Page One Hundred Nineteen: Welcome to the Jungle

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  1. Diana Stoneman

    Yesssss~ a jungle… I’m really interested in where this chapter is going. What jungle cultures are going to pop out of this realm? X3

    • eriendil

      More like what jungle critters are gonna pop out……..

  2. Dr. Cynic

    Those eyes look very familiar, don’t they?

    • approvedjunk

      You know I was thinking that same thing. But who know exactly what is in this new place (my guess is only David)

    • marscaleb

      I know what you’re thinking, but as much as I’d love to see Eshita again, those eyes are too big to be her.

      • Disconnected

        Right color and right shape though.

        • grimmasthereaper

          cat eyes

          • Dr. Cynic

            Not to mention Rakshas and their penchant for changing themselves. An illusion to make herself seem bigger and badder than everything else sounds like a mighty good idea in that sort of place. Just a thought.

  3. eriendil

    Getting eaten only happens to you once!

    • Uhl

      Not always, if the thing that ate you eats its own vomit and keeps throwing you up….

      • eriendil

        Ugh! Just lost my appetite Guess demons don’t taste goog!

        • Supertwitfan

          Nor do red haired smart asses. Not goog at all

    • eriendil

      Laz is every bit of that. i’m beginning to think he’s his own worst enemy. Sorry about the “goog” typo

  4. approvedjunk

    Might I say that I called it? Now the only thing that can make the constant faceplanting even funnier is next time he lands on his feet, but some other force (say, someone following him out of a place/portal or external item) then causes him to fall after him celebrating actually landing on his feet.

  5. Thoth

    Terrible luck there. Even if the jungle is full of prey, something like that will need a lot of territory. If he could catch a break, he might not have had to deal with anything like that until he’d had a look around.

    Unless, of course, being constantly chased by things taht want to eat you is a natural law of the realm.

  6. Kestrel

    Referencing cool rock songs doesn’t automatically make you cool as well, mister author 😀 You get a cookie for the faceplant though 😛

  7. Gunsolo

    Heh, called it.

    Cats always land on their feet, and Laz always lands on his face. 🙂

  8. Eis

    Say, wasn’t Eshita going to the jungle before the mangled end of their joint escapade?

  9. Crestlinger

    Yes, yes the faceplanting will continue

    • Supertwitfan

      As we, the fans, predicted it.

  10. Voligne

    Welcome to the jungle! We have fun and games! We got everything you want! We are the people that you find, for everything you need. If you got the money honey we got your disease.

    • eric

      thats a song isnt it hmmm….. ponders

  11. kwah

    those eyes look familier

  12. Ghost

    Them eyes sure look familiar….

  13. CHaoS

    hey laz, RUN TO THE HILLS!!

    jk, Ghost is probably right.

  14. marscaleb

    When whatever is behind Laz is taken care of, I’d love to see one of his aunts throw a rock (which a message tied to it) through a portal and hit Laz in the face. That would be funny.

    • grimmasthereaper

      it would be funnier if a rock with a note atached to it fell on the predaters head and knocked it out

  15. eriendil

    Well, they were planning on ‘quaking a starving village, there aren’t any in the underworld, so that means going in there not just to make sure laz does what Lilly(mom) wants but to have some fun as well.

  16. Anime fan

    ESHITA! -pounce- -hugz- XD

  17. silverblob5

    The size doesn’t mean it’s not Eshita, seeing as she’s an illusionist. Probably making herself look huge to scare off the predators and/or whatever just popped out of a portal.

    • foulfangs

      Maybe she naturaly adapts to each world,growing or shrinking,but still a cat-like creature capable of transformation.

  18. Dusk

    just found the coming and read it all =^.^=

    just wondering how often it update
    looking forward to seeing more

    • David

      Every Tuesday and Friday, 12 am pacific sharp!

  19. oak

    Why would any preditor intentionally make noise before pouncing? My guess is, its guarding a nest/den with babies/cubs.

  20. moon

    damn face plant payes two cokies

  21. Silver Guardian

    How about when it’s god-awful-thirty?

  22. eric

    jus found this comic by browsing other comics and totally love all the characters , good story too

  23. Doktor J


    I’m not sad because of what happened on this page per se, but more because I seem to have finally finished archive-binging, having only discovered so by the utter lack of a “next” button 🙁

    Great comic — bookmarked!

  24. Onasaki

    I just caught up with all of the archives. And my gods, I have to say.. I LOVE this comic! Kudos! Looking forward to seeing later updates!

  25. Puck

    “She’s so wild; so animal
    she’s gonna work that sexy body; so sexual!
    she’s like a female phenomenon –
    She’s a GLAMAZON!
    Female phenomenon~~
    A glamazon-na-na-na!

    All the boys say: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!”

    …. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

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