Page One Hundred Seventy Two: You Have to Burn the Rope

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  1. Renadt

    Methinks Laz forgot that they are bound by said rope, and thus will suffer ouchies at the very least, if not serious ouchies.

    • Sarazu

      Perhaps but 2nd degree burns are far better then death and probably turning into one of those zombies.

      • Sir Chaos

        I agree. Risk of ouchies is better than certainty of ouchies.

        • Kevin

          Is he not the son of a fallen angel and a demon… I think fire might be one of his resistances. Quick roll for 2!!

        • Mary

          Actually, I would say that burning through is certain pain, and not is only probable pain, since they might be rescued, but the relative expected extent of the pain means it’s still the right choice.

          LIke playing a (certain) five dollars to avoid a very probably thousand dollar loss.

  2. edderiofer

    I get the title reference to that game. >:D

  3. Marscaleb

    If you apply constant pressure to the rope as it burns it should come apart fairly quickly, and it won’t burn you if it doesn’t touch you for long enough.

  4. Mongoose

    so how easily do elves and demons burn

  5. Broseph

    Last panel: Laz just remembered that he has sharp claws that can cut rope, if Page Thirty Nine is any indication. D’oh.

  6. silverblob5

    I find it odd that Laz’s ears have decided they want to burn through the rope, by all appearances.

  7. Uhl

    That rope ignited awfully quick. They’re supposed to be just a little more flame resistant than that.

    • Mary

      Only for ordinary flames.

      • silverblob5

        Those are ordinary flames, he used a lighter.

        • Miri

          Is ANYTHING Laz carries considered ‘ordinary’? I mean. He put THERMITE in someone’s locker. How are we supposed to knw that he’s actually got lighter fluid in that thing?

          • GargoyleZoo1

            JET FUEL!

    • Aslandus

      Fun fact: in some industries, ropes are commonly soaked in gasoline to prevent rot and bug infestation

  8. mokon

    and who says movies dont give us good ideas

  9. BakaGrappler

    Well, I don’t get why the elf guy doesn’t just stand up. I mean, his legs are untied and Laz isn’t very heavy. Nazi-Elf could just walk out with Laz on his back.

    Well, now he may run out, looking for a pond to throw themselves into.

  10. Crestlinger

    *Grins or at least more motivation to get awayfrom/out of the rope now.

  11. lion922226

    I could be wrong. But I don’t think Indy ever got the chance to do the rope burning.
    Instead, at Indy’s sugestion, his father tries to burn the rope, only to drop the lighter.
    Then when Indy Sr. tries to blow out the flame, he sets the rug on fire!

    • Miri

      ….Lion, you’re totally right! He never DID have the chance….

  12. Miri

    I adore the way you make Laz’s ears mobile. It just makes for that much more of an amusing character 😀

    One of the things I dislike about your new style of drawing for Laz, at least, is the way you draw his knuckles. A couple lines would be fine, but you kinda go overboard and it makes them look hairy…. *shrug* I’m sorry for being randomly nitpicky. nodnod*


    THis si an amazing page 😀 I love the expressions, I love Laz’s snark…. let’s just hope he IS resistant to fire, though!

  13. Maju

    Two fridays without update and last you said was that you were sick. Is everything alright?

    • Uhl

      Uh oh. He’s not responding. That’s almost never a good sign.

      • David

        Sorry guys! I was going to put this in a news post and completely failed. Since way fewer people check the site during the holiday anyway, I figured I’d take my Thanksgiving vacation as a full-on vacation to rest n’ recover from the last couple weeks which have been nonstop activity. Updating will resume on the 2nd.

        Sorry again D:

        • Maju

          No apologies, at least we know you are alright. Just that not every reader is from the USA and there’s no thanksgiving vacation nor ‘black friday’ shopping spree (saw that in the news, whatever that is about) in most other countries. Take it easy.

          • lion922226

            Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.
            It marks the begining of shopping for Chrismas and often begins at midnight.
            I admit I enjoy being in the crowd, however I have heard that shoppers RUN IN when the doors are unlocked, even when they are not fully opened.
            Not only that I heared of injuries and even death in the stampede.
            It’s one thing to enjoy yourself, but it’s another to be killed over it.

  14. Stephen

    Am I the only person who had the initial reaction of, “No it didn’t?” Henry dropped the lighter and caught the room on fire.Then they accidentally found Frau Farbissina before she met Dr. Evil.

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