Page One Hundred Ninety Four: Second Thoughts

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  1. Thoth

    Well, I still check back here every once in a while; you never know when something is going to revive.

  2. DrAnonymous

    Am I the only one who can see only one comment on page 194, although there are supposed to be 82? (before mine)

  3. Lizardman

    Yeah, wonder if it rolled over, hit the max or something

  4. JacobMIX

    If you wanna see past comments there’s a “↓ Previous Comments” button at the bottom of the page you can click.

    • Lizardman

      Good eye JacobMIX, didn’t see it hidden down there

  5. DrAnonymous

    Monthly check…

    • scurv


      • DrAnonymous


        • scurv

          double check

          • Thoth

            I only check every few months now. Oh well.

          • DrAnonymous

            triple check

          • scurv

            Quality Check

          • DrAnonymous

            check in

          • DrAnonymous


          • scurv

            Bounced Check

    • Laharl

      Check Please! *leans over to someone* We splitting the bill?

  6. scurv

    I wonder if he has a new project.

    • Lizardman

      Unfortunately there’s no info on the deviantArt, facebook, or twitter that points to another project. Though there was a recent post on twitter and it looks like one of the deviantArt posts was within the last year, so he hasn’t completely disappeared.

      • scurv

        Good to know at least, Last I heard he was in school and that tends to be a time sink.

  7. climbsquickly

    well, that’s my last check. Interesting webcomic while it lasted, but they don’t usually come back after this long. So long.

  8. Brian

    I suspect the author may have left the planet.

    • scurv

      Bummer is, is you might be right.

      • Kat

        Still may check back every couple of months.

        • Hyperion

          {spits out drink} dafuq? Just a few days go the comic was missing!

          • scurv

            Could be good news maybe?

  9. Hyperion

    Well here we are again… it’s always such a pleasure… to read this comic! Any plans for an update?

  10. Kat

    Perhaps this will be the time when we finally get an update! Is it too good to be true?

    • scurv

      I kind of hope so, but I keep thinking it is due to some error like a server rollback or some form of auto pay on a bank software that has this strip back up. Still I’ll check in every few days and hope for the best.

  11. DrAnonymous

    It’s back!!! Now we just need new updates.

  12. Thoth

    Well, what do you know! I thought that it might pop up again on a new site, but I really wasn’t expecting this one to revive.

    Although at this point my next bet would be on some fairly dramatic changes if new comics appear. Leaving it this long could easily indicate that the author doesn’t find the current plotlines compelling enough to demand attention.

    Here’s hoping that new comics appear someday anyway.

    • scurv

      He does good work, I would like to see what he has any other projects.

    • Hyperion

      Well, if he does have any projects, they aren’t on deviantart… and his last twitter update seems to be… July 11, 2015

  13. GlytchMeister

    Well, hopefully he’s still alive, first of all. Completely disappearing from the Internet without even saying goodbye? It’s a bit odd.

    I miss this comic… :(

    • Thoth

      Hopefully he is – and at least we know that he was active for some time after his last update here. That’s something.

    • scurv

      I hope he just gt caught up in that whole job and life thing, shame though I would love to know what he is working on now.

  14. GlytchMeister

    Checking in… No dice. Sadness.

    • Kat

      I wonder if the author fell into the Twilight Zone…

    • scurv

      I do hope they are doing well, I kinda like to think that they found that awesome job that had them sign the contract from hell that has the NDA and No-Competition clauses in it.

  15. JacobMIX

    Good news everyone! Got a response from an e-mail I sent way back. Says he’s sorry for the wait, and he’ll start updating again soon.

    • scurv

      • JacobMIX

        AHAHA! April fools!… I cope with this by joking okay.

        • Kyle

          I hate you oh my god xD

        • Kat

          You have lit the flame of hope only to smother it mercilessly. May Satan spare no mercy on your soul, and let Laz be nowhere nearby to aid you.

        • GlytchMeister

          You sonovabitch. That hurt.

          Good one. You are merciless.

  16. RicRV

    Is this thing coming back online???

  17. Ric

    Is this thing coming back???

    • Kat

      At this point, it looks doubtful. The fact that it’s still here online is promising, but we ma have been abandoned.

  18. Kyle Multop

    I still hold out hope!

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