Page One Hundred Seventy Four: Burned the Bodies

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  1. Laughing Moon


    P.S. the ad on the page is advertising this comic…..

    • David

      Understandably, all my advertisers seem to have stopped advertising and that’s the default image because it’s prettier than a white and blue YOUR AD HERE image. I’ll get that running better after I’ve cleared out all the other cobwebs that have settled in during my absence xD

  2. Morisha

    Welcome back, glad to see your return, you have been missed.

    • David

      Thanks! I missed working on the comic, trust me!

    • Auxiliarii

      best evil grin EVER

  3. Broseph

    I sure hope our elven friend there doesn’t suffer too many complications from all that smoke inhalation.

  4. Marvelous TK

    HaHA this is an excellent way to return to the comic. I am going to imagine that he spent the entire comic hiatus running around burning things.

    • David

      This is now canon.

      • GargoyleZoo1

        Fanfictioners! Get on it!

  5. Elithril

    Ears extra pointy, teeth extra sharp, tail a-wagging, and CHRIMSON GLOWING RED EYES! Mother always said if it’s that much fun it can’t be safe or healthy.

  6. Renadt

    I am seeing a combo of Richard fwooshiness and Hctib’s size here. And the shrill eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • GargoyleZoo1

      Oh my god, that KILLED me!

      • Renadt

        One is glad to be of service… to fwoosh.

  7. Theta

    Yay, you’re back! Love that look on Laz’s face in the last panel.

    • david

      It’s good to be back! Also good to burn things.

  8. Doktor J

    The wait?

    Totally. Worth. It.

    I *LOVE* the look on laz’s face!

    • david

      I think this is the best page I’ve drawn so far xD

  9. RaZeDaHeLL


  10. Maju

    Oooooh! Habemus update! Cool!

    And Laz seems very happy about his newly discovered ability to set everything on fire and such (just guessing – could not see much with all the smoke). The Aryan elf does not look so happy however.

  11. Caleb

    Hurray! Awesome that you/re back! We missed you too! Glad to hear that things are settling down for you too.

  12. Marscaleb

    After weeks of waiting and wondering exactly how this is going to turn out…
    That final look on Laz makes this all worth it.
    I laughed out loud at that; thank you.

    • david

      I’m really happy about how this one turned out. Time to start a-workin’ on getting more done!

  13. Dooomba

    If i found out i would have had the same face as his in the last panel

    • Dooomba

      oops meant to add in fire proof to the comment above

  14. Deyran

    Woohoo, an update! Glad you’ve returned, I really love this comic and want to see where the plot leads.
    Lazarus’ face in the last panel is to die for!! <3

    • david

      I think that something literally has to die to get that particular expression out of him. Also, thank you!

  15. Ix

    Just the look of joy on his face. ecip

  16. narsaksas

    Epic. Glad to see you back 🙂 The look on Laz’s face = priceless. lol

    • Renadt

      For everything else, there’s fwoosh.

  17. jameer

    That face. So funny. I missed this comic.

  18. Lynn

    I can just tell that you had fun drawing his face. I’m right aren’t I?

  19. Evilbober

    Glad to see you back!

  20. No-Longer-Upset

    A glorious return indeed. The look on their faces are amazingly well done.

  21. Miri

    It’s been said before. A zillion times. But it is worth saying again.

    ALl that time, waiting, waiting, waiting…. AND THAT LOOK MAKES IT ALL WORTHWHILE. Both of them, really. I was wondering when Laz would figure it out – it was actually foreshadowed MUCH MUCH earlier, but he didn’t realize it – too busy escaping from monkey-people. I can’t wait to see what he does next… can’t wait to see what happens next…. I lvoe this. I love it, I loveyou, and I”m glad you’re back~ Love in the fangirl-totally-awesome way, not the creepy-stalker-declaration-of-love-through-comment-box way.

  22. Kurochii

    Oh geez, Loz looks wayyyy too happy lol XD

  23. BlackAeronaut

    OMG, that FACE!!! BWA-HA-HA!!!

    I could just hear that kid squeeing and cackling like some chibified evil overlord that just found his brand new favorite death ray. It’s like watching Mythbusters when Jamie Hyneman cracks a grin and begins to laugh. XD

  24. wr4ith0

    it seems laz is starting to see the benefits of his situation. Glad you’re back.

  25. Falkun

    He looks waaay to proud of himself there, poor nazi elf >.<

  26. Temikus

    Glad that you’re back! 🙂

  27. AlishaShatogi

    YAY you’re back! 😀 Welcome back, welcome back, your fans are eager to have you.

    Love the expressions, thar. Laz looks positively giddy.

  28. Onasaki

    OMG! I love Laz’s expression. XD Also, great to see you back, man!

  29. Corneille-Crow

    Yes! The hiatus is over!
    PS: Love the look on Laz’s face. My mother always told me, if the idea of doing something makes me grin for 15 second or more I’m to assume I’m not allowed to do it.

  30. David

    The expression on Laz’s face is freakin priceless! Keep up the good work!

  31. blitz

    All’s well that burns well…

    • Blitz

      ^ puntastic title text? =D

  32. Clockwork

    It felt like they were burning zombies for months…

  33. Miri

    THis was playing while Laz was burninating.

  34. Lazy J

    i love laz’s expression its a mix between squeeeeee a new love and a homicidal urge to burn stuff LOL

  35. An Average Loser

    Laz’s face. Thet itself was worth the wait…
    that face could be very meme-tastic very soon…

  36. AkakunZ

    lol epic face

  37. Goph3rpriest

    …I’ve been waiting quite a while for this.

    It was worth it.

    PS: During hiatus I checked this at least three times a week. Love the comic, glad to have ya back.

  38. Broseph

    Now let’s see how long it takes for him to pull a page from Dan McNinja’s playbook, as seen here.

  39. Icemann615

    ha ha ha ha ha, oh my god, I love Laz’s expression

  40. Icemann615

    He kind of, to me at least, looks like Charby, from Charby the Vampirate. I don’t know about the rest of you all, but I can sort of see it

  41. MadMann135

    Only greed maddened souls were destroyed in the making of this comic. To be fare I have a mild case of pyromania and if I was in his position I would be giggling like mad as well.

  42. Chaotic_Blues

    Glad to see your back! I love the look on Laz’s face in the last panel.

  43. Boren

    Hey good to see this comic back; I was afraid for a while it had died, glad that’s not the case.

  44. Vladimir Zharkov

    In what other ways may we experience this fun

  45. Yaskaleh

    yay! the comic is back! <3 Underling

  46. wolfpup1

    XD Great way to end my night! Rofl

  47. Uhl

    Welcome back! Pyromaniacs unite! Recovering pyromaniac here myself. Oh, how I miss those days of torching giant stacks of useless paperwork my indentured high-school AP English class forced me to undertake!

    • GargoyleZoo

      BURN IT ALL!

  48. iamdeltas

    Laz looks kind of like Evil Bear in Bear Nuts.

  49. Freemage

    Welcome back! Good to see you updating again. If I can make a couple recommendations:

    1: Do not try to jump straight back to two-a-week. Instead, stick to one-a-week–while using any week you can manage a second strip to build up a buffer. Once you have a buffer of at least 12 strips, THEN shift over to updating two-a-week. That will give you plenty of lead-time if things get hectic again to keep the steady pace going–steady updates build readership (and attracts advertisers) better than erratic ones, even if the erratic schedule produces more.

    2: Another option, of course, is to go the ‘bonus donation strip’ route–keep a running donation meter, and when a certain amount (whatever helps justify the extra effort and time needed) gets hit, reset and post a bonus strip that week, on top of whatever schedule you can maintain without burning out. This seems to be the best middle-ground between “Pay me before you can read my magnificence!” (which really only works for porn comics, it seems) and “PleasepleasePLEASE hit the Donate Now Button!”

    3: I suggest that you make an “Advertise Here” ad that features your characters, instead of the generic whitespace or just using the ad that’s there now. It makes it more aesthetically pleasing, AND gets the message across to folks who want to advertise. Lilith holding a kitten saying, “Buy advertising here, or the kitten gets it” might get some attention, at least.

    All of these are offered in the spirit of wanting to see you rich, famous and surrounded with sex-slaves. Again, welcome back!

  50. Resone

    I love that face he is making……

    not much else to say.

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