Page One Hundred Seventy Nine: Book of Mysteries

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  1. Hyratel

    hahahaha burned. seriously, there is a point after which you can only listen to so much BS without taking a stance

    • Mutterscrawl

      Perhaps he could apply that rant to his view of the ‘real’ world too? And the attitude he had there?

      • Miri

        Just shows that little Lazzy’s growing up.

  2. Hellspawn

    Crazy archeologists ignoring the past and other cultures.

    • The Slumbering Crocodile

      I wouldn’t call this guy an archaeologist. Being an archaeologist implies a degree of objectivity the elf lacks. He’s really just a grave robber, stealing knowledge from his ancestors.

      • Hellspawn

        I call him that merely for irony and because he called himself that.

  3. Voduxe

    Love the comic. Expecially the pyromania near the beginning. Wanted to do that once, but so much a twinge of static elctricity and FOOOOOM. 5000 degrees in your hands. Otherwise, the zombies were nice touch, too. All around amazing comic.

  4. Condettori

    I would say the same thing “Shut up, i’m going to bed, wake me up for the second shift.”

  5. BakaGrappler

    Quittelz! Taste the Rainbow!

    And yeah, Link just got taught by a twelve year old on how to be a proper archeologist. Lets hope the spear that was stolen from his is actually the pole that had been up his butt, and maybe he’ll actually learn something now.

  6. Kevin

    I like that elf guy even though he does have a slight problem with modesty. A lack of it.

  7. hkmaly

    Mutterscrawl: It’s always easier to explain someone else what’s he doing badly that to actually apply that explanation … for what we know, he may told the elf something someone previously said to him.

    • Marvelous TK

      Yeah, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been scolded for getting beat up by cat girls.

      … Oh! You meant AFTER that part.

  8. Miri

    I love Laz. Link just got schooled.

    I also like how Laz seems to be growing up a little bit – character development FTW!

  9. mokon

    i think thats the most mature thing laz has ever said

  10. narmenduke

    Just found this comic and read through the archives in about an hour and a half. Really enjoying it so far! I’ll definitely be keeping up with it.

  11. Connwaer

    If only Quetz could change between book and the ” Almighty befeathered Serpent God” form. Then shifts would no longer be necessary.

  12. Uhl

    Quetz is a scholar, not a warrior. He can beat up wolves, but that’s as far as he goes apparently.

  13. greyhuk

    Ironicly there may be some….”Truth” to this. Some of the new high quantum theories actually say that for our “laws of physics” to be laws there must be a specific amount of energy per cubic meter of space. They are calling it the “Alpha point”…if it drops too low, it changes the laws of physics. A 4% drop and it impedes nuclear reactions . Stars dont burn. for example

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