Page One Hundred Seven: The Other Ritual

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  1. Kdef

    Dear god I just love the moral ambiguity in all this. Strips like this one just seem to emphasize that there is no clear cut, righteous path for our protagonist to follow. Yet despite the “gray and grayer” morality of the setting, Laz isn’t another cookie cutter brooding blockhead.

    • David


      The nature of the universe is more at fault here than the intentions of our protagonists or antagonists – As it should be in any good epic style story.

  2. flibble

    I do believe that crowley plans to sacrifice laz….

    • Faraway

      I’m not… so sure about that. Rather, I suspect the deal is closer to replacing Devil’s involvement – with Devil, Jr. 🙂

  3. Uhl

    Grats on the anniversary. “When you put it like that… I STILL want to hurt you.”

  4. Kisame

    In this comic you can never really know who are the good guys, if there is any, a god that threatens people, the devil, demons plotting against the devil, it’s as mixed up as a Terry pratchet book, maybe that’s what’s making it good

    • David

      Ah, being compared to a Terry Pratchett book totally made my morning! Thanks.

      The only interesting clear-cut ‘bad guy’ is either violently and beautifully insane in a fun to watch, not to be around sort of way, or a tragic victim of circumstances that you can relate to and feel sorry for.

      Otherwise, a villain should just be doing what they feel is the right thing to do!

  5. Anime fan

    Oh Laz Laz Laz, humanity can’t comprhend nor live with magic. We hardly stop ourselves from ruining everything as it is.

    • Eis

      I disagree… If everyone knew that there was a good chance robbing an old lady or picking on that dork from school could easily get your head blown off, who would be dumb enough to do it?

      I believe it’s called mutually assured destruction when nukes are used this way.

      • David

        Haha, the world would probably be much better off with a handful of truly insane magic-powered super villains than it would be with six billion normal people who all need to be a little villainous to just stay alive.

        • Eis

          When the U.K. passed its gun laws, gun related killings and injuries rose 400%. What I meant was, when ordinary people, and ordinary looking people, have a reliable means of defending themselves most of the jerks who only do things because they can get away with it back off. It’s not that everyone is a bit villainous, it’s that anyone can be prideful, vindictive, and worse yet, powerful. you just don’t go around provoking people like that. On a related note, being able to summon up and control water would be much more useful than fireballs, as fire needs flammability and oxygen and clever use of it may be able to make an explosion, whereas high pressure water can cut skin, break down rock (that was used for mining once), throw people or objects back with extreme force, reduce traction, knock peoples’ legs out from under them, or, if you are a cruel villainous person, drown them. It could also be used for drinking water which would reduce the number of things soldiers (or hikers) need to carry, especially in the desert.

      • Anime fan

        I’m saying that the dorky kid and or old lady might not get the chance if everyone’s packing fireballs. Mainly I’d expect everyone to wind up turning earth into a wasteland like in Fallout.

  6. Just Kevin

    Magic Hydrogen Bomb. Sounds cool 😛

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