Page One Hundred Sixty One: Gone Awry

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  1. Disconnected

    I’m liking this old man more and more.

  2. Aeren

    Could you link me a higher resolution version of the first pic again? Pweese?

    • David

      Doing a collection of headshots or something? xD

  3. eloundra

    she looks strangely manlier in the first and second last panels, not rugged, just looks like a guys face

    • Someguythatdoesntmatter

      thats because she doesnt have lips in these pics, her mouth looks like a guys mouth in this comic, thus she has a guys face.
      All that because the author forgot, I mean choose to not draw her voluptious lips in those pics

      • David


        • R.H

          I think it’s more because the length of her face. We haven’t seen Lilith since a few tweaks to the art, so alterations to her were done “behind the curtain” as it were. She was more “cartoony” before, with a rounder face. And considering the guy-to-girl ratio, it’s kind of hard to expect the girls will look perfect.

          • Onasaki

            I have to agree, it does look a bit awkward, tbh, but yeah I agree with the guy-to-girl ratio bit too.

          • Sandra Prickett

            Hey, that’s cool though. She just looks a little more like me.

  4. eriendil

    Lilith brought hell’s clowns to the old man for a reason, maybe an ambush. He sure doesn’t seem to be afraid of them, more like contemptuous.

  5. Deyran

    Hmmm, for all I know Enki was the Sumerian god of earth, water and creation. I have this odd feeling that Beelzebub is about to get his ass kicked…. =]
    Awesome page nonetheless, though I must agree that in some of the panels Lilith looks a little… umm, masculine. Her face in the last panel is really freaking awesome!

  6. Uhl

    He looks annoyed TBH. Mr. “Lord of the Flies” is about to get drenched.

  7. approvedjunk

    Ouch, was that last line from Lilith a poke at some of the members of the group? Or is it stall tactics, seeing as Laz wasn’t there like he was suppose to be. They are going to be in for a big surprise soon.

  8. Satrinity

    Lilith: “So, where’s my kid?”

  9. Glenn

    Lilith doesn’t expect Laz to be here. According to the “perfect plan” her sister was looking forward to seeing carried out, her sister should have taken Laz from Enki’s farm before Lilith got there. So as far as Lilith knows, her sister is currently taking Laz to where Lilith wants him to go. Lilith won’t know her plan has gone wrong until a) Enki lets them know he hasn’t seem any boy, and/or b) that Lilith’s sister showed up and is currently hiding somewhere near the farm.

  10. Topazert

    Its rude to shove Beezelbub…

  11. LP

    Dang. Can’t win ’em all, I guess. 😛

  12. mokon

    wonder what beezelbulb will do next

  13. Silverwolf

    “Fade into obscurity?!” This guy wrote a nam-shub, he was also featured in “Snow Crash!”

  14. Hyperion

    Enki… Enki… *googles* Oh! This guy’s a Mesopotamian god of, among other things, water, knowledge, and creation!

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