Page One Hundred Forty Four: Hole in the Wall

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  1. Kevin

    Enter Elf 🙂

  2. Kevin

    Oh and here is a question. Would you say the pyramid style is more Ziggurat or more Middle Eastern in style. I noticed there is a sort of “desert folk” theme going on. As long as we don’t have fountains of blood and sacrifices ( Ziggurat ) or the Iranian / Brazilian Temple style, which is oddly similar to the Iranian Chogha Zanbil in Khūzestān.

  3. Nat

    I’ll be looking forward to Fridays then. I got hooked with this story as soon as I found it, I enjoy both the art and the plot. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Books83

    Don’t take a Valve aproach I’m still waiting for Half life 2: episode 3. If we get lucky they might release it before 2020 gets here. Lets hope they drop some hints that they are at least considering releasing it this decade in Portal 2

  5. Draconis Noir

    Fair ‘Nuff. After all, no point on trying to produce an enjoyable webcomic if you hate the thing – which you would’ve if you kept on like that. Now I look forward to my Fridays.

  6. Cece

    Once a week is fine with us. I’m new to webcomics, and I’m still gobsmacked by how much talent there is out there, and that you all are willing to share your work with us for free.

    So go with the updates on Friday plan. All the best webcomics are doing it. =)

  7. eriendil

    All of us that read and enjoy Underling support you, Dave. Like any good artist, you need to progress and evolve. The people I work with think this webcomic is awesome, and often study your art technique, particularly your 3-D and background shading. Keep up the great work you do within your own schedule, don’t let it burn you out, ok? (By the way, Quetzacoatyl is our studio mascot, now, hehe…)

  8. Uhl

    “Slow” is better than “stop,” I say. Now I’m curious as to what horrors poor Laz will be thrown (perhaps literally) into. Eshita’s done it before.

  9. approvedjunk

    Like I’ve said before, we are understanding and that definitely shows. Do what you need to do, all I ask is to not drop the project in the middle. And trust me, your ‘sub-par’ is better than what I could ever wish to do.

  10. SkitZ

    Wait a second… don’t Rakshasa have two left hands? Why is she so good at knots!

  11. silverblob5

    Can definitely see the change in quality, and I’m generally in favor of taking the time to get something right instead of rushing out the half-baked version, personally. It’s your comic, though, do what works for you; we’ll be happy either way.

    …..Also, I’m suspicious about that bird. Maybe it’s just me being paranoid, but it looks like it’s trying to listen in on them.

    • Kevin

      No matter where you are, or where you go, there is always a bird watching…

      • CHaoS

        its going to become a dragon and atack them both
        (well, since a giant snake god became a small book, it shouldnt be inpossible for a small bird to become a giant creature of destruction)

        • Kevin

          Good point on the bird though silver. Maybe its with that washed up, bent beak, sun god.

  12. mokon

    this web comic is awesome so as long as you keep drawing it ill keep reading it

  13. gamerjosher

    Friday updates aint that bad better then no updates right? Awesome comic keep it goin

  14. twichyfan

    Why would we not bare with you? Your art and story are great and only improving with time, I can honestly (and from experience) say that with Underling quality work I would check daily if you took the approach of update whenever i have the time.
    That being said looking forward to you making my weekends more awesome and the new story arc.

  15. otomo

    Definitely the best way to go Dave. Don’t get burnt out, your comic is wonderful. I really love the color work on this page with the different lighting

  16. Kevin

    Heck if you have to take a break. Lots of artists release them in bulk once a month so that they can keep up with their own work.

  17. Kevin

    Wait a second… Have you been editing your pages… Either I am really tired or you have been improving on your pages lol.

  18. Nhobdy

    For comic junkies, here’s an additional way to help Japan:

    All proceeds of this comic go to aid, and it’s written by comic writers just like david.

    • David

      I feel bad about not checking my moderation queue earlier and delaying this post. That is a pretty great link.

  19. PSA

    Helping Japan/ keeping an eye out for new post. I don’t blame you for wanting a break, I wish that I had more time fore my own comic

  20. Aspen

    Well put, sir, well put. I’ll ctearinly make note of that.

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