Page One Hundred Four: Big Mouth

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  1. Kdef

    Our Lady doesn’t seem nearly as displeased as her compatriots. And Laz only looks mildly concerned about his predicament. That being said, he did just get a temporary “get out of visiting demon dad” card, so he’s probably relieved if anything.

    • Faraway

      Oh, Laz is probably trying to evaluate how much trouble he’s in, compared to being thoroughly chastised by Demon Dad. And Lilith is kinda bemused here.

      • Aslandus

        Plus, Laz gets to hang out with his good buddy Crowley. Things went so well last time, fun is surely ahead now too.

  2. Uhl

    So he DIDN’T run after all. He was just grabbed off of the “giant peacock” sun god.

  3. Umm...

    Just go with it, Laz. Screw the demons; you might find that cat chick later.

    • David

      Mmmmmaybe :3

      • Anime fan

        There is no maybe.

        • Supertwitfan

          Well I would be surprised if she ends up in this same place, this is what happens when you get hacked, you never go to the universes you want anymore.

          <—– obviously still laughs about universe not found joke.

  4. Marscaleb

    Laz looks somewhat indifferent about the situation, with a slice of being surprised and caught up in the excitement.
    I suspect that he likely doesn’t really care either way, since he doesn’t know what’s really going on and has no reason to trust either party.

    Personally, if I were in that situation, since I’ve got no reason to believe that either party would be better, I would just stick with the one with the hot chick. But since Laz is like thirteen, I suspect that’s not a strong enough motivation for him to put his life on the line.

    • pseudoname

      do you not remember being 13 male?
      lilith’s at the drop of a corset joke might actually have worked if she’d tried it lol

  5. Mike

    what’s with Laz’s expression in the last panel

  6. Anime fan

    He’s unexpectedly calm considering he was almost eaten a few seconds ago.

  7. SkitZ

    Master of the occult or not, This Crowley Jr. is waaay too powerful to not have something BIG backing him…

    • pseudoname

      forgotten gods/spirits/rituals etc. probably no shortage of things he could find to work for/with him(even if its the other way around as far as they’re concerned) if hes willing to remember them for it(those crows seemed to not exist until he showed up and brought em back)…… even lilith’s summon spell was considered old magic and a lot of these demons are apparently noobs on the mythological scale.
      on top of that his whole crazy delusional thing in the world shaped by belief

  8. Supertwitfan

    Laz kinda has a “Oh shit, where you come from?!” face. Like when someone walks right around the corner in the middle of the night, or when it’s dead silent and your sister says something right behind you.

  9. Argentyros

    Oh come on, don’t any of you remember the dream sequence? Lilith told him “don’t run, just let what’s about to happen, happen.”

    So Laz is letting things go like she asked, and obviously she knew it was coming.

    • pseudoname

      called this place home, probably knew about those things. and if you can see as much from there as she said should have seen crowley coming

  10. Draconis Noir

    Is it just me, or does Laz look a little…high, in this strip? Maybe it’s just the fact that, now that he isn’t just reacting to the situation as it unfolds, he is looking at everything with a detached sort of interest. But at least he still has a sense of preservation. I know people who would have gone ‘ Ooooh! Nice giant Demon-y T-Rex thingy! :)’.
    And I agree with SkitZ. There is no way a newbie to the spiritual realm would be able to amass enough power on his own to thrash some of the most powerful minions the Prince of Darkness has at his disposal… Even if his main lieutenant isn’t really trying.

  11. Miri

    ….You completely misspealled “Adrammelech” if I’ve been reading the rest of the comic right. I’m really surprised no one caught that.

  12. Adaeze

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