Page One Hundred Thirty Eight: Peaceful Reading Session

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  1. approvedjunk

    Lol Laz, ask and you shall receive. And really, you were expecting anything that Quetzy would give you to actually just give things to you? You forget he’s a god of learning, so of course you need to learn to gain knowledge.

    • David

      But it’s haaard. Especially when it’s a subject you don’t care about
      . Like anything but science or computers…

  2. Dan Potter

    Ooo I like that last speech bubble.

  3. Onasaki

    Craziness! Yar!

  4. Thoth

    At a guess, here we have the re-appearance of the cat-folk; wouldn’t it be ironic to go through all that mess only to wind up on the back side of that temple again?

    • David

      If by ironic you mean incredibly frustrating to Lad then definitely

  5. Draconis Noir

    Awww, pictograph Laz looks soooo CUTE!

    • Miri

      Yeah, annd so does last-panel scared!Laz, LOL~

  6. Bartimaeus

    The past & the future!

    Or maybe the RIGHT-ABOUT-NOW.

    • Nephkona

      When will then be now…


      • mokon

        maybe now has been and soon is now

        • Uhl

          Right now?
          Just missed it.

          Sir, we’ve found them!


          On the fourth moon of Vega!

          Who!!!???? (Facemask slams shut on Dark Helmet).

  7. Crestlinger

    Get away from the wall there’s a guard #2 about to come through

  8. Summoner

    I think Laz should be worried about what pushed the cat-guard-person through a stone wall… and if it wants to kill him… and the cat-guard-person might want to kill him too 8D

  9. eriendil

    Oww, that’ll leave a mark. The Rakasha are wrecking the real estate again.. Don’t think Rohit will be too happy to see Laz again, ya better scram kid. By the way, didn’t the Quezacodex just give you a warning that may have saved your butt?

  10. Abeo

    OH YEAH!

  11. marscaleb

    What is it with plot devices and crashing through walls?

  12. EveryZig

    @ Marscaleb: Doors are for wimps.

    I love how pictograph Quetzy is grinning like that.

    A random question, in systems of belief –> deity power, how does a god believed by a few followers to be extremely powerful compare to a god believed my many people to have (relatively) mediocre powers? (As in an obscure creator god worshiped as controlling everything v.s. a widely followed god of corn.

    • Ouija

      While a few might believe in a omnipotent God, his scope of power will be limited geographically/dimensionally. Also, there is likely a threshold or requirement of belief to reach before it comes into fruition, much like a few drops of water may smudge a paper, but a downpour will rend it to wet sticky bits. Much like Laz will become if his brain doesn’t kick into overdrive.

    • Thoth

      Since – in this system – gods are dependent on human belief, and gods who have lost most of their believers lost most of their power, then the upper limits of a gods power are dependent on his number of believers or power supply. Since there’s no indication that such power can be stored for bad times (or the devil could survive well after humanity ceased to believe in evil), there is a maximum available at any given moment. Given that the Devil, Ganesha, and the old gods in the service of Satan seem to obey classical motifs in the use of their power, it seems likely that the power provided by worshipers can only be used in the ways that those worshipers envision.

      Ergo a god with little belief to back him remains weak, no matter what his (few) followers believe; he lacks the power reserve to be anything else.

      A god with many believers who believe that he’s weak has plenty of potential power – and presumably would be hard to get rid of – but would apparently be restrained in how he could use those powers to the motifs his followers believe in. There’s not enough information to try to make a case as to whether or not they’d be weak even within the limits of the motif, but it does seem reasonably likely.

  13. miff

    happens on the best of days

  14. mokon

    their hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. silverblob5

    The Raksasha have been drinking Koolaid.

  16. Lazy J

    lol talk about timing

  17. Miri

    By the way, you’ve got a double comma in panel Two, the first bubble.

  18. Shaun

    Any chance of seeing that pictograph panel as a wallpaper?

  19. ragnarokk77

    i kind doubt it…but you can always mod the image into one…

  20. BanditoWalrus

    GAh!! Aztec Geekiness is unleashing itself!! Must…resist…urge to tell comic authors that in Aztec Picture-Writing the Majority of the figures in the picture-text should be facing to the right….to late!

  21. John

    Enter Idiot Spanish Soldier #1….

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