Page One Hundred Ninety Four: Second Thoughts

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  1. Amarikah

    Aw yes! New page! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    All hail David!

    • Rob

      Great comic! Is it on haiatus or is Underling dead?

  2. Thoth

    And nice to see things continuing. At least he seems to have accepted the relationship, even if he is starting to show a healthy suspicion of motives.

  3. silverblob5

    Can a demon get an exorcism?

  4. Harrow

    Actually it should be think thrice:

    1. Eeeevil anti-Laz thought
    2. needlessly provocative, smart-ass Laz thought
    3. wise, considered Laz thought (unless someone really, really needs to be mocked, then return to number 2)

    • Miri

      Awww, but it’s the 2’s that we READ this comic for!

  5. Mercury

    Nature girl already on the move! Wonder where will see her next…

  6. Miri

    I love your sound effects; have I mentioned that before?

    Also, every time she appears, I like Lilith more and more and more.

    • Aslandus

      To be fair, since her first act in this comic was tricking Laz into hell, it would’ve been hard to make her less likeable…

  7. Morgana

    YAAAAAAY! There’s a new page…. I am happy.

    Also, I wonder how well he’s gonna remember to think twice. Hmmmm…

  8. Kryo

    It’s amazing to see how well your artwork has improved. It’s a shame the fanbase isn’t bigger though, cause they could request more by donating money or something so you would possibly have more time to continue the comic

  9. Anime fan

    Always good to see something new from you, David. I think my spring break fried my brain, I somehow forgot the site that I went to to work on my calculus homework. Not my username and password, the name of the freaking site! I figured it out though.

  10. SSM

    So… any word on the next page?

  11. Onasaki

    Good to see more updates, even if they were short. It’s been a while since I last check around here. πŸ˜›

  12. Lankhmar

    That’s….tbh it’s *always* good advice to think twice.

  13. Scurv Of PCP

    Well, thinking about this some more. I think in general he would need to think twice under the best of situations. So at least he has some practice….even if he is not good at it

  14. KM

    Please tell me there’s more. I just found this, and it’s awesome.

  15. Zat

    The current update schedule is “Sometimes”. Seems to be once every few months. Its like a pleasant surprise whenever it happens πŸ˜€

    • david

      I’ve gone from the Dresden Codak update schedule to the George RR Martin update schedule.

      • Mercury

        More waiting… Sherlock+DW+Supernatural+This! All this is going to murder me! πŸ˜›

      • Sirdudemanguy

        School still kickin your butt and eatin your free time? Or has real life decided to throw a curve ball or hundred your way like it’s wont to do?

  16. Kyle Multop

    I hope there’s one by my birthday lol xP Your doing great btw David.

  17. Mongoose Van Dunkelschreiber

    it been a while but I’m back

  18. Mongoose Van Dunkelschreiber

    um what this comics update scheduled again?

  19. None1

    Not once in 3 months. Such a shame.

  20. Zanazoth

    Well, We’re getting close to 5 months now. As much as I love this comic, it is disappointing.
    No I am not demanding you update. All I ask is at least an explanation. Something to let us know you’re not dead.!
    Give us a yes or no if you’re going to continue it, I have a comic folder dedicated to comics that have finished,or will never be completed.
    And I love my organization.

  21. Aslandus

    Just look at evil Laz, yuckin’ it up back there

  22. thefluffyone

    Welp, sayonara, Underling!
    I have patience for you no more!
    It was a good read while it lasted.

    • Kyle Multop

      Well, he does have a life and education he is getting, which is far more important than a comic and appealing to us. Honestly it is. I’d rather never see this update than David not get the education he is getting.

      • Renadt

        Still, would be nice to hear from him, to let us know what’s up. Even Avencri over at the Katbox did so. We would like to know he’s alive and all.

  23. J_Brisby

    Last updated in April? This strip is dead dead dead. Good luck getting a college education if you can’t even follow through on a webcomic.

    • macson

      Why so angry?

      I truly understand that youΒ΄re sad that this comic died without a comment from its creator but come on.
      You compare education with a hobby? Seriously?
      You would rather skip your classes just to do what you like instead?
      You must have been a hell of a scholar in your times

      Please complain nicely or donΒ΄t comlain at all


      • J_Brisby

        Why so defensive?

        I truly understand that you’re an idiot, but come on.
        The education/hobby comparison is entirely apt. If you can’t follow through on something small, how can you follow through on something big?
        And who appointed you the defender of the cartoonist anyway? Settle down, big boy.

        I’ll complain any way I like until the complaint police cuff me and read me Miranda.

        • Squeak

          macson isn’t being defensive, you’re being rude. macson made a request, which you’re obviously welcome to follow or not. No one is going to force you to not be an ass. Just like you can continue to make trolling posts, macson can continue to request courtesy. No one needs to appoint him anything, and your telling him to “settle down” is equal parts ridiculous and empty.

        • Kyle Multop

          The education/hobby comparison is far from apt. The logic you are applying is as follows:

          Starts personal project. Later starts college. Decides college is pointless. Continues project. Kicked out of college. Continues project. Cannot pay bills. Continues project. Kicked out of apartment. Continues project. Begins starving. Sells laptop because SURVIVING IS MORE IMPORTANT.

          Correct common sense logic:

          Begins project. Begins college. Having difficulty keeping up on both. Decides to prioritize what will allow to get a job and survive in life. Stops project. Does better in college. Graduates. Gets good job. Continues project. Does even better than before, being thoughts on it are refreshed. Finishes project. Starts new one.

          Which one makes more sense now that it has been explained?

    • scurv of pcp

      Study J_Brisby, They are a good example of that narcissistic/psychopathic behavior we all learn to dread in time.

  24. Dark Parable

    Is this ever going to bloody update?!

  25. LP

    I hope you’re not dead or something.

  26. Nukiba

    Take you time you story is worth whiting for .

  27. GlytchMeister

    The following is an exchange between me and David Emerson, which occurred mid-October of 2013:

    (My message to David)
    I’m a fan of your Underling webcomic, and I was just wondering if you plan on working on that project anymore.
    I totally understand if you don’t. I’m not going to try to pressure you into working on something you don’t want to work on. However, I think all of your fans would agree with me in saying that a definitive “yes” or “no” answer would be greatly appreciated.

    (David’s reply)
    Yes. Probably. Someday. Honestly, odds are slim that I’ll be working on it before I get my degree in the spring because school and my social circle are using up all of my free time and creativity right now. Thanks for the interest though.

    (End of exchange)

    …I would recommend we all just give it a rest and check back here after this school year ends. This comic isn’t dead yet, just dormant. It’s entirely possible update frequency will spike sometime around May or June.

    • Anime fan

      Good to know, Glytch. Thanks for the update.

    • Gryphon68

      I agree. with David, I am also getting an accounting degree and graduate this december. The last few semesters are the most time consuming with course work as well as making sure all degree requirements are wrapped up. I have had very little time left over myself.

    • SgtWadeyWilson

      Shiny! Good luck to him.

    • Enkrod

      Bah, social circles are overrated. πŸ˜‰

  28. Lizardman

    Am also considering accounting. Even at the beginning the classes are time consuming. Good luck!

  29. Satan's nicer brother

    It was fun while it lasted and it may return one day. I doubt it. But who knows? Not even the artist, apparently.

    I’m moving this link to webtoons on hiatus. Good luck with your degree, David.

  30. Amarikah

    Hopefully we’ll see more work in May/June, David!

  31. Lizardman

    Since the world is currently such a miserable, messed up place, I decided to do something today.

    I am awesome. And whoever you are, reading this, you are awesome too. Yeah, you are awesome. So go find a mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say “I’m awesome.” Because you are awesome.

    • the vampire

      thanks, but,

      I will pass

  32. Aruan

    Today marks a whole year of no updates. Hopefully we’ll see more of this around the next month or two. I was really enjoying it.

    • SgtWadeyWilson

      A whole year? We should hire a private investigator to help us find the best time to arrange a flash mob at his school to show we care! Or just comment on this page about our hopes for more pages, that works too.

  33. Thoth

    Well, it was fun, and hopefully will continue sometime. I was kind of hoping that there’ would be a new page by now though. Ah well. I shall have to save it all offline in case this domain goes away.

  34. Seren

    I hope you update soon! I love this comic.

  35. Anthony

    I recently reread the whole comic. I got to wondering if you are going to go with Satan and Iblis (the muslem devil) as being the same person or two rivals? Are you going to play the fighting in Nigeria between christians and muslems as a reflection of the fighting between Satan and Iblis in the OtherWorld?

  36. hkmaly

    Sooo … in spring of what year you were supposed to get the degree? I understand if you still don’t have time for this comics, but at least say something …

  37. GlytchMeister

    I sent another note to David just now.. I’ll transcribe the conversation here once he responds.

    • Black Fox

      i am guussing no reply ?

      • GlytchMeister

        Unfortunately, no. I sort of expected one sooner. David replied rather quickly last time. I don’t know what’s going on, but I doubt it’s good for the comic’s continued existence.

        Sorry everyone. I wish I could give you a real answer. At this point, I’m starting to think David at least telling us he’s done with this comic is better than leading us along like this.

        I’ll keep checking my inbox for news, just in case.

        • Black Fox

          AH i think he gave up on this comic

  38. treos

    shame this comic is pretty much dead now, it was pretty good.

  39. Martholomule

    I started reading this when I was in the hospital with my very young twins. I’ll spare you the details but things weren’t great. I had to sleep in a recliner every day and I basically lived there and worked via their wifi and vpn. I started making my way through the archives one night and this comic served as a great and entertaining distraction during a difficult time. I hope everything is going well for you, David, and I hope you come back to us one day.

  40. Zero

    This is probably my first-ever webcomic that I’ve read, and I miss it. It’s great, really! I hope this hasn’t died. Or you haven’t. ;-;

  41. DrAnonymous

    Any news? Please come back, don’t let the comic end in the middle of a scene. You have already invested so much work in it. It has an excellent story and we all want to know how it plays out.

    • Defi

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  42. Kage Neco

    let us vote to see if we will continue it in his absence, on a site hopefully much like this one, but not as good.
    say “laz” for yes, and “devil” for no.

    • Kage Neco


    • Renadt


    • GlytchMeister

      Laz. Come on, David. We’re really hoping you resurrect this comic.

  43. DrAnonymous

    Yeah, the page is back. Thank you, there is still hope.

  44. Scurv

    Its back!!

  45. John

    This is a very fiun comic! I hope it updates soon…

  46. Sufficientlyadvancedmagic

    …well, that was anticlimactic

    another dead comic on the net, running out it’s IP slowly but surely

    • Hyperion

      So very sad…

      • DrAnonymous

        Sometimes they come back even after a long time. While there is a webpage, there is still hope…

        • Hyperion

          All will be well… in time. Still sad.

          • Lizardman

            I still include it in my daily webcomics to check for, just in case

          • DrAnonymous

            Well, roughly once per month in my case.

  47. scurv

    Checking in and hoping

  48. DrAnonymous

    Monthly check

  49. Lady Philyra

    Just to let you know that I check back from time to time. This is an excellent comic and I keep hoping it will resume!

  50. Lizardman

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who still checks in here. Though I should probably take it off my list of ones to check daily. I’m either a creature of intense habit, slightly OCD, or hopelessly optimistic. Possibly all 3. Or are they all possibly the same thing?

    • scurv

      I’m going though this comic right now for artwork for modeling practice. Still a good re-read from time to time.

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