Page One Hundred Seventy Seven: Shiny Toy Guns

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  1. Daggerstab

    So, who is this girl and why she has a Venus Flytrap in her hair?

    • Marvelous TK

      Are we sure we want to jump to the conclusion that this is a female? After all, this is all about… traps….

      And I feel terrible about myself and my TVTropes addiction now THANKS.

      • hkmaly

        So, who is this Venus Flytrap and why she has a body of child?

        • Uhl

          (Posts picture of Admiral Akhbar) IT’S A TRAP!

      • Creeper

        Panel 7. Those look like boobs to me…

    • LP

      Codename: Flytrap V.

  2. Maju

    The outline in the water looks like a lilitu, an angry one however.

    As for the new mystery magic (trap?) girl, I can just notice she looks like about the age of Laz, so I can only imagine their paths will collide soon (probably by Lilith’s design and not just by chance).

    • Aslandus

      The outline could also be evil Lazarus…

  3. Dapper Gentleman

    Actualy i think the image is of laz and his posible future. If you look closely you can see a more modern city buring, so one can assume this is a image of evil laz. Also compare to evil laz from previous page for refrence

    • Dapper Gentleman

      Well not previous page but previous arc

    • Vadelent

      oh I see what you mean and those little gray things i couldn’t identify a moment before are helicopters

  4. eriendil

    Hmm, a new species of dung beetle, perhaps?

  5. GrogT

    Well, maby she is the “ugly option”(yet not looking like it) and she should somehow get Laz for Lilith. Some other Naturegodness, old friend (or foe) of Lilith perhaps?

  6. Marscaleb

    I don’t know who this girl is, but I like her.

  7. shagbark

    I don’t see any picture. On a Mac.

  8. silverblob5

    Maybe a long shot, but possibly: venus fly trap = Venus? I doubt it, though.

  9. Person who just caught up

    I just caught up!

  10. Lazy J

    a ha! i have you now my pretty!………………hey stop chewing on my foot……

  11. mokon

    AHHHHHHHH A LITLLE GIRL! something really bads about to happen

  12. Miri

    According to the excellent people at Flex Designs, you should never trust a small child, especially one far too creepy to aactually be a small child. While they don’t appear to be a child per se, the statement still stands.

    My suspicion is that she’s a goddess or spirit of traps… those are always tricky, very tricky, to deal with.

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