Page One Hundred Thirty Five: The Wall of Text Returns

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  1. Chaos

    This comic.
    so awesome…
    Just read the whole thing and wow. Seems like an awesome story is in the making here.
    Also your art is really good. Always a plus i suppose.
    Good luck.

    • David

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to doing the rest of this story :3

  2. Chaos

    And first.
    first comment on this and i get first? silly and yet cool.
    and that last bit of dialogue is priceless 😀

    • Alexander

      Jack, you are a gem!And I say this with not only you in mind, but all kinds of everybody, but,yes,you are the focus here.You have the wornuods example of the English martyrs and recusants; you are in their lineage ; they are interceding for you, loving you, helping you and all those who choose to follow our Lord Jesus Christ in His Holy Catholic Church in the secular wasteland of England.It must seem distressing to be in such darkness, alienation, and frustration.Don’t give up; and don’t succumb to any easy answers . God is everything. He will, in fact, do everything for you. And our blessed Lady and good Saint Joseph are ever there at your side to give you the comfort and strength you need; they, did, live in exile for years. They know. They really do. Prayers.

  3. Draconis Noir

    ‘Because he’s the bad guy?’

    Because there needs to be be any other reason?

    • Draconis Noir

      Ah, guess my experiment with the tags failed….

      • Supertwitfan

        I fail
        at tags

        back on topic, words of text ain’t so bad… well not when you rp on the warcraft forums all day.

        • Ouija

          RP? In my WoW? I guess it’s more likely than I think.

  4. Senok el Tirun

    Why want the Devil the Earth? Why want all powerful person in all comic/cartoon/film/others rule the Earth? (Maybe have something to do with thereunto nobody can be hold this planet never?)

    //And i hope not write silly things – i never learned english language, just use the “” online dictionary…//

  5. DragonForLife

    brain? what brain? i have never heard such nonsense!!!!

    • David

      I don’t need to use my brain! I’m too smart to use my brain!

  6. Miri


    Gee. Revolutionary, Laz, simply revolutionary.

    • David

      He seems to be okay at using his brain on physics. It’s the whole interact with other people thing he completely and totally fails at 😀

      • Miri

        Sadly, him and most other geniuses of the world….

  7. EveryZig

    Heh… Wall of text… I see what you did there.

  8. Topazert

    From what I know The Devil aka Satan aka Lucifur wants the world so 1. He can rub it in Gods face and 2. He wants more territory to expand on or 3. Because he just wants to.

  9. Topazert

    I also think its vengence on Lucifur’s part because who would’nt be pissed if God smashed their heads and sent them plumeting into Hades, am I right?

  10. LP

    He wants Earth because you have to own all of the same-coloured properties before you can start building houses. Duhhh.

    • David

      So, earth would be Park Place and hell would be Boardwalk?

  11. Rebonack

    Like our good pal the plumed serpent says it depends on which interpretation you’re running on.

    I would say the Devil wants the Earth (more so than he he has it already) because he wants to be like God. He believes that with enough worshipers he could become as God. Given the premise of this comic (that a supernatural being’s power is proportional to those that believe in/worship them) the Devil is right.

    ‘course, in Christianity God is infinite. His power isn’t contingent on anything. And a finite being becoming infinite isn’t possible (if you disagree try counting to infinity. Tell me when you get there.) So this suggests that the Devil doesn’t actually believe that God is GOD, otherwise he would know that trying to become as God is a futile effort.

    • David

      Interestin’ insights!

    • Ouija

      Well infinity is more concept than number. Theoretically I could count to infinity, by I could just start by infinity – 1, then move up to infinity. So I just counted there. However, the belief that God is infinite could make God (perhaps only in our eyes) infinite. A supreme being enforcing the image of being supreme, and having mankind believe in his supreme-ness could well in fact make him supreme. I’m adding a bit of my own theology here (which gels quite well with the premise of this comic.) by the idea that with humanity’s more “concrete” beliefs, the power of God would seem limitless due to their lack of understanding of the workings of the other dimension.

      -suspicions/possible spoilers-
      Now the nature of the devil’s “attack” was to introduce part of the ethereal world into mankind’s concrete world, and would detract from God’s impression of being supreme, omnipotent, and omniscient, thus put God on a more “equal footing” by humanity’s reduced belief/reduced awe of God. So the attack wasn’t for devil worship, but for mankind to understand the workings of the alternative planes. Again this goes back to the serpent (ironically) persuading eve to eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge (of good and evil.)


      • David

        I just put MORE text on my next page, JUST FOR YOU!

  12. eriendil

    Qutez says everything eventually dies. Could it be the Devil’s weakness is that he needs the souls that inhabit earth to keep HELL GOING?
    He sure does’nt need chicken mcnuggets or a new ipod. What else does he do except plot relentlessly on how to get us all down there!

    • Zack

      I refute that, EVERYONE needs chicken mcnuggets man

      • eriendil

        You did’nt know?! Ronald McDonals is actually the Devil in disguise!!!

  13. Marscaleb

    It’s Laz’s incredible ventriloquism act!

  14. Candace

    I just started reading this and am enjoying the story so much. Thank you for a very good comic.

    • David

      Thank you for the kind words!

  15. otomo

    George Lucas says the world is going to end in 2012…

    • David

      I wonder if he’s going to feel a little dumb in 2013?

  16. immortalswat14

    would it be that he wants earth because on earth everyones thoughts control the happenings of this realm

  17. jake

    great comic, i like the story keep it up 🙂

  18. mokon

    mabey hes like other gods if people stop thinking of him he’ll die

    • SoulVici

      Those are my thoughts exactly. Who would you rather believe in, some god that hasn’t shown up in 2 millenia? Or the guy who just made the earth his bitch and can slaughter dissenters with ease.

      • SoulVici

        Especially consider how more and more people are becoming atheist/agnostic.

        • Ouija

          “I believe we are both atheists. I just happen to believe in one less god than you do.”

  19. Thoth

    I don’t know if that’s the intent, but I get the impression that Laz needs to get some undisturbed rest.

    “I just used up my last bit of energy running from things that wanted to eat me, and you want me to think?”

    • David

      That poor kid does need a break already.

  20. SkitZ

    The Brain is an instrument of logic… logic has a hard time being applied whilst talking to SNAKE GOD… or pie…. mmmm…pie….

    • Marvelous TK

      I was going to scorn you so hard for that last bit at first, pie being the most common ‘random’, ‘chaotic’, or somehow ‘illogical’ thing, (so much scooooorn), but after thinking about it, you’re right. Logic -does- have a hard time being applied while talking to pie.

      But BAM applied it to your pie.


      • SkitZ

        …hmmm… just noticed this… so I hope you get my response…pie is considered “illogical” because of the number pi… which will end in the year 2013. I was drawing the similarity between talking to a snake god and talking to pie…or pi for that matter… as you noticed… then you kicked it up a notch… and made… bad… pie. DO YOU SEE HOW LOGIC IS BAD WITH PIE!!! This is why too much thinking is bad… we both wasted time contemplating pie! Descartes is applauding in his grave as the room with the moose nears. The end is very f***ing neigh… but we have to wait till 2013… so we can divide pi by zero… I just noticed the snake is wearing a headdress, YAY!!!

  21. silverblob5

    If the perception of power on Earth translates to actual power in the spirit realms, then a successful invasion of Earth could lead to worldwide perception of an all-powerful Satan, leading to an ACTUAL all-powerful Satan…..

    • eriendil

      The so-called self flfilling prophecy?

      • David

        It’s a pretty common tactic in theology!

  22. Ziomare

    Just read this in one sitting, awesome comic. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  23. Xan Estrada

    From page 1 through here, has been an epic journey that I can’t wait to see more of. I have a list of webcomicss that i read every day just after I clock in at work. This by far has left me looking forward to Tuesdays and Fridays. Your writing style is VERY quotable. Keep up the awesome work.

  24. BanditoWalrus

    Lol, Quetzalcoatl should know about apocalypses. He orchestrated one once. Burned the entire world away, if I remember correctly.

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