Page One Hundred Seventy Five: Beautiful Conflagration

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  1. Onasaki

    Shiny Elf-Spear. XD

    • Aslandus

      Elves love shining their spears, it takes patience to make the oil soak into the shaft though

  2. Renadt

    Yeah, couldn’t help but laugh there. Now Asshat… I mean Rohat doesn’t stand a chance against Laz

  3. Miri

    Now that Laz actually realizes he can USE that lighter of his, this is going to be a looooot more epic than way backin chapter whatever. *nod*

    I can’t get enough of Laz’s comments, though. “Shiny Elf-Spear” and “bad Link cosplayer” are amazing, and then…..

    “….beautiful conflagration….!”

    Laz is just adorable in every way imaginable. And is it just me, or does Elf-guy look actually somewhat attractive in Panel 1 from that angle? Must’ve been quite a looker when he was a little bit younger.

  4. someone

    There’s an elf who must be wondering just what sort of game is linkos and why he’s accused of being bad at it.

  5. David

    I feel like Laz and I grow closer with every panel. The way you draw fire is so realistic… ’twas truly a beautiful conflagration.

  6. Uhl

    Hmm, Laz must actually LIKE Eshita, otherwise he wouldn’t be deliberately going into harm’s way to rescue her. Interesting.

  7. Marvelous TK

    So, Laz has achieved various levels of pyromania, wanton destruction, sticking it to pretty much everyone… and now he’s playing on someone’s self-interest to get them to do what he wants. He is a damn good demon. /.-.\

  8. Mutterscrawl

    Was he a Pyro before he went demon?

    • Random
      • Broseph

        Well, thermite is also the kind of thing an Engineer or Demoman might use.

        • Renadt

          Nah, more like a damn crazed psycho Pyro.

        • MadMann135

          No it is the kind of kill you use when you want to make sure everything is destroyed.
          To be fare you can get most of the parts from an automotive paint supply store.
          Powdered Iron oxide and powdered aluminum can be used in paint to make it ‘pop,’ the ignition agent is harder to come by but not that much harder as it can be found in a camping supply store (if you know where to look).

          • blitz

            ^ LOL @ not quite teaching people how to make thermite.

          • shadow

            Do we want to know where you learned this?

  9. Norspherato

    nothing says motivation like, they took your crap.

  10. Norspherato

    this might sound weird but for the people above me…are you listing the items for a bomb or is that just my imaginatioin?

    • corvuscorone68

      yeh he is, i think

    • GargoyleZoo1

      Not really a BOMB, per say. Thermite doesn’t really explode, it just burns wonderfully, beautifully, HOT and will absolutely melt just about anything!

      Excuse me one moment.

  11. mokon

    if someone took my shiny elf spear id go nuts

  12. Anime fan

    I will have nothig to do with the politics of inferior beings.
    They took your spear.
    Which way did they go? /-_-\

  13. corvuscorone68

    spears are useful, you can use the shaft to knock em down and then run em thru; this i have learned in Assassin’s Creed 2

    • Norspherato

      also good for roasting marshmellows on a camping trip

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