Page One Hundred Ninety Five: Hit it With A Rock!

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  1. Eagle0600

    Welcome back. I’m sorry to hear you’ve mostly lost interest in this, but I’m glad there’ll be some resolution, at least.

  2. rylen

    Good to see this again. I look forward to seeing how the story ends.

  3. TheFlippinEagles

    Welcome back. Let us know what your other projects are so we can support them as well.

  4. hkmaly

    Only about a hundred pages left? I though we barely started …

  5. scurv

    A suggestion, you could submit the other arc as a text based summary.

    • David

      Yeah, I’m debating either doing that or doing short-story-style strips after the main arc is done. I probably won’t know until I get there.

  6. Demeter's Grrrl

    Welcome back <3

  7. Vspartan501

    Welcome back David! We missed you!

  8. Thoth

    Well, I’m glad to see it heading towards a conclusion! And welcome back!

  9. LadyPhilyra

    I always thought this was such a fascinating comic! I loved the way you played with myth, legend and religion. I loved it so much that I continued to check back from time to time for years. I finally gave up about six months ago. So I was quite surprised and delighted to see mention of your comic’s return in the comments section of another webcomic – as an example of why readers shouldn’t declare a comic dead after a silence of a mere 3 months. Thank you for returning to this story!

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