Page One Hundred Nine: Unmasking

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  1. Savi

    Would make for an interesting plot twist to make the girls the new main characters, and they are sort of adorable. I would miss Laz’s humor though.

    • David

      I don’t think death would keep Laz from making sardonic comments everywhere he goes. He’d probably come back as a ghost just to do it!

  2. Thoth

    Oh I don’t know; what’s wrong with keeping Laz and the Lility to make an entire pack of little demons?

    • Faraway

      All kinds of wrong, pack of demons is. 🙂

      Giggling gaggle of girl demons is that, squared! 😀

      And I SO think Laz is going to be inducted, on general principles! With all that entails.

  3. Depriest

    Heh, the more the merrier.

    • David

      For poor Crowley, it might be, ‘the more the scarier’!

  4. Crestlinger

    Agreed, so long as Laz dies by faceplant. 2nd panel needs the Other M lol

  5. Silvermane

    I don’t want Laz dead, but I do love these girls, hmmmmm….. I’m game ^_^

    But seriously, the lilitu are great already!

  6. Bluecho


  7. SkitZ

    I bet he won’t stand so much as get owned in the face… kinda like gravity, or like a man named “Rusty” beset by a Mexican death lizard.

  8. LP

    To the tune of the Sailor Moon theme:
    Lilitu Purple!
    Lilitu Beige!
    Lilitu Off-blue!
    Lilitu Green!
    Fighting evil by …

    • reynard61

      Um…wouldn’t that be “Fighting *for* evil…”?

      • LP

        Fighting evil by joining?

    • Anime fan

      rofl, that show’s why I started watching anime. ah, just the right age to be molded into an Ohtaku.

  9. Uhl

    Depends, Laz. Would you prefer annoyed, or dead. Seems Mr. Crowley intended to use you as a reagent.

    I don’t wand Laz dead. Perhaps he winds up getting stuck with these Lilitu and they bicker A LOT!

  10. Aruan

    You could make a spin-off comic following the Lilitus and their random antics.

    • Kestrel

      I’dunno. I don’t think I’d like to see a spin-off when this comic only comes out 2 times a week. Just saying, if the man has that kinda time…

      • David

        Once I get out of school and if I can survive without a job somehow, I’m totally down for it.

  11. Draconis Noir

    ….aaaaand PLOT TWIST TO THE FACE!
    Also, apologies for lowering the tone, but it was bound to be said sooner or later;
    Dude! Four scantily clad hot demon chicks (At least, I’m assuming they will be once we see them un-chibi-fied) just saved your life! Most 13 year olds dream of this stuff!

    • David

      Laz really doesn’t seem to have his priorities straight, I guess!

  12. Ravenica

    heck no keep laz

    charlie and his devils lol

  13. approvedjunk

    Ouch, that’s a nice slap to the face. Wait, then what about the birdies that were destroyed in the last battle? Who were those?

    • David

      Actual lost souls! Summoned by the lilitu.

    • JaC

      I see! Some of the bird-things have had the lilitu’s unique colors in their eyes, but the ones that did the actual fighting had all the same gray eyes.

      • David

        Sharp eye!

      • SkitZ

        I applaud you on that one… you too David. Devils and the details?

  14. Senok el Tirun

    Hmmm… Laz, and his harem? The Evil have so much fun… } 😉

  15. Kencyrath

    The AntiChrist has to die and resurrect anyway, right?

  16. Dooomba

    better idea, laz gender swap

    • Dooomba

      wait NVM keep laz as is and me the girls minons.

  17. Seru Valn

    Plan on making them into a wallpaper? That’d be pretty epic. I like the pink and the blue one, personally, but they are all really adorable ^^.

  18. Anime fan

    rofl, Liliths’ lil cousins.

  19. Argentyros

    First off, I certainly think the Lilitu would be worth reading about, but I don’t think I’d be willing to give up Laz for them, lol.

    Second, silly Crowley, if you didn’t summon anything the first time, what makes you think you can actually do anything about the Lilitu now?

    Third, I absolutely love that first panel.

    • David

      Perhaps the poor guy just has delusions of grandeur.

      Also I really loved drawing that first panel! Thanks~

  20. reynard61

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I *like* Lazarus! I love his snarkasm! I don’t mind if you add these little Hellions to the cast, but *puts on Chris Crocker mask* LEAVE LAZZIE ALONE!!!

    • David

      Just leave him alone! He’s just a human being ;__;

      Well, actually, he’s kind of just a demon. But… well, I guess I’m not making a very good case for him, am I?

  21. Marvelous TK

    So, have you given any more thought to the stuffed Lilitu someone brought up last comic? Because now you need to make four different kinds, so that I may buy them post-haste.

    • David

      That is absolutely on my list of things to do! Going to be a busy month for me, but I’ll try.

  22. Kasekine

    Or they can start a band: Laz and the Lilitus! And Crowley could be their gruff manager. I can see it now…Fame, Fortune, Girls….All the things a growing demon needs!

    • David

      Can I go on hiatus for a week or two? For some odd reason I think I need to rewrite the rest of the comic real fast.

      • SkitZ

        But then what will we do… 🙁 Seriously though, what scares me is what triggered your odd reason… Laz would so rock the world…

  23. BakaGrappler


    The Lilitu are Power Rangers! I am now more disturbed than when I first saw the talking pile of burning excrement!

    • David

      Oh man, I wonder if they’ll transform into a giant robot?

  24. Marscaleb

    David: “Okay new plan: Kill off Laz and make these girls the main characters.
    Who’s with me?”

    I could get behind that.

    Well, this certainly explains Lilith’s reaction to Laz being dragged off.

  25. Supertwitfan

    Wow did I miss a lot, the little demons that I wanted to see are now here! YAY! Now lets see some evil lilitu action

  26. Jabberwocky

    Ok, the Mini-tu are just adorable. We must have wallpaper!

  27. Vali

    Those four lilitu are seasonal, aren’t they? Pink spring, green summer, orangy fall and bluish winter?

    • Kalietha

      That…actually makes sense….especially when you factor in markings/outfits….

  28. Iam2awesome

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I like this comic because I identify with Lazarus.

  29. tWiCHY

    i support new plan d(o.o)b

  30. ambuh

    bet you’ve been waiting awhile to draw them

  31. Just Kevin

    Hey! New side comic main characters /found!
    I am surprised that he did not notice that he didn’t even finish the summoning… He must be small time compared even to lilitu.

  32. Kisame

    Alright, let me get it straight, not all billions of sides in this war for getting the Antichrist are actually fighting each other, however, all sides are betraying each other exept the poor stupid little Antichrist, I think you might be a preincarnation of Terry pratchet, or at least someone half as mad as him

  33. mikokit

    Hey, they each have distinct markings and colouring. Does that mean anything?

  34. Marscaleb

    To me, the blue one always looks like a cowgirl in that first frame.

  35. mokon

    i like the pink one with purple hair

  36. =3

    no i dont think you should kill laz i mean death would bring him to the devil and then the world would end !!!! besides i like laz 🙁

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