Page One Hundred Forty Six: A Productive Exchange

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  1. Azrael

    146 was the page before april first… this should be 147.

    • DharSii

      Actually, the last page should have been one hundred forty five. This one’s number is correct. And the manga page has some crazy number like one hundred forty eight

      • Obiani


      • holden

        no this should be 147 becase the page be for the manga should have been 145 ,the manga 146, so this one 147

      • eriendil

        Well, speaking gently, I’m sure Dave will get around to fixing a very minor point when he has time, or feels inclined to. As for me , I don’t lett a tiny thing keep me from enjoying the story and the artwork (speaking for myself).

  2. holden

    You know your page before the aprill fools joke was also 146 so shoud this one be 148 and the manga be 147

  3. holden

    yeh David your page # have gone realy off wak perhaps a re coun is in oder

  4. Timber Wolf

    I foresee an ass kicking. Not sure who’s.

  5. approvedjunk

    You know gem, it’s kinda hard to follow you with A FREAKING BRICK WALL in between you and them.

  6. Ogre

    Darn! How did he know they could pass through walls??? Because obviously the wall to the face technique was merely a formality in alerting someone to NOT follow…

  7. Silver Guardian

    I did not see the April Fool’s gag; should I be relieved? lol

    • holden

      yes because he was very convincing and it may my heart skip

      • Silver Guardian

        Okay, now I’m doubly curious as to what the gag was.

  8. AzzyRael

    I get the feeling Laz should be hanging onto his tail…

  9. eriendil

    your new style is great! It has a more in depth 3D look , can’t wait to see what Lilith looks like now.

  10. volfen7

    wow…gem is darker and moodier than he seemed when we first saw him…he also looks older…a LOT older…

  11. volfen7

    i think

  12. volfen7

    srry about that…i used the wrong email

  13. otomo

    Oh man. I should have KNOWN better than to go on the internet on April 1st. You got me, Dave. I can’t believe I fell for it.

  14. mokon

    i like the elf dudes personality

  15. holden

    hey its been over a week sence this page whent up?

  16. Ogre


    Probably, but give it time. A quality comic takes time, regardless of how badly we all want to see what’s next. Plus, Real Life (Curses upon you, Reality!) intervenes a lot and keeps good artists from fulfilling the wishes of us starving fans… just think of it this way;

    The next update is going to be appreciated that much more when it IS done! Plus, we were warned the artist would be taking his time to ensure for quality purposes.

    • eriendil

      Your’e right! Given the fact that the artist is sharing his talent and work with us FOR FREE doesn’t mean some of his fans can legitimately think they own him, and therefore obligated in any way. Putting out a quality product is a source of professional pride, as well as keeping the nit-pickers at bay.

  17. holden

    I was just wondering if somthing was up since he hasnt mist an update before and now he’s mist two so I was concerned and a little curiouse

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