Page One Hundred Forty Two: No Backing Down

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  1. eraserpaste

    Makinging? Izzat a typo in panel 2?

  2. Waffles

    Typo :p Makinging

  3. eriendil

    Hmmm, dissention within the ranks. I wonder if lilith can or will take advantage of that. I still have a faint hunch she’s leading them into a trap that will neutralize them as a threat, like she did to Crowley. She may be counting on Melech’s backing in the very near future, with his intimate knowledge of the underworld, it might prove useful to lilith’s plans.

  4. KDef

    Something tells me that Melech’s little reveal about ‘few followers, big faith’ may come in handy to our protagonist.

  5. Marscaleb

    Talking treason? I don’t know what he’s talking about. Who’s talking treason?

    • David

      The devil sounds pretty darn totalitarian in his management style – I’d assume that he’d consider that dissent is treason.

      If you’ve ever worked for a giant evil corporation, if you look over your contract it states that saying anything dissenting against the company, even and especially if truthful, is grounds for dismissal. That is to say, you badmouth the company(Ugh, this job’s work hours are so unfair) or infer that a customer might be better off shopping anywhere else – boom, your boss can fire you.

      It’s like that, except replace ‘boss’ with ‘Prince of Darkness’ and ‘fire’ with… well, ‘visit fiery death upon’.

      • Miri

        Y’know, in totalitarian governments, the ones who start dissenting usually are the ones who end up joining the little-known rebellion.

        Mewonders about Melech….

  6. miff

    Sympathy for the sun god

  7. Supertwitfan

    More Meph Dialogue!

    Greedy accountant mode activated?

  8. Anime fan

    Is he a representation of Greed?

  9. eriendil

    That new gallery pic of Eshita is kinda scary, guess someone forgot to clean out the litter box…..

  10. Rick

    Just as a minor quibble, the arrow in your Chapter 7 cover page is resting on the wrong side of the bow, and aiming with the eye that is currently open is awkward, at best. And the less said about the grip on the bowstring, the better. 🙂

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