Page One Hundred Sixty Eight: Red Tape

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  1. eriendil

    Big Bird to the rescue! Hpoe he’s strong enough to knock down both meph and bub, or at least to get away from them….

    • eriendil

      oops, misspelled ‘hope’.

    • Renadt

      Doubt it, but it just might buy her enough time to escape. And sorry about the comments a few pages back. Just felt wronged, and I’m not normally like that. We cool?

      • eriendil

        Sure, no prob, we’re cool. I’ll be more considerate also.

        • Renadt

          Cool. As to another thought on the comic, if BB doesn’t escape, at least he will die a free God. Sr. Zapata said it best- “It is far better to die on your feet than to live forever on your knees.

    • GargoyleZoo1

      Maybe he knows something that they don’t, like what is lurking in the trees.

    • robotclone

      don’t forget Enki (old dude). he seemed pretty confident when he got eaten by ‘bub

  2. IMNC


    So, what did the Latin say? In Latin. I couldn’t read it because of the curving and the script.

    • Uhl

      It roughly translates to “capture this girl and hold her still until we get where I want to go.”

      • Miri

        I think he’s asking for the actual latin words, not the translation. I can’t read it either…

        • David

          The script is illegible because my Latin is really, really bad xD

          If you must know, the texts are excerpts of old Roman codes of law concerning the rules of capturing people and making them appear in court. And a bit about fraud too.

          • Miri

            Oh, that’s so way cool! *took three years of Latin in HS*

  3. oNi

    Nice work packing 3 pictures in a strip without panels 🙂

  4. Eric

    I have to say, I think I preferred how you used to draw Lilith.

    • Miri

      Yeah, I like his old style for her just a little bit better. I’m sure he’ll settle in on something pretty good though.

      • David

        I use Underling to experiment a lot. I’m sure everyone will change design more before this is over xD

  5. Mongoose

    Yes Melech to the rescue, also I never rely got LIliths motivation for betray the devel because isn’t she also at risk of seasing to exist when the rapture happens?

    • eriendil

      It could be that she resents being forced to bear the Devil’s son (Laz) , who he will use for total domination. Various entities were forced under his control as he expanded his universe, neither Melech or Lilith and her sister lilitu are supportive, just accepting a bad situation.

  6. Lazy J

    Honestly i couldnt tell you. my guess she doesnt want to cease existing not to mention laz is her son ^^

    • Mongoose

      WOH! when was that established

      • Broseph

        Back when the Lilitu shoved him through the portal into the jungle after one of them accidentally called him “nephewkins” in Chapter 5.

        • Mongoose

          I thought that was a figurative since he was originally human and all

          • Miri

            Umm… actually, Lili pretty much told him during the big infoblurt section while Laz was still captured that he was actually a demon all along.

  7. Miri


    I knew I liked him! Then again. An old sun god couldn’t be all THAT evil.

  8. Mongoose

    Hey I don’t know if I mention it here but I’ve started a web-comic my self . It’s also loosely based off of christian mythology but mine is more of a sitcom type rather than an adventure story. Just click my name and it should take you there.

  9. silverblob5

    I like Adramelech, I really do….but he’s gonna be KFC once The Blob gets into it.

  10. Dooomba

    YAY! for uncle big bird!

  11. mokon

    and thats why i love birds

  12. Anime fan

    I like this bird. Give him a cracker.

  13. Crestlinger

    He may have his work cut out for him though as the satyr’s glasses are poofed.

  14. Kevin

    It is amazing how much quality went into the characters on this page. Here is a couple questions about the bird? I recently caught up with the story and noticed something. Was Melech using little birds to spy on everyone? Does he have a greater role in events than it seems?

  15. Aslandus


    choose any two

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