Page One Hundred Thirteen: Wanderers

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  1. Thoth

    Ah, first scholarly tomes of old myths and now the internet! Life preservers for drowning gods!

    Of course, there may be some misinformation or manipulation there. If Lazarus wasn’t a possible threat, what would Satan have been concerned about earlier?

    • Uhl

      “The Devil” doesn’t see Laz as a threat. He sees Laz as a necessary pawn, key, artifice to get into Earth.
      A pawn that’s gone “missing.” This is an unacceptable situation.

      • Thoth

        I’d suspect that “He has no idea of how to usurp me!” back on page forty-nine ( ) indicates that it’s possible – presuming that Lazarus figures out how. Given that he is pretty clever, and Satan seems to be rather paranoid (not too surprising in a lord of treachery), I wouldn’t be surprised to if Satan did indeed consider his wild-card offspring to be a creditable threat.

  2. approvedjunk

    You gotta love the Lilitu. Serious as a heartattck one second, the next making a comment like that. By the way, who is that watching therm pass? Just a statue or a person? As a general rule of mine, I don’t trust anything that I am unsure if it will get up and move on me.

    • Karadan

      Given the vines on it, I’d assume a statue, though I could certainly be wrong.

      • Marscaleb

        It’s Vinetos, the ancient god of statues!

  3. Stripes

    That silver lillitu is adorable. Though…its always the adorable one’s you can’t trust.

  4. moon

    its like there bi polar or somthing along the lines of that

  5. flibble

    laz is just a pure demons’ man, shame he doesn’t use it to his advantage yet…

    • Uhl

      They’re being “cute” because they’re under Lilith’s orders. Laz is right to try and get himself prepared.

  6. eriendil

    I still think green is on to something. Maybe I’m obsessed, but green might be wondering why there isnt more left of Crowley than just a pile o’ feathers? Dont think we’ve seen the last of him. The lilitu look like they’re making sure Laz does what Lilith told him to do, just go with the flow and don’t screw up whatever plans she has for him later, namely stick it to thr devil big time. The plot thickens!

  7. Marscaleb

    …aaaaand sweetcheeks.
    Yup, these gals are making themselves too enduring to be able to despise in any fashion.

    Also, it establishes more about Lil’ since now her calling Laz “Sweetheart” and “Love” does give any impression that she has something for her, or that she is secretly Laz’s sister, or what have you.

    • Fox

      It could be that Lilith actually is his mom, and those other lilitu are her sisters, making Laz their nephew. Or it could also be that they’re her daughters, making him their younger brother. I think they just seem too affectionate for them to not have any sort of relationship to him.

      • Geoffrey

        I agree with the sister/ possible mom theory.

        • Bel

          its also possible that if there not related she/they plan to some how bring him in to there little fold in some way so as to cut his father out of the loop or what not.

          • Supertwitfan

            I think that she just has her own plans and just can’t seem like the super bad guy to laz… or at least doesn’t have to.

  8. Jenn the Hen

    If you look at the pinched cheek as Laz’s nose Laz looks sad and emo.

    • Marvelous TK

      And if you look at Laz’s actual nose in those last two panels Laz is smiling.

  9. Anime fan

    Huh, do all Lilitu act like this?

  10. reynard61

    Lil Gray is so cute! I do hope that she’ll keep Laz safe while things sort themselves out.

  11. Banadux

    Cute is good, but do they also have the hot womanly form like Lilith?

  12. tWiCHY

    weeeeeee cute little bipolar demoness

  13. eriendil

    !This all in the family thing is starting to sound more and more likely. Lilith, historically, was reputed to have had many unholy children,could she be Laz’s mom? We already know who daddy is, and why does Lilith have a bone to pick with the devil, did’nt she say ” you’ll get yours, prince!”. Her service to the devil is obviously distasteful to her. What past indescretions of hers the devil accused her of?


    ‘you’ll get yours, Prine

  14. Supertwitfan

    I just realized they are walking to the nuclear tree

  15. eriendil

    I guess the nuke is a dead god, too. The cold war is long over, and nobody now has the nerve to use one.

    • Draconis Noir

      Kim Jong Il. Except he already rules his own little country. So long as he is happy with that, and no one tries to take it away from him, he doesn’t need to bother.

      • Sergey

        You’re right in saying that PAB Star is no lgnoer open for business. But for your information, I did not resign because I am not an employee of PAB Star, they only asked me to advertise their promos. I replied to your previous comment via email and gave your the owner’s contact number.

  16. eriendil

    Yes, he did, but not on anyone else which is what I meant. The little bully/coward over there quickly backed down when big sister China obviously threatened him with cutting off the only acess to worldwide resources he has, through them. Despite all thier bluster and threats, the north koreans don’t have the resources or the guts to start a global nuclear war. Sorry, Mr Devil, I think you lost this round, too.

    • Draconis Noir

      ‘ Sorry, Mr Devil’

      Apart from that, fair ’nuff.

  17. Warriorking4ver

    LOL XD, those little imps won’t stop calling him cutesie names XD

  18. Warriorking4ver

    So basically they’re saying that Laz can’t beat the devil yet because he’s more well known and infamous than he is? The better known a demon/god is the stronger they are in this universe? Guess Laz needs to find a way to become popular in mortal folklore XD

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