Page One Hundred Seventeen: The Old Heave Ho

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  1. Reggie

    This is gonna give him something to think about for a while.

    • David

      In between the running and screaming, I’m sure it will take up a lot of his thoughts.

  2. eriendil

    Naughty, Naughty, Giirls!

  3. Marvelous TK

    A-whoops, wasn’t supposed to say that, huh? But, hey, at least they know how to deal with problems.

    • Karadan

      Yep, throw it through a portal to a dangerous world without any information about what it is supposed to do.

  4. littlebeast

    But now he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do.

    So, business as usual, then.

    • David

      Pretty much!

      • Faraway

        Yep, he interrupted auntie giving him instructions…

        And we STILL don’t know the names of tha aunties! Poo!

  5. Nephkona

    What the… so…
    but she was gonna…
    and he…


    • TomeWyrm

      Eh, she merely said that she COULD have it’s on page twelve if you want to look yourself. But ask yourself honestly, does applying our morals to a DEMON make sense to you?

  6. TomeWyrm

    Well… they ARE succubi by their own admission! “Drain the life force of men”, not to mention Lilith was the first succubus.
    What do you expect? I certainly don’t expect them to be little cherubs, even if they are cute. Which reminds me of how funny I find it that cherub has come to mean a little chubby angel of not much power… they used to be the second most powerful rank in the first sphere of angels, and with that my religious geekery comes to an end.

    • Draconis Noir

      Since when did they have not much power? Granted, the cutesy aspect would be irritating for some, but I rarely see cherubs getting slapped around by anything but arch-demons and devils in most of the media they do appear in. Although I will admit that when combat becomes a major aspect of whatever they are in, they do generally defer to the seraphim.

  7. approvedjunk

    Anyone else looking forward to seeing Laz’s next faceplant? Or is this going to be the one time he lands on his feet?

    • Forecaster

      He might land on his back.

      Unless he manages to turn around mid-air…

      • Gunsolo

        HeΒ΄s like a cat that way, he twists and turns in mid-air so that he will always land… on his face! πŸ™‚

        • Disconnected

          I’m betting he lands on the back of his head.

      • eriendil

        Then again, he might land near that big green carnivorous bird that just munched the furry, and end up as dessert!

  8. Forecaster71

    What a twist!

  9. Stripes

    Got a problem? Throw it in the giant hole of doom and watch it disappear!

  10. Tyr

    Now I can’t stop thinking about Portal. At least they didn’t offer him cake before they threw him in.

    (The Cake is a Lie!)

    • Bel

      i fell for that lie once before

  11. Uhl

    There’s no more cake. I ate it all. I also invited your friend “companion cube,” but you murdered him!

    • Errdil

      The cake is real…
      But there is no spoon.

      • reynard61

        Of course there’s a spoon! I used it to eat my cereal this morning!

      • Starcat5

        Cerberus Bunny… Where in L-Sama’s name did you find a Cerberus Bunny?!?!?

        …no really, I want to know. Does the artest have a DiviantArt/FurAffinity account?

        • Errdil

          It was created by Sarah Ellerton. I’m sure you can find her.

  12. LP

    Conversation? ABORTED!

    • Bel

      he got dropped like six period French

  13. Magus655

    I still have a hard time imagining Lilith as the mother. I mean look here

    “He’d go faust at the drop of a hat…. or a corset”

    I dunno their character interaction at this point doesnt suggest this at all… I like to imagine Lilith as another aunt if their related at all…..

    • Karadan

      That’s been mentioned a dozen times already between this comic and the last one. It isn’t like she said she was going to drop her corset. And of course we’re talking about demons, not, you know, ‘cultured’ humans.

      And I don’t know, she has been protective of him to some extent. And it isn’t as though she doesn’t have someone (Satan) watching her every move.

      You’re right though, she -could- just be another aunt, but the fact that the lilithu were worried about upsetting ‘big sis’ and the fact that they didn’t contradict him when he jumped to Lilith being his mother, seems to support her being his mother all the more.

      • Magus655

        regardless there was Laz’s mother on Earth and the question of his “birth mother”. I still dont think his ” mother” who raised him to this point was Lillith.

        • Magus655

          It also bars the question if Laz has pure demonic heritage such as he does (son of Satan and the mother of Demons) how the hell did he get on Earth? Demons and Devils etc typically play a indirect influence on the mortal realm and are barred from directly influencing via a physical precesnse typically in most mythos’s.

          From that point as well do we just dismiss Laz’s human form which he didnt get rid of until he went to “hell” as simply illusion magic or something?

          Satan and the other demons of Hell are barred physical (but not metaphysical) entry to the mortal realm. So in what eseense made Laz the exception to this rule if he has such a pure demonic bloodline?

          • Disconnected

            The could have simply taken his unborn soul and bonded it with the soul destined for the human woman’s child after all demons are supposed to be adapt at working with souls.

          • Jurrieburrie

            He doesnt. As Lillith said a lot of comics ago: the Lillitu were just nature spirits in the beginning. She only became a “demon” under Satans rule… And she is nowtrying to go back to the old ways.

    • Errdil

      Look at pages 96-97.
      I think she acts quite motherly.

  14. Draconis Noir

    Answer to all problems, ever; Throw it through a trans-dimensional portal. Not your problem anymore.

    • David

      That’s how I got rid of my college debt. Kind of a long story, actually.

      • LP

        That explains where the “fish falling on head” curse came from.

  15. Marscaleb

    Yay! It’s been a while since Laz got to be flung through another portal!

  16. Geoffrey

    Yet Again, Totally Called It.

  17. flibble

    so now he’s back to his normal state of bewilderment who he going to find next ilith or Eshita?

  18. Supertwitfan

    Ah being through into a portal is always fun, ecspecially when there is countless dangers waiting around every tree, bush, and stone.

  19. raisedbybadgers

    I guess the family resemblance /wasn’t/ just my imagination, then.

  20. netherstone

    am i imagining it or does the purple one “look”, despite what she is saying, totally unrepentant and down right giddy that she “accidentally” made a freudian slip

    • Kavukamari

      Does your name have anything to do with the new minecraft update? if not I bet you’re getting that a lot xP

      anyway, hahaha auntiekins

      • Netherstone

        ummm… no, actually i have never heard of minecraft before that i can recall and also no this is the first i have heard of it πŸ™‚

  21. Anime fan

    Well, this is going to end with the Cat-girl showing up again. What was her name?

    • David

      Oh, good old Eshita. I bet she’s off having a ball, smashing someone’s face into something, *right now*

  22. Kencyrath

    I cling to my belief that Laz is their nephew because Satan is their brother. Laz’s mother is human, which is how he was born on Earth, Anything they or Lilith says to the contrary is part of a scam they’re pulling on Laz.

  23. Just Kevin

    Whow. How did that sneak up on me… nephew lol, and lilith the mom! Shitty luck… No wonder the devil wants to get rid of her…

    • Just Kevin

      Oh forgot to say “Talk about a family… FROM HELL!” Bwhahahahahaha….. sorry kinda lame…

  24. Dude

    Totally knew this was coming, but it’s so awesome anyways.

  25. lion922226

    Place your bets, people: Faceplant or Headbonk?
    Given his track record, he is bound to land on some part of his head.
    Of corse, I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

    • Bel

      my bet is faceplant

  26. Fox

    Right now my question is “What kind of Demonic Powers does he have?” We know his mother can appear in mirrors and speak to him. I just noticed he was subconsciously drawing the same symbol that appeared himself in) and seems to able to conjure fire and manipulate it, not to mention indirectly interacting with the physical world by burning, or shrinking herself down to a smaller size and gaining the ability to fly, and more recently she’s been shown capable of summoning and sealing away evil spirits, at least temporarily. And firing a laser beam from her fingers and others of her species have been shown capable of draining the life force of men. (I’m not sure if they meant men(gender) or men(species)). His father has gotten a lot less time in our focus, but we’ve seen he can also conjure fire, and… thats it actually. The only other thing we know is that he’s apparently far more powerful than Laz can hope to become (The same line indicates Laz is capable of becoming more powerful, and I assume she didn’t mean by lifting weights.) Of Laz himself, he isn’t very resilient, but he is capable of running very quickly, piercing armor with his fingers/claws (although it isnt stated what the armor was made of, he may be able to cut leather but not metal), and handling fire without getting burned. We also know that he has an evil side that is capable of creating a pocket dimension, and that dying will most likely send him straight to his father
    (I noticed the html tags at the bottom, so I decided to try to link them to the appropriate pages. Here’s hoping I dont make a fool of myself)


    • David

      The “Title” qualifier makes the text alt-text(or hover-over text) rather than displaying it. I fixed it also limited the linked text a bit to make it easier to follow. I’m way overdue in making it so you folks can preview and edit your posts, huh?

      Besides that, an interesting summation of Laz’s powers and pedigree. I’ll also point out that his father can go right through rocks with his own claws. Who knows what other powers he has that he hasn’t figured out yet? I don’t think he even realized he was carrying that burning bush without hurting himself!

    • grimmasthereaper

      it ties in (at least in my eyes) with the so called “demon self” they obviusly did something to send him to earth and block his demonic powers now back in hell the natual energys of the realm are feeding his powers increasing there strength hence the demon form razor claws fireproof it is also strengthening the demon self which unlike laz knows the abilitys as you ca see a few difference between normal and demon laz the demon self looks genuinely more powerful longer horns flames on shirt and i beleive that demon laz told normal laz that he created the pocket dimention not normal laz i believe that whatever they did to hide his powers caused a seperate personalty to form in the same cage that the powers were trapped in thats my theory the only thing that doesnt fit is how he got the new clothes

      • David

        Oh man there is totally a storyline relevant reason you get new clothes for being a demon in this realm. It’ll come up within a few chapters XD

  27. moon

    face plant twenty cookies any takers

  28. sythja


  29. Disconnected

    If he really is related to them does that mean he will eventually be able to go all wispy and floaty to?

  30. Crestlinger

    *notes the contrail in last panel and bubble in the third. They sure threw him (via telekinesis) through with a lot of force, anything he hits is going to either be shattered or picking bits of Laz out of it for quite some time.

  31. Eis

    With all the Portal puns way up there, I am just as shocked that no one has refferenced “Still Alive” (tends to be among the more popular portal jokes/reffereces in my lack of experience), as I am at the whole family issues
    also, “you’re not a good person, you know. Good people don’t get here” (not entirely true for the comic but still oddly appropriate)

  32. Warriorking4ever

    Damn, this kid has more supernatural relatives than he knows what to do with! XD

  33. Kursed

    …NOOO!!!! But that means there can’t be any “suggestive scenes”! NO!!!. Wait…Nevermind. Demons, different morals.

  34. GargoyleZoo1

    …morals? Seriously? Are we not talking about DEMONS?

  35. GargoyleZoo1

    Although, seeing as intercourse between relatives can cause reinforcement of bad genetic traits, and Lilith is a nature demon so it can be assumed that she has some connection to evolution, maybe that would be taboo. Hmm, interesting.

  36. AzzyRael

    It occurs to me, seeing as Lilith is often described as the mother of demons, it would make sense for her to be his mom. And as to his strength and abilities, he is technically the Antichrist, so thus has all the belief of the Christian Doctrine behind him power wise- and belief seems to be a large part in power in this plane of existence… and the Antichrist is often portrayed as being stronger than the Devil in the Media Ive read….
    Just saying.
    And I love this comic…. πŸ˜€

  37. pseudoname

    so full blooded demon then? lol

  38. John

    What if you want the numbers getreaned at random an integer? Did you generate a random break and then it’s vice versa? Or is there an easier way? Besides, how can you indicate that you want to be a certain length or number of decimal places?

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