Page One Hundred Sixty Three: EAT IT

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  1. Rocket Turtle

    I’m sure there’s a heartburn pun in there somewhere.

    • eriendil

      Yeah, Enki says to Lilith, ‘This Bubs for you’…. (hee hee)

  2. Renadt

    Now, who’s gonna win?>

    • Renadt

      And who is Lilith referring to? Enki’s lack of knowledge of Laz’s location? Or who Bub’s dealing with?

  3. Disconnected

    Obviously the old man he seems far to nonchalant about this.

  4. Elaborate

    With an attitude like that, I fully expect the old man to remain undigested, maybe for weeks, only to burst out Alien-like at the first opportunity, and abscond with his new fertilizer material…

  5. Jarod

    Hey, I just recently discovered this comic, and I’ve really been enjoying it. Great work!

  6. thomas cinnamon

    to plunge straight into that beasts flaming mouth with a “have at ya!!” kind of going all in for the old man. not to mention he even ended with a “GET OFF MY LAWN!!”

    • LP

      *waves cane* WIPPERSNAPPERS.

  7. Uhl

    “What kind of heathen god?” None, not a god at all. Just a really ticked off fallen angel.

    • Jeff

      Uhl, when you’re dealing with the slippery subject of mythological entities, I think the distinction is moot. Neither ‘Satan’ nor ‘Lucifer’ originally reffered to specific personas. It’s only the very recent European civilizations of the last several hundred years or so that have recast them as names of a primary antagonist to the (mono)diety.

      In that sense, Lilith and especially Enki are way Way WAY older and more fundamental than any of these other guys. In fact, a slew of stories in the bible are retellings of Sumerian myths about Enki. And ancient versions of his name are the roots for the general Semetic word for lord/king/god and the specific Hebrew word YHWH!!

      Enki is rooted deep Deep DEEP into our monkey brains. I expect the echoes of his myths will still be influencing human culture long after the presently acendent Abrahamic religions have faded into obscurity.

  8. eriendil

    Sic ’em, Enki! As for you, Liliith, I suggest a quick and discreet exit…

  9. Kakurady

    It’s okay, nobody will miss him. Apart from all the fans of Snow Crash, anyway.

  10. nobodyhatesyou

    I see your art styles changed again… Personally I like this one better than the last.

  11. Mark K.

    Rascals. Young, trouble making rascals.

  12. Scarecrow

    Something tells me this isn’t the last time we see the old man….

  13. Mongoose

    well that was oposit of what everyone expected

  14. Satrinity

    Run, Lilith! He’s gunning for you when he’s finished with Bub!!!!
    Love the new page, it was definitely worth the wait! 🙂

  15. Wolfpup1

    Yay! I caught up! Omg I am loving this comic! I saw my sister reading this and I was like ‘Whats that?’ she said ‘A comic.’ I say ‘is it good?’ she says ‘yay’ I say ‘Send me the link’

    And she was wrong about this comic being good… its GREAT!

    Please watch out for my coments in the future! I wanted to post on the other pages but didnt because I wanted to catch up. I have caught, hope you like random chatter. 😛

  16. SweetSylvia

    Oh, dear. That old man looks awfully angry. What shall become of the poor demon who dares draw his anger?

  17. MadMann135

    that was… anticlimactic.
    I am hoping that the old man goes badass and beats Beelzebub into submission from the inside out.

    • Mongoose

      and maby he’ll still but from what it looks like he may not

      • wr4ith0

        hah, old dude’s got patience, it might be awhile, but I think he’ll make good on his promise… on another note, if bub’s fertilizer won’t the old man want him on his lawn?

        • Keith

          Nope, first you compost it, then you work that compost (it is fertilizer) into the soil. or sumpthin’ like that…

          • eriendil

            i wonder what he’ll do with the other two?

  18. Keith

    heh, he’s the kind of god you just can’t win against….ever. Well not until the end of everything.

  19. mokon

    defiant to the end

  20. Ogre

    Lilith… I do believe this is what you call an ‘Oh-s#!+’ moment.

  21. Glitch

    Best grumpy old man ever!

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