Page One Hundred Ten: Defenseless

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  1. Kestrel

    He suddenly looks a lot older o.0

    The whole comic has a slight ,,educational” feel to it, though πŸ˜›

    • David

      Guah! They’re on to my sinister plan to teach people things!

      I mean, ah, you’re just imagining it! I just need to explain things for, er, exposition purposes. Yeah.

  2. Draco

    More grey Lilithu pls, she is the cutest πŸ™‚

  3. DragonForLife

    GAAAAH. I LEARN THINGS! THIS IS NOT GOOD! oh wait the comic is awesome so it does not matter

  4. SkitZ

    Dear Intwarewebz,

    I know Mr. Crowley is fun to humiliate… like the “Star Wars Kid”… but could you see it in your prawn servers to grant him 1337 haxzoar powers so he can pwn noobz. In the Gates name we pray: hack the planet!

    • David

      Should I be proud or embarrassed about knowing this reference?

      • SkitZ

        It wasn’t meant to be a reference… I was going to refer to a series of tubes but deleted half of it accidentally…

  5. TheMagister

    I love that green Lilitu πŸ™‚

  6. Aruan

    I’m all for making the gray Lilitu a primary character, if not all of them. Who’s with me?

  7. approvedjunk

    Crowley kinda looks….fluffy…at the edges of his face…. and also he’s going to get a major a$$ kicking soon.

  8. TheDeepDark

    The Lilitu win. Simple truth

  9. Uhl

    I likes them. Yes, I does!

  10. Gunsolo

    Those etchings on the “stonehenge” are really funny. TheyΒ΄re like instructions for a roof, crop rotation and penicillin. πŸ™‚

    • Savi

      I particularly like the smiley face. That one little detail made my day.

  11. reynard61

    @ Crowley: A word of advice: When in Hell, it’s best not to antagonize the natives. (Oops! Too late…)

  12. Miri

    The Lilitu are…. adorable, yet mischevous! JUST LIKE LAZ~!


    Purple one is really adorable,t hough Lilith is still my fave.

    Are they all going to get names?

  13. Anime fan

    Oh ho ho, this is gonna be good.

  14. pazuzu

    votes have it more Lilitu all says and me the demon king pazuzu 1 out 4 demon kings i am wind i control all that is air, wind, and illnesses under the rule of devil himself !!!!! LOVE THIS COMIC!!!!!!

  15. BakaGrappler

    The answer to Gray Lilitu’s quest? It’s a thought away. This is the plane of the mind, correct?

    Sure, the natives pulled a prank on Crowley, but he was still able to nullify a magic blast to the abdomen on his own. I think the Lilitu Rangers are going to have a little more trouble than they think, particularly since Crowley is staying calm here, and his sort are always calm when they have an ace up their sleeves.

  16. approvedjunk

    Hmm…you know, pazuzu you sparked my curiosity about your name when I read it in a different place. Now I’m currently flipping through Wikipedia and learning quite a bit about demons and how they are connected. I was even brought to a page about Lilith! Yay random connections and learning!

    • David

      Well, it’s always good to see people going out and learning about… ah, demonology πŸ˜€

      • Bel

        ahh demonology something that in olden days got you burned at the stake, but for this its a fun little thing to have some know how for.

        • Magus655

          Actually holy priests probably wrote the most about demonology and the largest categorization of demons. lol…

  17. CHaoS

    your comment about praying and pincillin…
    praying is supposed to save your soul and pincillin is supposed to save your body, right?

    i think i know how to be awsomely powerfull in that dimension of dreams
    first we need a time machine, and use it to go some thousands of years to the past, bringing lanterns, a music player, mirror, gun, ammo and whatever we have today and work with bateries.
    when there, we’ll need to show to all the humans how almighty powerfull we are using all the stuff we brought from the present, using the gun to kill any dangers.
    then we go to that dimension, since all humans think we are almighty immortal and powerfull, in that dimensian we will be like that…
    and TADAN!!! we are almighty and powerfull..
    your arguments are invalid.

  18. Magus655

    Smart little imps. Stupid old man. Illness, famine and Natural disasters still plague mankind lol their not “easily warded off”. Unless his world is a near utopia.

  19. Faraway

    Illness. Famine. Natural disasters. Why do I feel the girls will eventually become Horsegirls of Apocalypse by riding My Little Pony Apocalypse pony? πŸ™‚

  20. Silvermane

    I love the lilitu! They’re so CUTE ^_^ <3…..and kinda scary.

  21. Shaj

    I found this comic not even a week ago, and I’m already addicted. When I tell any story or make any character, I like to go out to prove that there’s no clear-cut line of GOOD or EVIL or anything, just people (sometimes supernatural people) doing what they think is right. It’s nice to see actual perspective things – especially in this form, seriously, good job. o_O


  22. pazuzu

    thank you but they got the image wrong i have read all the demon books and monster books i’m a demon expert the really image of my usernamed is a lycon with 4 wings also known as a air dragon 2 huge raven wings on the upper back and 2 dragon like wings on the lower back likes ripping humans and animals apart and wearing them like clothes

  23. pazuzu

    i’m a demonology i what i meet to say

  24. pazuzu

    demonologish dag i need spell check put the ps3 doesn’t have one

  25. rennat951

    crowly is going to get pwnd i just know it

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