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  1. Kavukamari

    I still like the peacock

    I wonder what Birdy man has in store 😮

  2. SkitZ

    …Ok i lack the ability to take Mr. Crowley seriously… Dark Crystal anyone?

    • Silver Guardian

      I lack the ability to recognize that reference. Would you be so kind as to elaborate?

      • SkitZ

        Ok… Dark Crystal is a movie that came out in 1982 that was directed by Frank Oz and Jim Henson… the character of Mr. Crowley is similar to that of the villains of the film, The Skeksis, who are bird-like and evil beyond all reason… even their own reason. Dark Crystal is not as cool as Labyrinth, another awesome movie by Oz and Henson but is a must watch if you have time to kill.

        • LP

          As long as we’re talking about trippy Henson company movies; “Mirrormask”.

        • mokon

          oh yeah i think i saw that movie

  3. Siden

    Hehee! That first panel is awesome. I love it.

  4. Draconis Noir

    Mr ‘Crowley’? And his demonic minions are overgrown crows? This guy just lost all credibility in my eyes….
    Still, someone needs to enforce stereotypes, I suppose.
    Also, am loving this comic so far.

    • Eric Crow

      At least it’s “Crowley” and not Mr. Crow like it would be if I was in his place.

  5. LP

    I keep giving Crowley the voice of that German shepherd from “Up.” It kind of ruins the effect of his INCALCULABLE EVIL.

    … What? Am I the only one?

    • David

      … SQUIRREL?

      • LP

        Attach the bird-skull of shame!

    • thefoxwithout

      dammit now im stuck with the squeaky voice when i hear him in my head, damn you.

  6. Uhl

    Never underestimate the threat of the deranged. It’s precisely BECAUSE his threats have no credibility that he is insanely dangerous. That mystical blast just went right through him, and summoned a Tengu to boot.

    • Faraway

      Adding to the point, this is one world shaped by the beliefs. And he, being as deranged as he is, he’s getting a MASSIVE bonus to power for just that. He BELIEVES himself to be invincible and capable of winning the fight, so he actually IS such for most practical purposes.

      • David

        Crazy people can go pretty far, when faith gets involved!

    • Kestrel

      Aren’t Tengu’s those demons with huge noses?

      Also, I’m a bit confused… Who tried to intimidate who? Crowley in the 2nd to 5th panels or the Demons in the 6th to 7th panels?

      • LP

        I guess they’re just demon birds that (probably) shapeshift. … Apparently, they also have the ability to fire acidic milk from their boobies. (See 1:49 —

      • Uhl

        Tengu, according to Asian folklore, are ancient demons that take on the form of half-man, half-crow and corral the souls of the dead. They are also very skilled and powerful fighters.

  7. Umm...

    It is a little known fact that Crowly Sr. was a carpenter.

  8. Anime fan

    This guy was either the emo everyone picked on, the fat kid w/ acne everyone picked on, or his mommy didn’t hug him enough… my money’s on “all of the above”

    • David

      “Leave that poor dread cultist alone, he just wants attention =(“

      • SkitZ

        David… your own characters are making fun of him. how can *we* avoid it? Then again he does have awesome regeneration powers… lets see what he can do…

        • Anime fan

          Skitz has a point david

          • David

            He is *so* going to go home and write in his doomsday diary about how mean people on the internet are to him.

        • SkitZ

          Wait… his creator mocks him as does creation… now he sounds like Loki! AWESOME!!!

          • Anime fan

            I desended from north men, Loki, even Loki. Is more powerful than this measley little whelp.

  9. BakaGrappler

    Crowley the second? So he’s Junior.

    Really sorry for doing this to you David, but from now on I’m gonna be calling Aleister, “Junior.”

    And I have this overpowering urge to sing out, BIIIIIIIIIIIRDMAAAAAAAAN!

  10. Utanith

    Mr. Crowley, what went down in your head?
    Mr. Crowley, did you talk to the dead?

    Sorry, I love Ozzy >.>;

    • Supertwitfan

      If you’ve looked at the previous comments on previous pages involving him, you will notice that we are all, ozzy fans.

      P.S. You’ll probably see me lurking about he and responding to EVERYTHING until my account gets unbanned.

      So without any further ado, MISTER CROWLY!

      P.S.S. I hate intimidation check fails, that’s why I dump everything I got in that when I’m an ultimate badass((if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t bother trying.))

      • Utanith

        I haven’t been paying attention enough to notice he was Aleister Crowley until just now >.>;; Just. Y’know. “Oh he has a name that’s nice *ignore*”

      • Silver Guardian

        …Was that a DnD ref?

        It looks like a DnD ref, but there are so many other things it might be that I’ve never heard of. 83

        • SkitZ

          Only if you succeeded at DC 15…

        • forestenchantress

          Not one I’m familiar in DD with (probably since my group does 2nd ed.) but I use it in Savage Worlds as a street punk. Savage worlds is another tabletop rpg.

          • SkitZ

            Started in 2nd, moved on to 3rd to avoid thac0, tried to avoid 3.5 (and failed)… and i mock 4th with a passion.

          • David

            4th ed is lacking in character customization and very strongly reminds me of vanilla WoW – complete with them not thinking to make boss fights interesting in any way.

            That having been said, 4th ed is certainly the easiest to pick up and play, and it’s actually pretty great for one off dungeon crawls. It’s almost more of a board game than a role playing game, though, and I enjoy the latter above the former.

  11. Stripes

    You know, I kind of like the Crowley guy. He seems non-threatening but then the most dangerous people can be like that. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Also, love that laughing panel. In the words of my best friend “Aha! You’re funny…”

  12. Marscaleb

    Man, now THAT’S degrading when a giant peacock addresses you as “foolish mortal.”

    BTW, I love that first panel. The light show you got going on with the laser strike is really impressive.

    • David

      Pew, pew pew pew!

      • Umm...

        You wouldn’t expect a laser to make ‘pew’ sounds.

        And yes, I am a smart-arse.

        Good job with the comic!

        Crowley is on  and stuff.

  13. Just Kevin

    Well what I noticed, don’t know if it matters, but where did our little friend go David? Please tell me he is going to make everyone look stupid and bugger off!

  14. kisame

    OH COME ON!!!!!! ANOTHER CROWELY? srsly, everybody just uses his name, SO WHAT IF HE WAS CALLING HIMSELF MASTER OF THE OCCULT SEX FIEND AND SO ON WITH THE NICKNAMES? he was just a crazy person who couldnt keep the madness inside STOP MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL OUT OF HIM!!!!!!!!

  15. rennat951

    crazy crow man much

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