Page One Hundred Sixty Seven: Cat’s Out of the Bag

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  1. eriendil

    Game over, Lilith….

    • GargoyleZoo1

      Non, no, the quote you are looking for is “THE GAME IS AFOOT!”

      • eriendil

        Yup, even better! But she does look a little worried, though…..

        • GargoyleZoo1

          I think that is actually a look of sadness. Despite the fact that WE all know Enki’s coming back (letting a character that awesome go to waste would practically be an eighth deadly sin), Lilitlh can’t know because of the “fourth wall principle”. So she just watched an entity who she had known on a personal basis since the Dawn of Civilization get cast into the burning maw of Satan. On her orders, no less. That would be enough to give anyone a look of pain. Still, the manure truck is headed for the wind-tunnel, that much IS certain. The big question is “who will come out the stinkiest”?

          • eriendil

            I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Enki. He seemed pretty sure of what he was going to do to retaliate, and then deliberately jumped into Bub’s mouth. Hmmm. Also, Nuibi is hiding nearby, watching all this, maybe the other lilitu are somewhere nearby too.. I can’t see Lilith getting taken out so quickly, I think she will prevail, somehow.

          • GargoyleZoo1

            And I know how we can help her! We just have to get the whole world to read the comic pages with Lilith, and none of the hell-faithful types, in them and then she will have a power greater than even Lucifer himself! Then, instead of all the backchannel skullduggery, she can just curb-stomp His Crankiness directly!

          • David

            Talk about reader interaction! It’s like that part in the movie where the protagonist learns that they could have done it all along, they just had to believe.

          • Mongoose

            Pff fourth wall principle who needs it

  2. LP

    Meph: “Preparing to dispense product.”

    • David

      “Are you still there?” “There you are…”

    • Zylo

      Oh man, but really, I like that last panel. There’s just something about how it’s done, that makes it awesome.
      I kinda want it, as a desktop background.

  3. Uhl

    Gratitude=/= loyalty. Geesh, they are so quick to turn. Lilith DID hand the boy over to them on a silver platter, and they suspect her immediately when the trail goes cold. Amazing that they haven’t all eaten each other yet.

    • David

      Honestly the only reason no one is this party has attacked each other up to this point is that the penalty for failure on this mission is going to be particularly gruesome.

  4. Satrinity

    … Mephy’s opening a portal back to the Underworld… Bub seems to be ready to attack if Lilith tries anything…not much of a chance if she tries to run for it… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

  5. Miri

    Not good. NOT GOOD. Except… I think that things are going to quickly turn back in her favor. This is Lili, after all.

  6. GargoyleZoo1

    Andramalech looks very interested in something happening off-screen in panel four. Maybe more PRIME-al shenanigans, like that saber-tooth cat only worse, are about to ensue?

    • David

      He certainly looks distracted by something…

      • GargoyleZoo1

        OOH, WOD! Unless you’re just screwing with me. Curse you, David’s sense of humor! (shakes fist at sky)

    • silverblob5

      I wanna see some dinosaurs show up. I really, really do.

      • eriendil

        Yeeahhh! Throw a T-REX in there! I still have visions of the jurassic park movie where the t-rex ate the lawyer sitting on the toilet. Some Raptors would be great, too, but keep the pterydactyls, though…..

        • GargoyleZoo1

          Oh, a REALLY big crocodile! Maybe along the lines of Gustav. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, just google “Gustav, Burundi”. If that doesn’t work for some reason, you may also be able to find him under “terrifying toothy embodiement of murder” or “giant green, scaly death machine”.

          • silverblob5

            Psh, if this place has extinct things like the big kitty from earlier, there should be much bigger crocodiles than that.

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