Page One Hundred Forty Nine: Elf Abuse

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  1. Marvelous TK

    … Huh. Bow and spear. Seems kind of an odd combo. But hey I think spears are awesome yet totally under-represented medieval weapons so I’ll let it slide.

    On another note, despite what Laz says, is he the absolute only one who actually cares about the treasure proper? Man those other guys suck at looting ancient ruins. Once again it’s up to Laz to show them the way.

    • David

      Perhaps they’re after things other than piles of gold?

      For once I think Laz actually is the only one with his head in the right place here.

    • LP

      The bow and spear are both pretty solidly hunting tools. Not that odd of a combination.

  2. VelociraptorBlade

    Aaaaand once again, Lazarus shows how little he implements that supposedly high IQ of his. Seriously, who yells “Score” out loud in unexplored territory? BESIDES LAZ?

    • Marvelous TK

      I would. Definitely.

  3. banjo2E

    Suuuuuuuuuure you don’t, Link.

    • David

      Perhaps he’s in here looking for the master sword!

  4. Uhl

    Um, Eshita’s the one with the sword! If the elf HAD a sword, he’d probably use it to defend himself against Eshita’s sword, as opposed to a flimsy piece of wood that Eshita’s already shown she can break.

    • EveryZig

      Yes, spears are for a slightly longer distance than swords. I see a sword (or maybe sword shaped hole) in the top left, but that might just be a different sword.

      • Miri

        Oh, no, I think that’s where the sword they’re talking about WAS. Probably some kind of magical artifact sword sacred to Eshi’s tribe.

    • David

      Well, bows tend to be flimsy by design. You’d be surprised by just how hard it is to chop through a solid shaft of hardwood.

      Also, spears are fairly useful against horses and for forming defensive positions but lousy in a sword fight. This elf must be pretty confident in his abilities with it to not have a backup…

      • Thoth

        Well,, at least you can choke up on a spear and use it as a staff – which isn’t all that bad against a sword in single combat, even if it isn’t nearly as good as I’ve seen some people claim.

        Ah well. It’s when you get your choices on everything that you know you”re walking into a trap.

        • Mimosa

          Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thknaful for your help.

          • Dhiumara

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      • KaosDucky

        Well it is certainly useless against a sword when used like that. I’ve personally played with one. What neither of you realize is that the spear, not the sword, was the staple of midevil combat. A spear is best used with two hands, swinging arcs that incorporate both the tip and the haft, and a style that utilizes the reach that it has.

        Also the hiltgaurd on her blade is backwards, the guard is supposed to face with the blade, not against it

        • Ouija XIII

          Spears are mostly used in large armies, essentially creating a field of spikes that thwart horsemen’s attempts to just ride over the foot soldiers. One-on-one combat, it will keep the attacker with a sword from reach, but depending on the training and weight, the faults are the recovery after a committed swing or thrust, the closer the sword-wielding opponent is to the defender, the less the spear is effective. At that point it would be good to either parry with the end for distance and use the blunt end until you find enough room to switch the spear tip back around, or incorporate dirty finding in close quarters.

          This is Melee 101 dismissed.

          • KaosDucky

            History 101
            Spears were common for 3 reasons; one was that they were easy to make. A spear could be mandate in a couple of hours instead of weeks (before the y started casting them) second was that it had reach and that it could take down a horse or other large animal. Third was that it was so damn useful and it required little training to be used in armies. Much like crossbows.
            How you think spears are used is what an infantryman uses on the battlefield when he has no room to properly swing it. One on one fighting that is not how it is properly used.
            For one on one, it would be used more like a quarterstaf with the tip being used more for slashing than piercing
            Secondly the sword you are thinking of is a precision weapon, what I see in the panels above is akin to a machete, They were not a precision weapon and were most commonly used for hacking and slashing, there us little piercing edge on them. That being said they can be used to cut down trees.
            Finally you have the human aspect, it doesn’t matter what you use in combat it’s HOW you use it. The better fighter will usually win.

          • David

            An acute summary! Also I fixed the double post :p

          • CHaoS

            to Kaos Ducky
            THEN the japanese and chinese guys went with martial arts and screwd up all that you just said with kung fu related stuff.

          • KaosDucky

            As I said, it’s how you use it. If you want to argue particulat fighting styles, fine by me. But I haven’t seen anything that shows one particular fighting style that they are using.
            And still Kung Fu still relies on skill and time spent training. The better fighter will still usually win.
            Unless he/she trips, fumbles, drops his/her weapon, etc…

      • Zat

        Mabye its just me, but what hes holding looks a bit short for a spear. Perhaps it’s a shorter version better suited to close combat? (like a staff with a pointy end)

  5. Anime fan

    Did he just call her a furry goblin. This will end poorly.

    • David

      Oh, it’ll only end poorly for him!

    • Thoth

      Well, if you count the heaps of treasure as being worth anything much in this context, perhaps it will end richly for all survivors?

  6. Fluffyone

    Did no one notice the sword silhouette on the top left hand corner of the first panel?
    This fight could have been easily avoided if people were more observant.

  7. Miri


    Oh well, now he just needs to get an upgrade through some ridiculoausly long but important side quest.

  8. BakaGrappler

    Aaaaaand Laz is going to be the one to say, “HEY! What did you come here for? Something completely different? Then we have mutually acceptable goals. That means you don’t need to kill each other, idiots!”

    You know the situation is bad when Laz is the voice of reason.

    And a spear with a telescopic shaft. Nice. You can pull all kinds of weird moves with something like that. Like collapsing it and then performing a thrust so it shoots out to full length right towards the enemy’s eye. And the wu-shu school of martial arts has some killer spear moves, so maybe Link has a few roots in the far east…?

  9. Denizen-Of-Blue

    Am I the only one who thought of Portal 2 with Eshita’s second line?

    • approvedjunk

      Nope. That went through my head too. She now has GLaDOS’s voice to me.

    • mokon

      i didnt even think of that

  10. Crestlinger

    She’s likely refering to the stone with the cavity in it in the top-left of the first panel. Looks like a scimitar, hopefully not Persia-themed lol

  11. approvedjunk

    Yeah…there’s not much a bow can do while blocking a sword other than break g.e.m..Though I’m still rooting for you!!

  12. approvedjunk

    Plus I like the vote incentive. I don’t think they meant for those to be used that way. That’s definitely a wrong place wrong time situation.

  13. silverblob5

    I can’t help but wonder if perhaps….the sword in question belonged to a hero defeated by a single, simple lie.

    • GargoyleZoo1

      nope, sry, that hero was infact defeated by a SERIES of simple lies.

      close but no big money

  14. mokon

    in all the webcomics ive read (and thats alot) and all the movies ive seen (thats alot) barely anyone is interested in the treasure its always something else

    • SkitZ

      That’s because the 5 tons of Au carelessly scattered about is cursed and there for dramatic effect… and most importantly HARD to walk off with. Plus you can’t mount a pile of cursed treasure over your mantelpiece like you could a holy hand grenade or +5 “Stabbity Bilbo.”

      • silverblob5

        The old “exploding coins” trick, is it?

  15. Ebahn

    Um, is the pommel on her sword backwards for a reason?

    • David
      • CHaoS

        you should do a double fuu, cause it is backwards on the 6th and 7th pannels

    • Sanju

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  16. Miri

    David, somehow all the dialogue disappeared from this page?

    • David

      What the heck? I fixed it. Thanks 0_o

      Well at least the comic was understandable without the text xD

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