Page One Hundred Sixty Nine: Extra Crispy

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  1. Renadt

    Oooooookay. Let’s see how this plays out.

  2. Bolo_Unit_BRL

    Considering that Adramalech is a *SUN* god, IE, the diefication of a great big all-natural FUSION PLANT bigger than all the planets in the solar system put together, I personnally doubt ol’ Beelz’s fire is going to do more than inconvenience him. I could be wrong though. Still, gotta give Adramalech points for his chutzpa.

  3. GargoyleZoo1

    Uh Oh. a TALK.

  4. Uhl

    Oh, yeah. “We’ve got to talk” is rarely a good phrase to hear.

  5. Miri

    Note that the fire didn’t actually fry Melech. He appears to have just been knocked aside by it, judging from Panel 2.

    I almost feel sorry for Green Lilitu, but she kinda deserves it…. Poor Lili, having such absentminded sisters to go with her great plans for world domination and new recognition.

    Or she may be one f the good guys. I really just don’t know at this point.

    Poor Laz, his family is -so- screwed up.

    • David

      His family is definitely complicated…

  6. silverblob5

    It…looks to me more like Bub just plain exploded, instead of attacking Adramelech. Maybe some Enki-related indigestion is to blame?

    • Bolo_Unit_BRL

      You know, I think you’re on to something there. I just assumed that Beelzebub was being a short-tempered dick and cutting Adramalech off in mid-soul-stirring speach. Maybe he did just A’Splode!

  7. Sandra Prickett

    Hey, look! Lillith’s lips are back! and she also looks like a Tom-Boy; good combination!

    • Evilbober

      Yeah. Lillith looks more like a mom now than the sexy temptress at the beginning of the comic. Also, when did she change outfits? I did not notice that…

      • David

        She changes outfits in between scenes. It’s a supervillain power – I even lampshaded it at some point last chapter 🙂

  8. mokon

    talking is never good

  9. Grammer Nazi

    In the last panel Lilith’s dress and earrings should have switched sides. (Unless they are actually on the other side of the puddle looking up…)

    • David

      Leave it to me to forget how basic light works

  10. Mongoose

    The bird has a point

  11. silverblob5

    If that’s Enki’s water, and if Enki’s still alive, does that mean Enki gets to listen in on this conversation?

  12. Aspen

    Enlihngteing the world, one helpful article at a time.

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