Page One Hundred Sixty Two: Seriously, What a Jerk

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  1. Artemis

    Yay! First comment! Great job! I can’t wait to see what happens next…

  2. eriendil

    Enki doesn’t seem to worried , methinks he’s about to open up a good ol’ can of woopass!

    • EveryZig

      I think Lilith is planning on it.

      • -

        The internet is serious business.

  3. Cece

    You demons get off of my lawn!

  4. Uhl

    Wait. What happened to those buckets of water he was carrying earlier?

    • Satrinity

      Bub’s throwing an awful lot of heat around… maybe they evaporated. O.O”

  5. Maju

    Can you kill the god of water with hellfire?

    • reynard61

      Nope. The worst that happens is he gets…

      *puts on Cool Shades*

      …the Vapors.


  6. Evilhippy

    I wonder if Lilith is trying to drain Bubs energy levels on purpose.

    • eriendil

      I kinda think Lilith’s led them into an ambush, and all three of ’em are gonna get an unexpected setback. I still think Lilith and Quetz have been dealing with each other all along, she knew that Laz wasn’t going to be here.

      • Maju

        But the lilitu, Nuibi, thought Laz would be there according to the plans of big sis. So yes, I’d think Quetzalcoatl got in the middle and drew different path for Laz to follow different from dad’s and from mom’s too.

  7. Satrinity

    Soooo… I can’t see this ending well for Beelz. I kinda want to start a betting pool on how badly he’s going to get his butt handed to him. My votes on pretty freaking hard.
    Loving all of the funny old-people-related summary thingies, by the way.

    • Rocket Turtle

      Does Beelz have a butt to be handed to him?

      • Satrinity

        Perhaps… I’m not all that familiar with demonic anatomy, though.

      • Maju

        Traditionally the demon(s) can only be taken apart from normal humans because he doesn’t have a butt (at least it was that way in some folk tales). So yes, this could be a problem in order to kick demon ass.

  8. corvuscorone68

    dude- demon with the accountant hat on, take that off when you try to talk tough, only makes you look like a total tool

  9. mokon

    bye bye old man

  10. Keith

    Oooo, big surly mouth is about to make a mistake. Those crops were ready for harvest, old man tending them…. heh, might be a butt whoopin’ commencing soon.

  11. Ogre


    Sumerian god of creation, water and mischief, versus a brimstone and pestilence incarnation of evil.

    ……..I… dunno who would win here…

    • Keith

      There is no win….only rebirth and eventually destruction. But the moment of rebirth is when he’s strongest, thus destruction suffers a MAJOR setback until once again he is old and the crops are ready for harvest. Think of it as explaining the big bang and big crunch in famring terms, without all that fiddledy physics craps getting in the way. ;^)

  12. eriendil

    Lilith is being VERY true to her nature. She’s a master conniver, manipulator, and schemer. She took out Crowley with no trouble at all, led the doopers from hell on a wild goose chase into an ambush, and all the while keeping Laz out of the Devil’s (daddy’s) reach. I think she even duped her own sisters as to where Laz was going, to help cover his tracks. She made sure Quetz would meet up with Laz, give him the Quetzalcodex (himself) to guide him, knowing he’s a smart kid. And the chase goes on….

  13. Mongoose

    trouble with the update

  14. zebbythezombie

    i cant help but picture the old man snatching out liliths eye like that old man did in kill bill when darryl hannahs character called him an old fool…

  15. nightarix

    and now i picture bub with gantu’s voice(from lilo and stitch)

    • Sandra Prickett

      That’s a good fit.

  16. Twiggy

    Yes I can finally get back to reading this!!!

  17. SweetSylvia

    I wonder how hard Beelzebub’s butt’s gonna get kicked… Or does he even have a butt to be kicked?
    Either way, I doubt that old man is going down without a fight.

    • eriendil

      Well, I think a fight between the God of Earth and Water vs the Lord of the flies is a foregone conclusion. I think Bub is gonna go glub, taking his buddies with him…

  18. Mongoose

    buisy time lately?

  19. Renadt

    Can’t say I didn’t expect all those posts to be deleted, but I am thankful for the end. I apologize for my actions, and to David, I love your comic. There really was no excuse, however I do dislike the action of trying to act like there was no fault in said actions when there was, or for blatant rudeness to solely one person, and then when called out on it, immediate flame.

  20. Mongoose

    Have Dave I hope things are working out for you and arn’t too stressed out I understand better now that I’m starting my own comic how tough things can be so you’ll always have my suport

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