Page One Hundred Seventy Three: The Worst Laid Plans

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  1. Roto

    I was wondering where you disapeered to. Glad to see this updating..

    Immunity to fire huh? Interesting.. That opens up a lot of doors for him..

    • Kevin

      Hey guess what? I called that!
      Special thanks to David for making this page.

      • Kevin

        Oh and in response to my last page comment. Laz rolled a 2, did he not?

  2. BakaGrappler

    Well, Laz just made a happy discovery. I wonder what wonderful pyromaniacal adventures this will lead him on!

    • BakaGrappler

      By the way, the “This…” in panel 2 is not inside a bubble and is hard to see.

  3. Evilbober

    OK… so it doesn’t hurt… but does it still do damage? That would suck if he got hurt without realizing it because he’s immune to pain by fire.

    Glad to see that you’ve found some time to start updating again, David!

  4. Sir Chaos

    Is this the right time to mention that Laz seems to have six fingers on his hand in the third panel?

    • Jake

      Look at the position of his fingers in the previous panel. One of those is actually his thumb. He has a normal number of figures in the third panel, it’s just how he’s holding the rope with his thumb that makes it odd.

      And now we get to watch some zombies buuuuurn. This is going to be excellent. I wonder if this was intentionally foreshadowed (he basically holds a fire in his hand in the monkey scene without even so much as complaining, among other things such as a fondness for thermite)

      I’m also pretty sure he doesn’t get damaged by fire, Evilbober. That said, it’s possible he doesn’t have the power to breathe smoke, so he’d end up dead in a burning building regardless. Hope he doesn’t have to discover the whole smoke-breathing thing first hand, if that’s the case, eh?

      Of course, this opens up a lot of interesting ideas for our friend. I wonder if he can immolate himself… and not be hurt? Remains to be seen.

      Glad to see you’re doing well, David. I (well, we) don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but I hope you enjoyed it, at any rate. Holidays are always good, regardless of the reason!

      • NeithanDiniem

        Self-immolation would likely lead to self-nudity. Either that would make a hilarious outcome of a not so well thought through plan, or he needs fireproof clothing.

  5. eloundra

    pyromaniac + new immunity to fire = MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA >83

  6. Satrinity

    Hmm… *thinks back to earlier in the comic when he was throwing fireballs at monkeys*
    … kinda saw this coming… and is it just me, or does he sound a little excited in the last panel?
    *prepares for maniacal laughter*

    • David

      Oh, you know it.

  7. Marscaleb

    Hmm, didn’t the comic demonstrate this fact earlier? I can’t remember…

    • Miri

      It depends on how you take the scene where he throws a burning tumbleweed down a hole with monkeys; if you consider that he likely lit it on fire, grabbed the non-burning end, and chucked it before he could actually -touch- the flames, AND that it was in the middle of a rage-moment, it’s likely that Laz didn’t really A, either think he SHOULD have gotten burned, or B, NOTICE that he was touching fire, or C, even, really, think at all about WTH he was ACTUALLY doing.

      So this little realization moment actually makes sense, sine here, he’s EXPECTING to get burned, and… well… isn’t.

  8. ShirouZhiwu

    Zombies may burn, but it would normally take several minutes for the fire to cause the structural integrity issues. Of course Magic may not care.

  9. Harrow

    Welcome back from Hell!! I’m interested to see how they’re going to get out of this fine mess.

  10. sfreader

    IIRC there was a period in Egypt when one of their train services fueled their steam locomotives with mummies instead of coal…. linen wrappings coated with resin would of course burn easily, and the rest had effectively zero water content…

    • David

      I believe that this was actually a joking tall tail told by Mark Twain. Nonetheless, I’m sure dust, rags, and dried fat will go up nicely.

  11. Uhl

    YAY! Welcome back to the land of the living! Yeah, Mummies burn real quick. MUCH quicker than rope is supposed to.

  12. Auxiliarii

    makes sense i mean come on if half your bloodline comes from hell a place FILLED with fire you would need some immunity although i see massive barbecue coming up 😀

    • hellcycle

      doesnt he have both bloodlines from hell, considering who his mother is? makes fire immunity pretty much a given with both bloodlines residing in hell

      • Miri

        Well, kind of proven AND subverted when you realize that Lilith is a nature demon… and then remember what Lilitu were said to do – fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, you name a natural disasster, they were responsible…

  13. Dooomba

    I knew it he was fire proof!

  14. Chaotic_Blues

    And with that revelation, I wager we’ll see a Zombie fulled bonfire soon.

  15. Terashi88

    Heh, those zombies have a major “oh shit, this isn’t good” look on their faces.

    • Uhl

      No, actually they have the “wondering for all eternity without a conscious thought” look.

  16. Anime fan

    As one of our many resident pyros, I must say. KILL IT WITH FIIIIRE!!! 😈

  17. corvuscorone68

    so um is it cuz it’s a fantasy universe that both he AND his clothes are flameproof? of course, that outfit wasn’t on him till he portal jumped the first time if i remember correctly, so maybe it’s magical

    • Uhl

      The Elf’s clothes are intact too. Must be because the rope fell off before the fire spread to the clothing.

  18. Eis

    I don’t care what’s about to happen, I still won’t be satisfied until I get to laugh at Laz tied up, in a cage, suspended from the ceiling.

  19. Mongoose

    and Laz sooon discovered the ecstasy of being a daemon

    • Mraof

      He can run in the background and be started when the computer boots up! Or maybe you mean another meaning of daemon

  20. Maahes0

    Anyone notice the ad for this comic on the side bar? I mean we’re already here…..

  21. Eis

    He should light himself on fire. They can’t grab you if you’re on fire.

  22. blitz

    ZOMG! comic has dropped to the 3rd tier for most subbed! Sadness.

  23. Norspherato

    ya its kinda going to drop if there are so few updates saddly…its such a great comic too, can anyone tell me when this is sapposed to update regularly? and finaly what i think is the best phrase on this list is….KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!

  24. Roto

    This is dead isn’t it?

  25. Evilbober

    It feels dead. Sadface. Oh well. It was such an interesting premise too. The story still has so much potential.

  26. Falkun

    The comic was supposed to update every tuesday and friday. This was dropped down to every friday as school and work caused the author to have less time to commit to the comic full time, in addition to family matters.

    School Exam finals caused the comic to temporarily stop updating and a late Christmas break was called after several weeks of not updating, this comic isn’t dead so much as the author just doesn’t have the time right now, I imagine that he will have something up as soon as life and school calm down. Drawing, writing, and inking take a substantial amount of time to do, and having fully colored pages mean that updates may come in slower, especially if the artist has no help in inking/coloring the comic.

    Just be patient, and understand that David does have a life, a family and other responsibilities, he will update this comic as soon as he is able to, I have faith in that fact.

    Your Truly,
    Falkun Nightwind

    • David

      Aw, thanks falkun. As he said, stuff has been a little out of hand lately. November was week long charity marathon immediately followed by finals followed by the holidays. Not too many people read during this time of the year so I want to get a buffer and start strong when Im able.

      • Miri

        Thanks for explaining, Dave. *hug* We hope you get enough of a buffer up to start updating again soon! Can’t wait to see Laz beginning to experiment more with his demon powers~

      • Falkun

        I really didn’t say anything that you haven’t said already, but your welcome anyways David. I know life can throw one curveball after another sometimes so feel free to get things under control before you head back into the webcomic,

        I know how feeling rushed and pressed for time can make something fun into something that you just don’t want to deal with anymore, and I would hate for that to happen here, as underling is an awesome story and I would love to be able to see it to the ending as you’ve got thing building to quite the climax right now.

        Best Wishes,

        Falkun Nightwind

        P.S.: You sir, owe me an e-cookie, cuz I said so 😛

  27. Doktor J

    I know life isn’t predictable, but is there any sort of ETA (even ballpark) on the comic? You said you wanted to get a buffer going, and I understand (and appreciate) that.

    I just wanna see the zombies burn 🙁

    • David

      Definitely by the 3rd of February,hopefully before then. If I get any more pages done by then I think I’ll just tuck them away so I’m ahead come the next time this happens.

      • Doktor J

        Thanks for the response! Feel free to build up a little buffer if you need, I’ll be sure to be back here by the 3rd (probably before, because it’s in my comic bookmarks folder, but now I’ll know to not freak out about updates for a while 😀 )

        P.S.: Is there a donate button around here somewhere?

  28. brothejr

    I’d love to know an ETA when this web comic will become active again?

  29. DocPsycho

    BWAHHAHAHAHA! No hurt means fun times!

    I started reading this comic today. Obviously, I’m hooked. Looking forward to when updates resume very much!

  30. AkakunZ

    Goodness Gracious Great balls of fire. lol

  31. Haruka

    Rather than a weekly uptade, why not use the Praxis graphs; instead of having the x-axis as 24 hours, have it for the winter season, say Oct 1 to May 1 (we don’t usually have snow outside of those months). You could plot last year’s data as yesterday’s’ data, as well as add a third line for the 30 year average (might just be steps of monthly long term averages?). Then we could see this winter grow above (or below) the line and know exactly where we stand every 15 minutes! Oh the excitement.

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