Page One Hundred Ninety Two: Bluffing

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  1. Daggerstab

    Yay! New update!

    I can’t decide which one is better – the Flytrap Fairy’s behavior, or the face of the Lilitu in the last panel. 🙂

  2. Marscaleb

    I like this new coloring style.
    Are updates going to be regular again? Last I heard from you updates were Dresdon Codac.

    • David

      I’m still going with a ‘when I’m able’ schedule, but getting one up on Fridays seems to be working out so far. It might be shaky as I get settled in to a new semester, but we’ll see.

      • Marscaleb

        Would it be a safe bet that you’ll only be updating on Fridays, even if not every Friday?
        (Mostly I want to avoid checking the page to discover that there have been two updates since I had been here last.)

    • Amarikah

      You sir, made a very excellent comparison.

      I must add that I’m thrilled that the comic is back. 😀 😀 😀 I had given up on it entirely just a week before…

  3. Deril

    omg its still updating blees the godsXD

  4. Kyle Multop

    I agree with the “Oh Snap” stated above.

  5. Anime fan

    … *snap*
    That said more than anything else.

  6. GargoyleZoo

    I am so incredibly happy right now. You wouldn’t believe.

  7. nvl

    I am really glad I kept checking back for updates 🙂

    So, is it my idea or Lilith tried to set up a date for Laz and Fairy girl?

    • Morgana

      That does seem to be the case… she probably knew how to find the girl, and having her rope in Laz made him findable by extension (because findable is totally a word).

  8. Zanazoth

    Not sure if it was intentional, but before your long long break, you switched to Chapter Nine, Undreaming I think, but this is listed back as Chapter 8, and has been since you came back
    Again, not sure if intentional, but just letting you know, just in case 😀

  9. Kasai Zyth

    Lil’ Laz is back!!!! You have no idea how happy this makes me. Time to go re-read the whole comic!

  10. Miri

    This is…… absolutely wonderful. Little girl flytrap fairy is adorable. So is lemonfacing Lilitu.

    Lilitu: =_=

  11. Harrow

    IT LIVES!!

    I am very pleased the fantastical tale of Laz continues.

  12. Kythryl

    Oh by the gods I am so happy this comic is back! Praise Odin!

  13. Morgana

    I had pretty much given up on this one, after finding the ”Getting Some Air’ page for several months. I’m glad it’s back! And now Laz gets a chance to demand some explanations from mommy…

  14. silverblob5

    Glad to see you’re back, I was just about to stop checking in here.

  15. Banner

    You know, your readers and fans would APPRECIATE IT if you would tell us WHAT WAS GOING ON.

    Really, how hard is it to post a message saying ‘oh, I’m going to be gone again for another month, dropping out of sight for 6 of them without telling us why was rude enough. Don’t you want to have readers? If so, please stop treating us like shit.

    • David

      To answer your question, no. This is a hobby for me, and while I enjoy putting my work out there I stopped wanting to make this comic any more than a hobby around the first time I realized I’d actually have to put up with comments like yours. You wanna talk about rude? I’ve put thousands of hours of work online for free and you bluster in here like an angry customer that isn’t getting enough out of a subscription.

      If you can’t handle the update schedule, do what I do for Prequel or Dresden Codak and just put it on a feed or archive dive every few months. If you are genuinely offended by my lack of fulfilling my nonexistent obligations to you, you can just go ahead and fuck right off. Thanks.

      That out of the way, I’ve been busy working on multiple weekly homework assignments that look like in between studying for exams so I can get a real job so I can make enough to retire before I’m dead so I can get a chance to work on my hobbies more. I took the one day I had to draw this week and flatted the next page and then drew something that wasn’t Underling related.

    • Renadt

      Dude, you really need to learn tact. The proper way would be something like this.

      Hey, David. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope you are okay. I was just wondering when the next page would come out.

      Dude, sun works better than wind.

    • Kyle Multop

      Banner, your a real prick. David, next time unless you really feel the need to reply to assholes like Banner, you don’t even need to worry about it, your real fans that actually understand will whop ass and ream ’em out for you.

  16. Scurv Of PCP

    Yeash, David a full plate, cut the man some slack. I love the comic do not get me wrong, But I understand it is a gift from him out of the kindness of his heart and the wellspring of his creativity.
    But good luck with the homework!

  17. Mercury

    Check on this site the other day, and I had been gone since October loosing hope that this would update, but to
    my joy! There was this! Hope you kick that college work’s @$$! I’m so glad to see that Laz is back, this year is going to be great!

  18. Sirdudemanguy

    *misc angry comment about David not filling out his non-existent obligations*
    followed by
    *misc derogatory comment about David’s family member’s and/or lack of sexual prowess in bed with said members of family*
    and finished with
    *rude and tact-less demand to hurry up with the updates and misc comment about how rude David is for not waiting on me hand and foot*

    Haha, now that I’m done making fun of the trolls, I just want to say that homework has always been and always will be a bitch. Hang in there, we can wait for updates till you get RL back on track.
    Don’t mind us at all, and pay no attention to the attention starved, whiny little kids who seem to thing you owe them something.

  19. Renadt

    I think I speak for a good amount of people when I say we would like an update. Not a comic, just an “I’m alive and swamped” update so we don’t worry so hard, and it keeps the haters off your back.

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