Page One Hundred Forty: Trailblazing

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  1. Rick

    And now for sometthing completely different. Or at least an unexpected scene shift….

  2. Conventional

    HATE ACCOUNTING HOMEWORK?! That stuff is easy, bro.

    Beelzebub used flamethrower! It was super effective.

    • David

      Memorize format, insert variables, repeat ONE BILLION TIMES.

      • reynard61

        It’s barely instructive!

      • Johannason

        Accountant? Feh. “Numeric relocations engineer”. Third grade math, fifth grade logic. It’s not hard, but the dumbing-down is painful. Oh, and god help you if ONE DIGIT is out of place on a worksheet representing a month or more.

  3. Thoth

    Hm! More metaphysics! So supernatural power can be stored to some extent – or perhaps it’s only power invested by another magical entity that can be exhausted. Satan is supposed to be supporting his minions after all.

    • Draconis Noir

      Or it could be like exercise – the more you use, the more tired you become, but the more you can use it later. And after a battle with Crowleigh and co, I think they all should be, if not tired, certainly less energetic.

    • EveryZig

      Or it could be that that particular place (realm of some forgotten gods) drains their energy.

  4. eriendil

    Oh hell! I was just going to ask you for help on my taxes, too, Dave. Gotta pay property tax on my nest, and I’m not sure if a depreciated rodent tax will fly (bad pun). Maybe a new pinup pic of lilith we can drool over might help you forget? I .still haven’t wiped my chin off off over the last one…

    • David

      Filing taxes is best left to automated software, and not me!

      Although, now that you mention it, I am waaay overdue a new wallpaper and pinup. And I haven’t updated the gallery section in forever. Hmmmm

  5. Draconis Noir

    Accounting homework? Damn, that’s a mix of the two most irritating subjects on earth – law and maths. Good luck with that.

  6. Supertwitfan

    More mesto! Oh all he did was complain again… oh well.

    Oh and accounting homework?


  7. LP

    Replace “obscurity” with “snow” and you’ve got my winter.

  8. Maju

    Love Lilith’s new dress… 🙂

  9. Supertwitfan

    WHERES LILITHS HORNS AT THIRD PANEL??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • David


    • eriendil

      Right under your nose, super “twit”. Or were you staring at somthin’ else? (giggle)

      • David

        Hey, cool yer jets, they were right, I just happen to be a master of speed-fixin’

        • Supertwitfan

          You are rather fast at fixing things. I appluad you in a very serious manner. Unlike my fail grammar.

      • Supertwitfan

        Twit is a bloody legend! Though he isn’t made anymore cause David gots better things to do.

      • eriendil

        Ok, ok, horns are there….guess I did’nt see it without ’em. Ol’ quick draw Dave, here, is awesome!

        • David

          Aw, shucks. I’ve gotten pretty good at fixing mistakes, what with the huge number of them I’m always making.

      • eriendil

        sorry, guys, my bad…

        • Supertwitfan

          It’s okay, with David’s fast action fixes, I would have made the same mistake as well. Just remember an ancient proverb:

          If you only suspect such a thing, do not speak it out unless you have the proof to sway people towards your side.

          • eriendil

            Well said, so true!

  10. Gunsolo

    Panels 2 and 3 look awesome (especially Lilith).
    Well done David!

    • David

      Thanks! I’m really proud of that pose.

  11. Avenger

    Loving Lily’s new dress. Ahh.. Beelz using the good ol’ “If all else fails, use fire” approach.

    • Uhl

      “Fire, why do they always start with fire?”

  12. Draconis Noir

    Hold up, do we have in ‘invisible’ bird god thing sneaking across the path in that last panel?

    • silverblob5

      No, I’m pretty sure he just didn’t get out of the way of the FWOOSH.

      • Johannason

        I think that’s his “AWK! I don’t remember being on the menu as chargrilled” pose. I think he’s less sneaking and more frozen in shock.

        • Open

          that right. But where i live there is this guy who wants to have sex? and he will ask you over and over until you say yes. So i don’t know what to really call him lol. Im only 18 im still a child. somonee can do that for me lol. But then you cannot forget those married guys =)

      • eriendil

        That might be Melech truckin’ thru.. Look close, a walking bird with arms and a biiiiig beak.

        • silverblob5

          I’m pretty sure he’s the ONLY “bird god thing” we’ve seen so far that looks anything like that, so…yeah. Pretty much what we’ve been saying.

  13. mokon

    nice drawing of the flame coming out of his mouth it looks like real fire

  14. approvedjunk

    Kill it with fire? That always seems to be a good thing to do, even though 99% of the time i do not have access to said fire. *sighs*

  15. Anime fan

    I agree with the walking furnace. They’ll save energy by removing the problem quickly.

  16. Miri


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