Page One Hundred Six: Flight

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  1. Jade Griffin

    Interesting comic. Not unlike my own . I love your color usage. Lazarus is my favorite so far as far as how you draw the characters. Interesting take on Naga.

  2. flibble

    Love how crowley doesn’t know that laz can just burn his way out!
    And i just noticed his name and powers match nice touch!

    • David

      Those feathers do seem to burn nicely! I wonder if he actually plans on escaping or if he’s just running his mouth on autopilot.

      • Aerik

        He is almost always running with his mouth on autopilot.

    • pseudoname

      didn’t he need his lighter for that?

  3. Kestrel

    I don’t think his idea of “salvation” is the same as a normal person’s..

  4. Diana Stoneman

    Feather boa of DEATHHH! Or at least restraint…

  5. Uhl

    Talk about making the poor kid “eat crow” literally!

  6. Marscaleb

    Ha! He calls it the salvation of Earth!
    Great job on that, thank you! (I’m so sick of underdeveloped villains who just do bad stuff because they’re “evil” or “crazy” instead of developing an actual warped perspective that justifies their actions. So seriously, thank you!)
    (Of course, I guess he could actually be out to save the Earth, which would also be awesome because its just a curve ball out of nowhere.)

    • David

      Heh, thanks. I really don’t think any notable person has ever done anything horrible without believing, down to their core, that they were doing the right thing. Comic book and movie villains always drive me up a wall for that purpose.

      Hells, I don’t think this guy is even doing such a bad thing anyway.

  7. Tyr

    Ohh, what is that tablet on the ground there
    And ooh, flying place with water fall.
    And ooh spiked tentacle/vines.

    I like the backgrounds.

  8. Savi

    At first glance Laz appears to be hugging the person that just kidnapped him. After a second look, it turns out he isn’t. Still, an amusing initial image. I love the use of shadow on their faces. Thank you for your work into the comic.

  9. Just Kevin

    Dood castle in the sky has a cool effect! I wonder what that is? Vapor, pure evil in a liquid state? Or just water with a little NaCl?

  10. Zymish

    I’ve just found this comic tonight and had to go through the whole thing. I’ll definitely be following its progress! Good stuff altogether.

    • David

      Awesome! Thanks for readin’

  11. StarDark

    ” The path to hell is paved with good intentions” is all I can think of in light of Marscaleb’s comment

    • David

      The problem is when people have ambition that outweighs compassion and common sense ><

  12. LP

    Is that the hanging garden in the background? Either tres appropriate for Lilith or I’ve been playing too much Civ.

  13. Thor

    I’ve just found this comic tonight and had to go through the whole thing as well. Gunnerkrigg advertisement.

    • Zymish

      Heh, that’s where I found it too.

    • David

      It’s one of my favorite comics!

  14. Thor

    It’s a very entertaining comic!

  15. TaintedMessiah

    Honestly can’t remember which comic I was reading when I saw an add for your comic come up or what inspired me to click on it but I am glad I did I am finding I am rather enjoying the antics of the young Lazarus ( probably his cynical humor appealing to me haha ). Though I must admit right now you have more of my curiosity focused on Lilith surrounding her desire to help the child and how she is going to develop. Anyways will definately be checking in from now on keep up the great work David.

    • David

      I’m trying to keep all my side characters interesting 😀 There’s more to Eshita and maybe one or two of Lilith’s escort than has been let on so far, too :3

      • TarnishedMessiah

        Just stopped by before crashing for the night ( this is my actual login I typed tainted cause thats a name on another forum… anyway ) and I find you teasing with things yet to come huh? haha

        Well glad to hear it nothing is more fun then a talented artist who is enjoying his project =) … btw maybe I am just blind but I don’t see your “release” schedule anywhere.. do you just post as you are able or do you have set days you try to aim for like Monday/Friday?

      • David

        I have it on the html title of the main page, but it’s easy to miss. I’ve been meaning to put it somewhere more easily visible XD I update Tuesdays and Fridays, midnight pacific time. And always on time!

        And thank you for reading =)

  16. Jenn the hen

    The most interesting thing on this page (in my opinion) is that Laz says “Oh, Gods.” The fact that he say that is such a nice touch. Can he even say “God” anymore? I need to look over my demon lore.

    • David

      That is definitely something he would not have said earlier! I think his surroundings are starting to work their way into his head…

  17. Supertwitfan

    Boas are annoying to grind if your still gearing 🙁

    Oh and ya, I actually am wondering how he manages to not fall off. I mean, the ways the feathers are positioned, kinda make it a task to get captured…

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