping in, Dave, sorry you had to clean up a mess. At least the rest of all of us here can enjoy the story and talk about it without leaving p**p on the floor.

      • Miri

        I think he wants you to use his Gary-Stu character in your comic as a general of satan. In other words?

        TROLL. I KEEL YOO.

        • approvedjunk

          I help! My brain hurts slightly after that and it seems like it was written by a 5 yr old.

      • Fekete

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    • Kharn


    • LP

      Enoby? Is that you?

    • Zack

      what does can-men-it mean???? And dude seriously, i pray you’re just some idiot who writes bad fan fiction to get it read and seriously don’t believe that’s even close to a viable character for anything.

    • Dani


  5. Zat

    Deco-comment is not good 🙁
    but awesome page 🙂
    Nice to see Laz led towards thinking about how to get out of this mess.

    • David

      I don’t think there’s much time he hasn’t spent in adrenaline rush before this point XD Poor kid.

  6. mokon

    yes finally caught up nice comic by the way i love how you use mythology keep up the good work

    • David

      Thank you very much! I hope you continue to enjoy it in the future.

      Also I hate getting to the end of the archive after all that fast delivery and going AGH WHERE’S THE REST OF MY STORY 😉

  7. DharSii

    I’m irrevocably hooked on this web comic now. I found it by chance and now I’m clinging to every page like a life preserver. :B

    I literally read this twice in one day just so I could read through more carefully the second time and catch things I missed. And then I reread it a third time just because I have no life.

    Back on topic, though, I love how the only time Quetzalcoatl doesn’t ask a question here is when he uses the witty stupid hat pun. Who said gods of learning can’t be funny?

    • David

      Hooray for archive binges! Also I wish I had quetzalcoatl as a professor or something.

      • Miri

        …that would be effing AMAZING. …….duuuude need to make a webcomic now 😀

      • Zack

        He reminds me of my psychology professor at tech…..all he needs is a Mr. Rogers esque voice to match that manner of speaking and it’d be dead on.

      • Dani

        I would enroll in his class even if he taught math! I hate math…

  8. Flame Lord Kay

    Wow he’s gone from hating the world to thinking people are alright. All thanks to a trip through hell …. line up the kids and start a boot camp. Oh and fyi DharSii it’s not a pun just a joke.

    • David

      “If this is what I can expect from the gods, maybe humans aren’t *so* bad in comparison…”

  9. eriendil

    Hey, everybody out here, please, please go to the charity drive link to fight human trafficking Dave is sponsoring! IT’s horrible that individuals AND whole cultures in our world today can get away with this. Any donation, no matter how small, will go a long way to help. I gave something toward it, hope you can, too.

  10. Elkian

    Wait, is he saying humanity can beat Satan?

    • Tyr

      Or the power of Nature?

  11. LP

    Laz is going to escape to the one place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism Satan: SPACE.

    • Estrane

      Aren’t there angels to worry about too considering the angels want to go to war with hell and would probably take Laz going there as an act of war thus screwing everyone over anyway?

  12. LP

    If Tim Curry can do it, so can Laz!

    • LP

      I fail at comment threading. *facepalm*

  13. Jason

    Whatever happened to filial piety?


  14. BanditoWalrus

    Pshh, HIS civilization now?! Quetzalcoatl’s civilization was the Toltecs. The Mexica (Aztec) primary god was Huitzilopitchlti, The Left Handed Hummingbird, God of War!

  15. Tory

    You have shed a ray of snsiuhne into the forum. Thanks!

  16. zebbythezombie

    “its not their fault they suck”. i think thats about one of the funniest descriptions of human nature i’ve ever seen:)

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