Page One Hundred Seventy Eight:Fighting Ignorance with More Ignorance

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  1. Onasaki

    Hrr. This page looks a little rushed to me.. proportions seem a little off, and Caleb looks off in the second panel..*headscratch* Could just be I’m dead tired too. XD

  2. Miri

    Laz’s eyes look a tad too large in panels 3 and 4, and his face is a little off in panel 1. I do adore the last little Lazzy expression,though. I think Dave’s just trying to settle into his new style, and Caleb actually looks a little better here than he did in the past couple. Dialogue as always is gold, though; I like these little character bits when we can get ’em.

  3. Vaz

    Good job on this one as well, honestly I don’t mind the artwork, it’s the story that I come back for

    • Marvelous TK

      Oh THAT’S just what every artist wants to hear. =P

    • Condettori

      Amen to that comment.

  4. Marscaleb

    Sad-eared Laz is sad.

  5. Hyratel

    awesome tail’spressions, that’s something a lot of folks don’t quite seem to get about tails is how expressive and mobile they are

  6. BakaGrappler

    Wait a second…

    Am I hallucinating, (possible since I have not slept and it is now morning) but has Laz’s legs always been that long? Is he getting taller?

  7. Q?

    Is Laz getting taller?

  8. Bob

    Wait, so the racist white guy isn’t necessarily a straight forward evil skinhead? Good, I like it.

  9. LP

    Spear… OF DESTINY!*

    *Not actually the spear that poked Jebus that one time.

  10. Dekker

    Laz seams taller

  11. VelociraptorBlade

    Has it really been a few months? Damn, time flies fast there.

  12. Uhl

    Last frame, Laz is right. Not all cultures are created equal, and simply having one is not sufficient to justify its existence.

  13. Svinto

    As many others in the comments I also reacted to the drawing style in this strip.
    I went back a few strips and made some comparisons and I think this is actually how David’s art style has developed into.
    I think you can clearly see an art style change after the hiatus (between strip 173 and 174).

    Art development is a good thing. But I preferred the old one. Laz head is now smaller compared to the rest of his body, which makes him look older.

  14. wr4ith0

    I’m starting to like the elf more, his body language seems to place him as a socially inept history geek. don’t worry mr. elf., we’ll play train games with you.

  15. Approvedjunk

    Oh..hey, look. It’s the comic that I forgot about for a while since it wasn’t in my bookmarks anymore (they all got deleted..*sad*) But anyways..*bookmarks immediately* Laz, solve all your problems with fire. Got an upset g.e.m. with you? Set yourself on fire then latch onto him and laugh and enjoy the ride while he’s running around trying to put it out. Got an ancient god that’s turned into a book on you? Threaten him with fire and see if he doesn’t magically get better within a few minutes….if that fails you always have it for kindling I guess…..

  16. mokon

    i agree with laz on that last one

  17. Kasai Zyth

    Few MONTHS?! It’s been that long for Laz? Nice putting in a timeline perspective check, by the way.

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