Page One Hundred Sixteen: This Is Not A Good Idea

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  1. ridjenite

    What was expected all along. Lilith is Laz’s momma.

    • Geoffrey

      Totally Called It.

    • Gravedigger

      Not necessarily. Lilith could ALSO be his aunt. But your theory certainly holds water.

      • Aslandus

        Would that mean Satan is her brother?

    • Dooomba

      wouldn’t that make jessus his uncle?

      • Ricochetra

        Wouldn’t that make God and Mary his great aunt and great uncle?
        That’s just too much to fit into one comic. >.>

        • David

          Religious family trees are so complicated!

          • taltamir

            eh, they could be a looping family tree.
            Plenty of mortals have those too.

          • Warriorking4ver

            I’m confused, I get that Lilith is his mom, Satan is his dad, and the Lilitu are all his aunts, but why would Jesus and Mary be related to Laz? God I sorta get because Satan was originally an angel created by god even if he’s not technically considered his son

  2. approvedjunk

    I totally reacted like Laz did. I read it, paused, went ‘wait, what?’ and had to reread that part again. Though I was slightly expecting them to be related somehow. But still, that place does not look too welcoming. I can see why he would be hesitant to jump in.

    • Miri

      LOL, yeah, me too. I sorta had Laz’s reaction. “Aw, Nephewkins…” Okay, i’ts just part of their natu….. WAIT WHAT??!?!?!?

  3. Kestrel

    The plot! It thickens! (Even more, if possible :P)

    • David

      It’s pretty safe to say that the plot has progressed from a soup to a bisque by this point!

    • Ardian

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  4. Savi

    But.. But… Lillith was going to drop her corset for her son all the way back in the first pages!? That’s just.. That’s just wrong!

    • hkmaly

      Are you going to judge demons by standards which are not even shared by all humans?

      • Lokk

        Hmm…. you make an interesting point there, but then again demons will be demons.

        • EveryZig

          Besides, even a lot of gods go a lot farther than that… *cough* Zeus *cough*

          • bob the 7th

            man hes not even half human,

      • Gravedigger

        Yes. Not like they wouldn’t. I’m just nicer about it.

    • Korfakiz

      Original Starwars?

      • David


        • Gravedigger

          Only if he end up killing Satan.

        • Warriorking4ver

          LOL, oh man, he must be glad he found out about this now rather than later (and that Lil didn’t actually show him any naughty bits…he’d need therapy for years to get over having oggled his mom of all people XD)

          But now that the big reveal has been, well, revealed, lol, the question remains whether or not Lilith truly has her son’s best interests at heart or if she simply wishes to use him in a bid for power just like Satan wanted to use him to destroy the world.

  5. Supertwitfan

    KNEW IT!

  6. Karadan

    Well, pannels 7 and 10 certainly do seem to show some family resemblance, but I haven’t noticed as much of one between him and Lilith, then again, I haven’t looked super close. Lilith could just be another aunt though, as opposed to mother, but given the story, I would assume mother as well. The lilithu did say ‘we’ which could be including Lilith as well.

    @Savi She said she could have to get him to do what she wanted, not that she planned to.

  7. Uhl

    So the portal to Earth is closed, and Lilith or one of the Lilitu is Laz’s “mom.” How exactly did Laz wind up on Earth? I mean Crowley had to open the portal that ALMOST let “The Devil” in, so who let Laz in?

    • David

      That’s a good question! With a shocking answer, I’m sure!

  8. Akuji

    Hmm… You do a great job with this. I realized as soon as that last panel came they really do share a certain family resemblance.

    • David

      Thanks! I did the profiles to make it really obvious when he was saying it 😀

  9. Ceysth

    Eh, my guess is that Lilith isn’t Laz’s mom. I think it’s a still-unreferred-to-character that has yet to be named. Though, Lea could just be screwing with him.

  10. Ganurath

    So… Does this mean that Lilith is in one of those forced marriages with the devil, since they’ve been constantly referring to him as Laz’s father?

  11. Nephkona

    o.o hmmmm you’ve intrigued me

  12. Crestlinger

    Are they missing horns in the last panel? Hard to tell if the positioning accounts for them not being there. Anyways that makes those four lilitu his aunts so if it isn’t Lilith who’s his mom, its another one of them

    • Karadan

      Side perspective, so yeah, you wouldn’t see the second horn.

      And nothing says that the five lilithu that we know about are the only lilithu in existance, which means his mother could still be someone unknown.

  13. Karadan

    More I look at this page, the more I can’t believe I didn’t see the resemblance before. I do remember thinking once that they looked somewhat similar because of two shots of them hunched forward a bit, but didn’t think anything of it at the time.

  14. DragonForLife

    awesome as always…wait….*re-reads the last panels*……*blinks*…….*brain shuts down of awesomeness*

  15. silverblob5

    Well, at least they probably won’t eat his lifeforce.

  16. silverblob5

    Another thought on “nephewkins”: could Satan have originally been a nature spirit like them, and they be his aunties from that side of the family?

    • Jenn the Hen

      I think Satan is usually portrayed as a fallen angel. So no. 😛

      • ASP

        he usually is, but in reality the books of the Bible have all been so horribly translated, Satan could be Jesus’s REAL virgin mother, not Mary.
        speaking of which, did any1 else know that Satan =/= Lucifer, as Lucifer refered to both: a Babylonian king w/ no supernatural powers whose part in the Old Testiment was just horribly mistranslated, and even Jesus himself 🙂
        just thought that might be u guys would b interested to learn, since you’re all fans of a comic centering around the spawn of Satan

        • Ragnarokk7

          i know jesus actually
          he comes to my library

    • LP

      Depends upon who Lucifer was before the Hebrews stole him from… whoever they stole him from. God knows they stole enough of their stories from their neighbors.

  17. Marscaleb

    So here is the revelation that we have been waiting for since last year!

  18. Jenn the Hen

    I just realized Laz and the Lilitu have the same ears.

  19. Gnomie

    Aww, I love Lilitu! So sweet =)

  20. eriendil

    WOAHHH! Ain’t goin’ in there, dont care if auntie wants me to or not! Makes me feel like a mouse about to be munched (by me)…

    • David

      Now you know how the other guy feels!

  21. moon

    ears the frick en ears man

  22. moon

    damn he hade the ears since page twenty one

  23. Vron

    Im putting my money down on Lilith being Laz’s aunt as well, most likely the sister of his father.

  24. Amberblaze77

    …totally did not see that coming…

  25. Anime fan

    Intentional hinting and, Lilith, a mumsy? Impossible.

  26. eriendil

    i’ll bet anyone a fresh mouse that lilith is laz’s mom…….

  27. Jason


    I keep waiting for the story arc to somehow tie off the explanation of how demon-child Laz got placed into the human world! (not to mention his (maybe human?) mom in the mortal world obviously cared for him… or at least he wasn’t like in a government foster care program or whatever. Notable mom-like things to say by the parent we don’t even see the face of: “I can’t afford to send you to another school if you get expelled again”, “Do you want to be a janitor when you grow up?”, and the most touching and yet mundane of phrases, “What am I going to do with you, baby?”

    Closure! Closure! I need closure!

    Once the webcomic is long enough and has an ending, make sure to make a book!

  28. pazuzu

    sid note there are as many Lilitu as there are stones that are so pose to hold them so go back to the circle of stones and count them then you will know how many there are

  29. Depriest


  30. Starcat5

    So Lilith has now been upgraded from Sexy MILF to Sexy GrandMILF. …meh. I’d still tap that ass and two green Mana. >;-p

    Also, I guess Laz is less a Half Human Hybred and more a Half Lilitu/Angel(?) Hybred. Kind of reminds me of that line in “And Another Thing” (HHGTTG Part 6 of 3). Something along the lines of cross-theology get togethers resulting in demi- and quasi-gods with no Pantion to call home.

  31. Ragnarokk7

    just for the fresh mouse (i’m lycan but i enjoy good quisine) i’ll take your bet.

  32. Karadan

    Will the Lilithu ever be getting individual names? Besides Lilith of course.

  33. THE SITUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh. OH. NOW I SEE THE RESEMBLANCE! i cant believe i didn’t see it before!

  34. Warriorking4ver

    I love these Lilitu, so funny and cute!

  35. Faraway

    Way to go aunties! ^_^

  36. Kursed

    Going by my understanding…God makes Angels. Lucifer the Angel refuses to bow down to humans as God commands. Lucifer gets cast down into Hell and becomes King of Hell. Lucifer makes the Lilith the first Demon. Lucifer and Lilith make more Demons. God makes Jesus. Lucifer and Lilith make Lazerus. So…from Lazerus’s point of view. God, Mary, and Joseph are his Grandparents (Joseph would be his Step-Grandpa). Jesus would be his Uncle. And Lucifer and Lilith are duh, Mom and Dad.

  37. ambuh

    Nephewkins?! >8O

  38. rennat951

    lilith being laz’s mom would explain why she kepps using those affectionate names towards him

  39. Ragnarokk7

    while that’s a little disturbing about the second part the first part… SO TRUE

  40. Ragnarokk7

    and @eriendil
    why haven’t u got back to me on the bet. (still waitin’ fo that mouse (it betta be deelish))

  41. AkuMetsu091

    Pumpkin, muffin, sweetcheecks, cupcake, sport. Somebody changed the nickname theme form old lady to old man.

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