Page One Hundred Forty One: Pessimism

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  1. approvedjunk

    Aw…Poor Sungod is remembering the past. I guess that’s where he once was worshiped/lived?

  2. Draconis Noir

    It’s with bosses like that you need to know when to cut your losses and run. Which, obviously, is after you get the shiny new grand temple, but before a rival order wipes it off the map.

  3. eriendil

    Wonder how much longer lilith can keep up the run-around until they’re onto her. She’s bringing her playmates into the Prime with Eshita and her bunch, a jungle full o’ big critters and who knows what else. The lilitu sisters were headed there, too. She might be leading them into a trap, why else would she bring them there? Looks like a pretty EXPLOSIVE confrontation is coming up!

  4. Silvermane

    Whoa! Mephi looks way different without his little glasses on.

    • eriendil

      Don’t worry, ol’ quick draw David will get it…

      • eriendil

        His pants will fall down without his belt buckle, too…

        • Draconis Noir

          Pants? I thought he was a satyr type thing….

          • eriendil

            Hmmm, maybe your’e right. But i do remember him wearing a belt earlier, when lilith transported Laz back into thier clutches, and he bumped into Meph when he tried to run.

  5. eriendil

    That rock Melech was looking at, a carving of the sun. And, he drops it the second MEPHI comes up to him, like Melech did’nt want him to see it., and it just happens to fit the square hole in the rune carving sticking up from the ground. Melech’s not a member of Satan’s fan club, either. Another clue, maybe?

    • Zammarian

      I was thinking that Melech would probably switch sides later on. He seems to think sorta along the lines of Quetzal. Not about power but the way things used to/should be. He does not seem one to change just on that idea though. we will have to wait and find out.

  6. LP

    The soundtrack for this conversation? A sad version of “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!”

  7. eriendil

    Hey, Yknow…. Crowley is still hanging around in the underworld as a floaty-bird thing after he got served up for dinner. He got into the underworld by following Laz thru an open portal, i’m thinking he might follow this bunch into the Prime behind them. He’s not one to give up, and getting control of Laz might be his way to get re-incarnated…….

  8. Supertwitfan

    I disapprove of Meph’s face in this page. Sorry, I liked it a bit better when his jaw bone was completely intact.

  9. Ahlii

    Anyone else notice the little eyes in the background of the last panel? cx

    Oh and great comic. My friend showed it to me. Loving it!!

    • eriendil

      Sure did. 4 sets of eyes, the lilitu sisters. Betcha Crowley’s watching, too…..(that little black spot in the trees right above and behind lilith? Hmmmmm

      • approvedjunk

        Well I now know I fail at noticing little details. Failed to see both of them, though i did think Mephy was missing something when I first read it.

        • eriendil

          I just think it’s way cool that David sticks these clues and hints in there, makes the story even more enjoyable!

  10. kwah

    thats what power will do to ya just end up wanting more tile it ruins you inpursuit of it .

  11. Kavukamari

    The bird and the lava demon are actually pretty cute lookin in this page 😛

  12. silverblob5

    I’d say there’s a good chance of Adramelech backing a play to unseat the Devil, assuming it ever gets off the ground. Gotta wonder how many others there are like him who fear where things’re heading…

  13. Anime fan

    Poor chicken, he knows what the poster boy wants to deny.

  14. mokon

    do you think the devil will even let him rebuild

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