Chapter 7: Dungeon Crawl

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  1. Velociraptorblade

    For ONC, he’s not running away from something. Also, why is Link in this comic?

    Also? FIRST

    • eriendil

      Good for you. A better question is : who cares?

    • CHaoS

      that worlds ppl are deeply influenced by men. some ppl worship legend of zelda….

      • Velociraptorblade

        So, does that mean there’s a Bieber god out there? ‘Cause that creeps me out 10 times more than the thought of the apocalypse…….

        • Cain

          Don’t even say it! the stray fan will see and you sir, will have started a cult.
          unless it’s already out there.

          • BWRThorn

            There already is a cult. I know a few of the members.

          • Velociraptorblade

            *Does Trolls 2 impression* OH MAH GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!

        • eriendil


        • CHaoS

          link is a fictional character and bieber is not. but since her fans thinks shes a boy there is the possibility of a boy version of bieber to be in that world. oh fuck.

          and i never said hes Link, he might only be affected by link. but who am i to say that? never played legend of zelda games…

  2. approvedjunk

    Go Generic Elf Man! I will cheer for you no matter what David puts you through or how ever long you last! (I’m hoping for a long time than just this page)

  3. Zal

    I’m guessing that Laz isn’t going to get along with the guy with the pointy ears…

    • David

      I think Laz getting along with *anybody* at this point would be a major plot twist.

      • volfen7

        well, he did kind of get along with Quetzalcoatl until he kinda turned into a book

        • CHaoS

          every plot has its twists.

  4. Dr. Cynic

    Hmm, book in lap, obvious adventuring party reference, warrior and rogue shown…. Is Laz gonna learn magic this chapter?

    • immortalswat14

      Well he already could make fire

    • Miri

      Oh god.

      Totally right!

      Except GEM appears to be more of a ranger in this one…

  5. eriendil

    Back to school, Laz…..

  6. Freakke The Clown

    Your not a 4e player are you? Rakhshasa, Elf, Tiefling. SCORN AND DESPISE FOR THE UNHOLY ONE! Nah, I’m just kidding, although I do truly have a low opinion of the game aspects, its kind of cool seeing those races and classes playable

    As for the comic, well, so far so good. Looking forward to seeing where everything is currently going

    • Miri

      Well, technically, they were playable in D&D before 4E because of the ability to customize the rules. I know someone whose original, THAC0-based AD&D variant has over forty playable races. Then again, hisvariant has four four-inch binders for the character tables and GM rules alone, not to mention the six or so that he keeps his custom monsters in….

      • David

        Yeah, I prefer 3rd edition over 4th due to the customization and multiclassing system.

        I just do homebrew rules for grappling and sometimes spellcasting and spell hit and stuff because combat can get tedious in 3.5…

        • Miri

          I’ve played a few variants, but I’ve only played 4E once. I had a pretty good time, and I liked the simplification of the battle system, but we were using premades at a con game, so I don’t know anything aobut the character creation. The people I play with are old D&D people so most of the variants I’ve tried are combinations between 2nd and 3rd edition.

  7. Crestlinger

    Laz to Elf: ‘you roll a 15 on your aim check’

    • Miri



  8. Kevin

    Now just add a giant floating wolf man and we are good 🙂

    • eriendil


  9. AlishaShatogi

    …David dude?

    Just noticed on this one, but your copyright date…

    …it’s 2011, man. 2010’s been over for a while. Shouldn’t it say “2009-2011”? 😛

    Eager to see further shenanigans!

    • Solario the Visored

      I think the dates indicate that this page was done in 2010. When the pages start saying “2009-2011”, we’ll know they were done in 2011.

    • eriendil

      Jeez, guys…. picky picky. Who the hell cares when the pages were made? Dunno about you, but I’M here to enjoy a great story with exceptional artwork, and you fling daggers at David over a mere date. If I were him, I’d protect my work, too. Can you produce a work better than his? Doubt it…..

      • AlishaShatogi

        … Since when am I flinging daggers?… o_O; Reactive, much?

        I myself have gone “HERP DERP” over putting an incorrect copyright date on something, I know that on a couple other comics I follow the artists have done similar things… It’s an easy mistake to make.

        I admire the quality of David’s story and art.

        It’s you flinging daggers at me for trying to be helpful. I was not being critical. I was not in any way insinuating I was better than him.

        Since when is pointing out an incorrect copyright date flinging daggers?

        • eriendil

          You obviously dont understand what it takes to put a large webcomic together. If you meant to be helpful, ok, send him an e-mail so the whole world doesn’t need to see petty, yes, petty complaints. Like I said, if you have to pull a fine tooth comb thru something that doesnt need gromming, than your only purpose is to search for fault. Neither of us knows when he renders the pages, exactly when the story was concieved and written, so what does it matter when he presents it, which is MY point…..

          • subscript

            Um, Eri, you are being a tad over-protective. There is a BIG difference between “complaining” and making a helpful comment. Matters of copyright can be very important, so if it is a mistake it needs to be pointed out – it’s not for the sake of tearing down someone else’s work but out of concern. No one is judging the author over this. Lambasting Alisha like that makes absolutely no sense. If you want to see an example of people nit-picking over a webcomic, go check out the comments on VGCats.

            That said, @Alisha: the comic was probably done well in advance and we’re still seeing the backlog from 2010. A lot of industrious artists will keep about a month or two worth of backlogged comics in case of an emergency or if they go on vacation.

          • eriendil

            Thank you for the comments and viewpoint , @subscript. My own expression of opinion WAS a bit firery, seeing as @alicia stated it was meant to be helpful. For the sake of harmony among us I will retract my angry remarks and state instead that my considered opinion that constructive and helpful comments of a critical nature should be handled with tact. I manage a web graphics studio myself, and I personally feel that criticizing or even suggesting change to someone in front of a crowd is often devastating to that person. I handle it off to the side or behind closed doors, it’s simply good management.

            I personally would have sent Dave an e-mail heads up to help out, but if he wasn’t offended by the public, remark, i’ll pipe down and let it go, guys. Sincere thaks .

        • David

          Thanks for pointing that out! And sorry for dropping off the radar for a week. I’ll explain further in tomorrow’s newspost.

          Eriendil, while I appreciate your concern and enthusiasm in supporting my comic, I didn’t really perceive anything dagger-shaped in these posts. If something rubs me the wrong way, I’ll be quick to say something – after all, I run the site and have editing and mod privileges with which to do all kinds of nasty things to people I don’t like.

          I mean, not that I would.


          At any rate, your defense of me is heartwarming, but a bit exaggerated and over-reaching. I try to get through all of my comments when I can, and if someone is being hostile I’ll deal with them personally.

  10. Chaos

    Please, please give the elf a green cap. It would be too funny for words… and so would the look on Laz’s face upon seeing said cap on the elf.

    Dooooooo Eeeeeeeet!

    • CHaoS

      so im not the only one with chaos as a nick name?

      • Chaos

        Actually, we’re quite common in the gaming community….
        you don’t wanna know how many characters i have to name khaos or khaosh or some other manner of BS. Chaos is never, ever available…. except for the first week of a game.

        • volfen7

          thats why i use something obscure…like volfen7 or ragnarokk77…it works too…in most games, at least online mmorpg’s, it involves killing monsters and stuff, and ragnarokk iz the norse mythologies doomsday

        • CHaoS


  11. Solario the Visored

    The elf doesn’t need a green cap or anything. Just as long as he gets overexcited about finding any given object lying around and holds it overhead triumphantly, I’ll be content. 🙂

    • David

      Da na na naaaaaa

      • Sensenmensch

        oh yes please.
        and if he were mute it would be awesome. (though I don’t know what you have planned for him, of course…)

    • LP

      You mean you don’t do this in real life?

      • mokon

        i wish

        • mokon

          it be awesome as if all that was real

    • approvedjunk

      The only thing missing is an annoy fairy that will follow him around. HEY LISTEN!!

  12. Miri


    But this is going to be HILARIOUS XD

    ……………all of a sudden, I think Underling would make a pretty cool campaign world, except for the one-main-character-single-center-story-focus thing. Darn.

  13. Dr. Cynic

    Something else I’ve noticed: There are a lot of pointed ears in this comic. Seriously, it’s a regular spock convention. Though honestly I’d love to have pointed ears myself. And a tail.

    Damnit, Laz has all the luck…

    (Notice I didn’t say good luck.)

    • eraserpaste

      I’m right there with you about the ears and tail. 🙂

      • volfen7

        and the luck

        • mokon

          my tail would be like a lemurs

  14. DharSii

    You know… this is only the second time in the entire webcomic that we see Eshita’s feet. I think that every other character has had at least three foot cameos (except for this new elf). Poor Eshita needs some foot love.

    • Sonu

      It just seems so vapid and shallow to worry or pay attontien to these things. I would be depressed if I focused my energy on matters that in the end contribute nothing to the world, or even to my own personal growth. I always say exactly what I mean. I don’t have time for people who don’t.

  15. Anime fan

    Where’d we pick up the elf?

    • SSM

      The answer is “not yet”. Also, this party needs a cleric =P

      • silverblob5

        Maybe Laz can be a cleric? Of himself?

        • eriendil

          Holy Horns!!! That would be interesting, wonder who/what his followers he needs would be…

        • FrostDeman

          I personally think Laz would more likely be a rouge or a bard than a cleric. More rouge than bard though.

          • silverblob5

            You think Laz should be a cosmetic used to redden the cheeks?

          • eriendil

            Heeheehee, maybe lipstick, too…

      • Anime fan

        This got out of hand quickly. lol

        • eriendil

          Hehe…we haven’t even started on purfume yet!

  16. volfen7

    i doubt bard…he would make a good bard except he haz no charisma, and even less musical talent…
    (or at least that iz what i assume)

    • Miri

      Bards don’t have to have musical talent. As long as they’re good at making long-winded speeches, they can take “oratory” as their perform skill, and they buff the party just fine – and Laz has to have charisma, or most of these people wouldn’t have put up with him this long.

      And there’s nothing Laz likes better than a good, long-winded rant.

      Then again, if he were a cleric of himself, that would work out great, too, because if there’s anything Laz likes better than ranting, it’s singing his own praises 😀

  17. volfen7

    btw…how do we get an avatar…i went to the website, made an account, got my pic, and posted something to test it out, but it didn’t work

    • Miri

      You have to select the pic you want to use, even if there’s only one pic.

  18. The Flame Lord Kay

    You have to make sure the username is spelled exactly the same and you use the same email.

    This randomly reminds me of Negima with the miyazaki girl’s notebook.

    • Miri

      Your username doesn’t have to be the same – you just have to use the same email address.

  19. otomo

    Dig the title.

  20. mokon

    awesome i hope that’s link i love legend of Zelda and i think that the impossible has happened
    LAZ IS READING!!!!!!

  21. Marscaleb

    Everyone looks really bored on this cover.
    Maybe it’s because they’ve been holding the same pose all week long.

    • David

      Somebody’s been taking day classes at the Lazarus Institute of Snarky Comments, I see.

  22. Khaos

    Ah yes, the Generic Elf-man. AKA Link. BTW, how often is this updated?


  23. Khaos

    Never mind. I just figured it out.


  24. Kevin

    Coke ™. I finally re-found this website. Its all thanks to Coke ™. Had to buy a new comp because I coincidently blew up the last one. No more Mac OS for me lol. Linux or broken windows for me.

  25. Pitch

    Is there a mobile version of this comic available? I’d like to re-read it again on my phone while I’m doing other things.

    • Kevin

      if you have a smart phone you can read it.

  26. Supertwitfan

    Laz used the LFD system but his tank and healer seems to have left. Oh the classic dungeon crawl

  27. eriendil

    Gee, I hope Underling didn’t die out, we miss ya, Dave. Hope all is well.

    • David

      Thanks! And sorry for disappearing. I took a week to do some soul-searching, and to wander the Earth like Cain from Kung Fu. Expect an update by midnight pacific time, accompanied by a long-winded news post.

      • Kevin

        Cryptic metaphor…

  28. Bleh

    OMFG it’s link!!!

  29. zebbythezombie

    i think laz would most likely be a sorceror. i can just see his mix of races giving some wicked inherent magical abilities, and i dont really picture him having the patience to learn magic the hard way.

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