Page One Hundred Sixty: Aggro Culture

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  1. Thoth

    And, in comparison, Laz is off having a very good day.

    • HVEgleRunner

      makes you feel sory for the oldman

  2. Aeren

    HI there,

    Very nice artwork! By any chance do you have an enlarged version of the last picture(without the speech bubble)?

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Uhl

    Umm, Mr. Fire-breath is definitely NOT a “kid,” not even if you count goats.

  4. volfen7

    i thought that he was like a version of the river stix boatsman, but nope, he’s a farmer…sweet…poor farmer, his crops getting burnt down by satans minion

    • GargoyleZoo1

      sweet poor farmer!! in the PRIME!! DWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      my guess: another old god

      • LP

        Grain, water, god hat, old man. Despite all evidence to the contrary, still clinging to my Utnapishtim call.

        • David

          Answers may be forthcoming soon!

      • Sharp

        That my friends is two row barley. Which would make him the God of brewing and beer. Think I have said a prayer to him when the wort boils over on the stove, or is that a curse.

      • GargoyleZoo1

        I was RIGHT! and not just ANY old god. The oldest known diety! Holy fertilizer, the du-woop demons are in for it now!

  5. Topazert

    Why the Fuck are they burning his crops, I mean he was coming when called and still do that. They may be evil, but that does not excluded them from being idiots.

    • Broseph

      It’s not idiocy, it’s just Beelzebub being extremely rude.

  6. Csiki

    Hi there!
    I like your art style.I don’t know if anyone has asked this before, but how do you draw the comics (on paper or with a special software), and how do you colour and edit them.

    • HVEgleRunner

      i second that sence I’m starting a comic of my own

    • David

      The comics are done entirely digitally using photoshop, sai, and sometimes canvas. I use an intuos tablet too.

      Some people have expressed interest in a tutorial but I think I’d wait until I was more confident in my own consistency <<'

      • Csiki

        Thanks for replying me, if not tutorial, this will do nicely, too. Experienting with different software is fun, just as long as the one I can use is one of them 😀
        Keep up the good work!

  7. Satrinity

    Kids these days and their fire breath…

    • silverblob5

      No respect for their Elder Gods.

  8. eriendil

    Ithink the old man has a lot more under that hat than he’s letting on, just like Quetz and his human form….

  9. Neph

    Lilith is gonna Facepalm in about 3…2…1….

  10. banjo2E

    …What’s he growing there? Cattails?

    • silverblob5

      Pre-corn, maybe….

  11. mokon

    as if life isnt hard enough for farmers

  12. corvuscorone68

    man if some douche of a demon went and did that to my crops i would start blessing that water in that bucket forthwith posthaste

  13. Chaotic_Blues

    Now that’s just wrong. What did his wheat field ever do to them?

  14. TD Inc.

    Old Man:….one of you had better be an ex-crop deity or I’m gonna be pissed…
    Lilith: Um……..

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