Page One Hundred Sixty Four: RTFM

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  1. eriendil

    HEY… back to Laz ‘n friends. Kinda wondered what they were doing.

  2. Wolfpup1

    Hahaha The FAQ page, but wait… if the snake is the book, why is he looking for Laz?

    • R.H

      Yeah, I had to stop and re-read that a few times. Then browse backwards to see if I missed Laz picking up a -different- talking parchment. Color me confuzzled.

      • Wolfpup1

        I am thinking that maybe that the snake was looking for him to MEET him. Like before they met? I dont really understand but I dont really care! I love this comic! XD

        • The Dapper Gentleman

          ‘The snake preist’ is a referance to the naga preist in the portal temple. Laz and Quetzelquatl had that conversation awile ago, and as such it is recorded in the faq section for future refeance

          • Miri


            I feel spcial ’cause I actually remember this!

            WHen the snake first turned into the book, that’s the question that Laz first asked him. “Is this…. you searching for me?”

  3. mokon

    if i had that book i might actually pass a test

  4. Satrinity

    Hmph… an FAQ would have helped the last time I had to decipher pictograms…

  5. Miri

    Hey, these guys again!

    …..I really like Laz’s new look. It looks like he’s been adventuring a while, so his hair’s no longer all nice and neatly cut and stuff. The new style for him is really working well, too, especially since you’re geting a lot more expression out of that face.

    Also! OOH OOH HISTORY LESSON! I think I know who this elf-guy is now!

    There’s a huge thing in history, a big debate about why the ancient Hindu society existed the way it did and all that stuff; see, there was the ancient Indian culture, and then a group of what the people who believe in this theory (there’s some people debating it now) call the “Indo-Europeans” came and wiped a lot of them out, altering their fundamental beliefs and meshing the two cultures together.

    Maybe this is one of those guys?’

    Also, anyone who kows what they’re talking about, if I”m wrong about my little explanation, feel free to orrect me. It’s 8AM and I’m trying to recall a Social Studies class from four years ago -_-;;;

  6. Chickenwibble

    Awwww, the little sad face in the Quetzacodex is what earned my thumbs up with this one. I am wondering when they’re all going to meet up, and if there will be an epic fight that ensues soon after. Oh well, one can only sit, wait, and hope. Until next time on the Grand Adventures Of Underling! *Dragonball Z ending theme*

  7. Mongoose

    I like quetz he’s funny also why is she agreeing with

  8. silverblob5

    That….is a surprisingly useful form for a fading deity to take.

    • Miri

      …….Total agreement. *nodnod*

  9. scantron

    alright!, i just read today’s strip in Luci Phurr’s Imps and saw that you’ll be next weeks guest artist, that’s cool… and i can’t wait to see your take on the Imps…

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