Page One Hundred Seventy Six: Desperate Times

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  1. Falkun

    Call for desperate measures.

    And Icecream, lots and lots of icecream.

    • Jair

      Randy and Cindy would LOVE that last one, though I doubt anyone will get my reference.

  2. Darkstorm

    Wow, I have to say, I never noticed how much the art’s changed in this comic since the beginning until I looked at this page next to the placeholder ad with Lilith on it. She looks more mature in this compaired to that…although that could just as easily be because of how unhappy she looks.

    • Mutterscrawl

      Probably more due to the fact that she’s not in the hyper-revealing attire due to being the devil’s lapdog.

      I think right now she’s back in her earth-spirit clothes.

    • Marvelous TK

      No, no, I just read through the archives the other day, I forget why but, the art really has gotten a lot better! It’s neat to see how much improvement there’s been in the time the comic’s been running.

      • Filthy Pazuzu

        You’re absolutely correct. She’s looks very different from her earlier appearance. Fundamentally changed, if you ask me. I do like it, though. Here’s her second page, there’s a great close-up of her face. The horns, teeth, ears, earrings, nose, they’re all different.

  3. Maju

    Lilith is every page more beautiful. Keep it up!

  4. Otterkit

    Hey, I was just wondering how you get such perfect color on these strips. Been having a little trouble with mine; I use GIMP. Thanks!

  5. Uhl

    Just one option… Not going to Heaven and asking for HIS help, I hope?

  6. ????

    What are JPEG ingredients?

    • silverblob5

      J’s, P’s, E’s and G’s, of course.

  7. silverblob5

    Bringing in an outside party? An omniscient-type oracular deity?

  8. Kevin

    Nice to see some new pages 🙂
    I have been busy at school and the internet has been an ever present distraction. I am happy that for a while, on a Saturday that it was a good one.

  9. Kythryl

    I just started reading this and it is awsoeme. Very intriguing plot line.

  10. Resone

    poor mom…. hope this has a happy ending…

  11. Jerel

    Really cool. Found your comic not too long ago and couldn’t stop reading it. I really like your original take on mythical creatures and gods. Hope to see more soon.

  12. mokon

    ooh a ugly option i cant wait to find out what it is

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