Page One Hundred Forty Seven: The Right Snark for the Job

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  1. Dekker

    Link would totally belong to the “puzzle-solving Door-opening caste”

    • David

      He fits into the reincarnation bit pretty well too!

      • Miri

        He does! Except methinks he’s more of the blowing-things-up-and-mouthing-off caste.

        • Miri

          Gack! Somehow, I thought that said Laz, not Link -_-;;;;

          • David

            Well, Link is pretty great at property damage too. And who knows, maybe ‘Hah! Hyah! HYAAAAAAH!’ means something snarky in Hylian.

  2. Marvelous TK

    Clearly, he’s played many point-and-click and/or action adventure games and the like. And Mom said there was nothing to be gained from those!

    • David

      I wonder if he’ll be using a rubber chicken on a clothesline during the adventure.

      • DeeKay

        Rubber Chicken with a Pulley in the Middle. Get it right D:

  3. PSA

    Just noticed that Laz’s hair seemed to have grown on us. lol.

    And the people said that video games were evil

  4. Uhl

    Yes, he does clearly play video games, of all kinds. He was even playing one during his “vision” where he heard “foster-mom” worried about him.

  5. eriendil

    It looks like an unholy alliance is forming. Even though they snarl at each other, and Laz gets a well deserved face plant every now and then, they can’t seem to avoid helping each other. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll find in there.

    • David

      Laz and Eshi do make a pretty great unlikely duo.

  6. Crestlinger

    As to what’s behind the door, one rapidly retreating elf and an ominous ‘hsssssss’ advancing

  7. Obiani

    So… If Laz wants to stop Satan, and demons are a part of Satan pretty much, then won’t stopping Satan take out at least half of Laz?

    • David

      An interesting proposition. Mortality in this world, especially for the gods and goddesses, seems to be a little ill-defined.

      • Obiani

        From what I understand, he would eithre die or turn into some form of male lilitu. >.<

        • Obiani

          Correction, it would be a possiblility for him to turn into a female lilitu since the Y gene would have had to have come from Satan also.

    • Miri

      Actually, Laz is a demon completely, but not all demons are part of Satan. Deending on which demons, and how you define demons and devils,s ome were created from him, yes, but others are creations of nature infected with Satan’s evil, some are angels fallen with him, and, according to this, many are simply creatures from older religion taken over by force.

      Satan’s simply Laz’s dad. And if there’s EVER a precedented thing in ancient mythos, it’s patricide.

      Often enough machinated by the mother. In fact, we could go even further and say that this is actually very classically like the Greek mythos, where Lilith, being an earth spirit (which Lilitu are from my understanding, albeit carnivorous ones) represents Gaia, who was so enraged at Uranus (the sky) that she had Cronos, their oldest son, kill him.

      Yay, Latin class FTW.

      • Obiani

        So thats Latin for you dont know?

        • Miri

          Latin class = where I learned all my mythology 😀

          So it’s English for your logic has holes. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but it’s got holes.

          • Jason

            Greek!!!! GREEK!!!! This is a myth!

            I’ll concede that the Romans did adopt Greek culture and integrate it into their own, and this myth was one of them…
            BUT, in that case, you’re using the wrong names…!

            Uranus is Greek. Caelus is Roman equivalent…Gaia is Tellus, Cronus is Saturn… and so on…

            I hope your prediction about this comic being similar to classical myths is wrong though… while it would be very satisfactory in the “ah-ha, I knew what was coming” sort of way, it would make story itself kind of bleh.

  8. Hyratel

    clearly, he just took a level in Badass and two in SelfConfidence, and his hair is reflecting that
    also, I sense that the Caste references are going to become a running dig

    • David

      Either a level in badass or a month or two away from the barber. Or both!

      I ruffled Eshi’s hair a bit, too, and she’s wearing her dress differently lately, too. I try to mess around with the wardrobe whenever I can.

  9. Anime fan

    Caste systems may have been limited. but they did keep a certain amount of certainty to ones life way back when.

    • David

      I guess it’s not as bad as feudalism.

      I’m not sure anything’s as bad as feudalism!

  10. Dr. Cynic

    You know, I always figured a demon or devil’s tail would be thicker at the base, and slim down towards the tip, and not be the stereotypical thin cord attached above the rear. I am by no means ripping on your comic or anything, I’m just saying if I was drawing this the tail would be thicker and slim down to whatever type of point.

    I regret nothiiiing! :U

    • Lin

      but you’re describing a dragon’s tail more so than a demon’s tail. I should know I often draw dragons.

  11. Goldenkitten

    Not sure why but Esh’s eyes in panel 4 are really awesome in their expressiveness to me. Also is it just me or has she looked much younger since her reappearance than she did when she first showed up?

  12. Tarmagon

    Hm. Careful there Laz. While I’m happy to see a certain level of confidence and attitude coming out, don’t let it get out of control. Remember who/what you’ve got locked up inside yourself.

  13. Ogre

    Yay! New update! :3

    It took me a moment to really notice where that stick had come from… yay for my RPG skills! Obvious Laz and I have played enough Legend of Zelda/Metroid/Final Fantasy/Tomb Raider to know what to look for…

    • Miri

      Not to mention survival horror. *shudder*

  14. Miri


    I learned all of this in Latin class, but I’m NOT using the Latin names BECAUSE I’m reciting the Greek versions, which are what we learned. Just because it is Latin class, DOES NOT MEAN we did the Roman versions.


    Because “Classic GREEK mythos” clearly means “Roman”.

    • Miri

      I was also comparing plot points thus far and refuting an earlier statement, rather than predicting the direction of the comic. Please read posts completely if you’re going to complain about minute details? Thanks.

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