Page One Hundred Ninety Three: Call Me, Maybe

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  1. Renadt

    Well, I asked for an update, and you deliver a strip. I believe I speak for (again) a few people when we say, “Thank You!”

    And I wish you well on your homework.

    • David

      Thanks! I can’t really guarantee any decent update schedule until these semester’s over, but I’ll try to get as many pages out as I can.

      • Renadt

        Seeing as how I’m only in Community College, and I saw your mountain of HW, I can understand. Keep up the good work, and hope you get some rest after. Take a week or two off at the end.

  2. DanteVael

    Sweet! I had honestly given up on this comic! Glad I follow you on Twitter, or I’d a never seen it.

    • Web

      I am glad I follow you on RSS and saw your update. (Google Reader is very handy)

      • David

        RSS feeds are super useful. I use them to keep up on comics with terrible update schedules too!

        Also for people who use Twitter my twitter account is a pretty good place to listen to me whine about homework and how I’m not able to update in real time.

  3. Marscaleb

    I am not sure whether I like her or not…

  4. Anime fan

    I wonder if dragging a young demon around by the ear is standard practice for that demon’s parents, they do seem to be an excellent place to grip.

    • Anime fan

      Also, thank you for the update, and as a fellow student, good luck with the homework, it can be an absolute BITCH can’t it?

      • David

        The good news is that I found out that an assignment has been pushed back to next week. Which means I only have about 10-15 hours of it to do before Monday now! Maybe I’ll take the extra time and figure out how to stream or something.

  5. James


  6. Demitrix

    oh halla-f***ing-lua! TIS BACK! and not a cliffhanger ending! David, you do what ya got to do, this best has beeen fed, for the next little bit, glad thing i desided to look this back up due to a person metioning demons!

  7. Mephistopheles

    Welcome back from the dead!

    So, is the restraunt after death a 4-star with one waiter? Has Ben Franklin Finally moved past the appetizer courses?
    Is the grim reaper Attractive?

    • David

      There’s actually a great selection, except for the fact that everything has an ectoplasmic aftertaste. Ol’ Ben moved past the appetizers ages ago and last I saw was ranting about the benefits of drinking mature wines.

      And the Reaper is a bit on the lanky and pale side, but I understand his granddaughter, Susan, is quite fetching.

      • Mephistopheles

        Someone GOT THE REFERENCE!
        Damn Man, this is the first time someone has gotten all these references before.
        Thanks for making my day that much more amusing!

        • Sirdudemanguy

          Some part of me wants to think this referenced Discworld, well another part of me is calling me stupid and making weird faces at me behind my back… in my mind.

          • randomstranger

            i think it’s referencing discworld and doctor mcninja, but i’m not certain about the discworld one.

  8. Q?

    Laz seems to be get plumper, kind of looking like a goblin now.

  9. Morgana

    O_O It came out! I checked, and there was a new page?


  10. silverblob5

    Heh, welcome back.

  11. Vadelent

    Maybe its just the artist, but his horns seem longer after his little “nap”

  12. SSM

    “weapon of mass entertainment” LOL! Good to see that your readers are not the only ones amused by Laz’s antics 🙂

  13. Lazy J

    Hey David I love this comic i am just happy you come back to it its been one of my favorites since i found it

    you really are very talented and i think i can speak for all of us when i say real life is a bitch!

  14. Miri

    This is just awesome. Also? I dunno. Trap fairy. Adorable. Lazzykins. Adorkable. Why am I suddenly starting to go “Ship! Ship! SHip! Ship!” Even though it was just a “call me” sign? XD

  15. Kyle Multop


  16. Cooldoc1

    Desperate times indeed! I like this, great stuff

  17. Scurv Of PCP

    I think they would make a cute couple! Although I doubt ether of laz’s mommy s would approve.

  18. Mercury

    A Nature Spirit and a Daemon, a divine match made in hell, what could possibly go wrong? *queue wacky sitcom music*

    • Aslandus

      “Is this a joke?”
      “If it is, I’m the punchline”

  19. BakaGrappler

    Oh, a new shading technique.

    And, crap, looks like Laz has a completely accidental “well, I guess I kinda like her” thing going on with crazy girl. She seems high maintenance, so I hope Laz doesn’t hook up with her.

    • Renadt

      He’s more interested in the Rakshasa chick Eshita.

  20. None1

    New look to it, even checking back daily, and seeing it daily, still not sure what I think. Will need to see more to make up my mind if I really like it, and how it changes things. But whatever I may think, it actually is very well done. Seems like over, I don’t know, since the beginning of this chapter each page, or every couple of pages, you’ve been doing or trying out a slightly different style. I don’t know, sometimes when the style changes it throws me. But it is a very interesting progression. These last few pages, expecially I think this one and last one, have shown impressive, I don’t know, I don’t want to say improvements, because different style means different aspects or something, but I don’t know. Previous style was very good for that style, this is very good for this style. Personally, and it may just be me, something about his face, it just seems to me, everytime I look at it on this page, I just can’t help but think “snot nosed kid”. But that’s just me, and my opinion matters less then what you think. And whatever else I may think, your art is very good. Still checking in daily and will continue to do so. Good luck with school, and enjoy spring break! Don’t let the stress and anxiety get to you, take my word on that.

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