Page One Hundred Seventy: Lilith’s Cave

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  1. GargoyleZoo1

    Let us have a moment of silence in rememberance of the brave bird who sacrificed himself to let Lilith escape and who was the first good character to die in this comic. May he be one with the sun forever.

    • Renadt

      *bows in silent reverie*

      Who wants KFC?

      • Lizzel

        I call drumstick

      • Renadt

        I am so insensitive, aren’t I? But damn did those comments make me laugh. Try “William F’ing Shatner” by Wil Wheaton. Also good for some lols.

        • GargoyleZoo1

          Don’t worry about it, I thought the same thing about twenty seconds after posting but I didn’t want to double post o_-

      • Sandra Prickett

        that’s be cooked with 11 herbs and spices as well as BRIMSTONE! Now for a limited time only.

        • Hurrrrrr

          I’ll give you a goat.

    • Mutterscrawl

      Hopefully he shall be reincarnated like a Phoenix… or as a WoW sunroc….

    • Maju

      I don’t think he died.

      • Uhl

        Lilith’s and the Lilitu’s expressions say different.

    • me

      Umm…wasn’t he supposed to BE the sun? or at least part of it?… (*steals the whole bird*)

  2. jc2020

    Awww, going to miss that Bird. A Strangely likeable character in a tragic kind of way.

  3. Vadelent

    judging from their expressions this is a ‘we are sooo screwed’ moment (grabs a a wing, and a biscuit)

  4. fangrider

    200$ says the old man blew fire boy up from the inside!

    • Maju

      Can’t bet against, I forecast something like this when the old man (nothing less than Enki) was swallowed: too much water for that fire.

      • Miri

        I’m afraid my mythological knowledge has failed me at last; who’s Enki?

        (And I am leery of anything that happens off-camera. Remember Peter Pettigrew, after all.)

        • Auxiliarii

          Sumerian god of the waters

  5. Marscaleb

    Beautiful artwork today.
    You should have made that first and/or second panel at a really high resolution and post them as desktop patterns.
    (In fact they would make an awesome dual-screen pattern, one panel per screen but still tied together like that.)

  6. Maju

    This mirror-through entrance into the cave is one of the most beautiful and intriguing moments in all the story. It reminds me of all I’ve read of cthonic female-dominated mythology in “Old Europe” (and West Asia). It reminds me specially of Basque mythology: the lamiak, Goddess Mari…

    Very artful and appealing. Thanks.

  7. Uhl

    Wow, just… Wow. So much for the “Sun GOD” being immune to Baal’s flames. OUCH. He will be missed.

  8. Mongoose

    Okay was only the bird who flew the Coop or was the other two as well

  9. Mcloud

    I gotta ask think you can make that last panel into a wallpaper? I beg of the!

    • Miri

      Yes, yes, yeeeesss!!!!!

  10. Crestlinger

    Guessing those mirrors there are gates.

    • Renadt

      To the Lilith Cave!
      Da na na na na na na na Da na na na na na Lilitus!

      • Mongoose

        but if yo make your self more then just a demon if you devote your self to a idea then you becomes something else entirely

        Lilith: whats that

        Legend Ms. Lilith

  11. Bolo_Unit_BRL

    Allow me to sow a few seeds of (probably) forlorn hope: so far, all we’ve seen is burning feathers, which could have easily been knocked loose by concussive force. I’m not counting Big Bird out for the count until word of god or a kentucky fried corpse prove otherwise.

    • GargoyleZoo1

      Think you mean “Word of David”. This comic is absolutely lousy with the words of gods and, if anything, proves that you can’t trust WOG. Far more trustworthy, if sometimes sadistically phrased so that we provide him with his twisted amusement, is WOD!

    • Mongoose

      yeh David likes to leave things open

      • Bolo_Unit_BRL

        Well, there ya go then. He’s not dead ’til he’s dead. Problem solved, for the moment.

        • Mongoose

          oh he not dead yet, he can and he can sing. Oh not dead yet he can do the Irish fling.

  12. mokon

    bye bye birdy

  13. Kevin

    I love their eyes! For some reason little green reminds me of something from Tom and Jerry, I think that is right. Just the angle, it seems so perfect for some reason. I love watching old cartoons and this page just made me so… Amused I should say. Thank you.

  14. Miri

    I don’t think Lilith has looked as badass in the entire comic as she does in that last panel there. Well done, David!

  15. silverblob5

    I wonder if Adramelech has the same kind of ‘immortality’ as Quetzalcoatl, since as a sun god he’s connected to something physical? The lose-your-form-but-not-die kind? I could see him pulling an Obi-Wan…

  16. Kiranis

    Good web comic it reminds me of …..can’t remember the name of the book godsworld godworld not world? …..anyway it was a place with gods from all 3 pantheons Greek Egyptian and Aztec/Mayan i liked it for a while but then it started getting stupid

    Off track anyway good job making all the charactors stand out and making us enjoy them all Laz is my fave followed by Lilith

  17. RexIgnis

    I sure hope the Horsemen at least get honorable mention.

  18. RaZe

    Hello, I’ve found your comic a few days ago and it’s already one of my favorites. I think its time for some merchandise… T-shirts, hoodies, comic books… Underling has what it takes to be one of the best. . Thank you for all your effort and hard work. I look forward to the future of Underling and any other comic that you produce.

    • silverblob5

      ‘Underling the Flamethrower’ maybe? The kids love it.

      • Renadt

        And the towel, TP,blanket, T-shirt, movie, breakfast cereal, and doll- Lilitu.

        • Mongoose

          and who knows we maybe we will all meet again in underling two the search for more money

          • Renadt

            And that’s episode 12?

  19. Wolf

    About time the living flamethrower blew up, I could not stand that character.

  20. Kurochii

    Awww Q.Q not the nirdy guy~ I loved him TT.TT damn the flamey thing! Lilith better succeed, or he’ll have died in vain!

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