Page One Hundred Forty Five: Loose Arrow

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  1. VelociraptorBlade

    First! *Gets shot at by Legolas*

    At least we know that “Link” is from one of the northern european cultures – my bet’s on Scandinavia.
    Also? For all those IQ points Laz seems to have, he REALLY needs a ounce or two in common sense. Seriously, who just walks up to an armed grave robber and shouts “Howdy”?

    • David

      Maybe if we shoot at him enough he’ll figure it out!

      • Hessy

        Never would have thunk I would find this so inidsepnsalbe.

      • Voidreth

        Thats a great idea!! It might not work, BUT IT SOUNDS FUNN!! XD

    • EveryZig

      High INT low WIS

  2. Onasaki

    He’s a 13 year old kid, what do you expect? 😛 Gotta love the Legolas line, though.

    • David

      I’m pretty sure calling an elf Legolas is a solid way to get stabbed anyway.

      • CHaoS

        i dont think Legolas is an insult… i mean, hes one of the coolest guys on lord of the ring, which makes him one of the coolest characters of the world.
        he is not the guy a person would be offended to be called of.

      • Uhl

        Actually, he DOES look like Legolas, only he didn’t seem to age quite as gracefully. Maybe he just needs a bit more sun, and a bit less on the dust and cobwebs?

        • Onasaki

          Opinion, opinion. He may be the ‘coolest guy in lord of the rings’, that doesn’t mean random Elf #24 in Mystical Domain #44.2466-5 knows who he is. 😛

          • volfen7

            or cares…

          • Miri

            For all he knows, it’s a racial insult.

  3. PSA

    LoL seems that Laz will never learn no matter how many times he has an arrow come at him.

  4. SSM

    Why is anyone surprised at this? Laz is the classic geek – high intelligence with mediocre-to-low charisma and a non-existent wisdom 🙂 Besides, at one level it did work – Legolas fired a warning shot (instead of shooting to kill if he thought Laz was sneaking around).

  5. Marscaleb

    Wow, fantastic coloring job!
    No wonder it took you like five weeks to post an update.

    • David

      Traveling and working on other projects didn’t help my production time out much either.

      Hopefully I’ll be doing something like this every week now that I’m back home, though.

  6. SnowfallPhoenix

    Seriously! Great art man! This comic is definitely on my watch list now.

    • David

      Thank you! I’ll be trying to hold myself to this standard from now on.

  7. Zarium

    I wonder if the Laz knows the arrow through the head party gag is usually fake. Or maybe he just likes that really close hair part right down the middle.

  8. bobthe6th

    I wonder how much an arrow would hurt laz, I mean as a devil he must have some resistance to petty steel, as a demigod of the devil musint he some resistance to crude force?

    • Pistol of shame

      Who’s to say the arrows are tipped with steel? It could very well be some sort of thunderbolt iron (thank you TVTropes). Or it could be mythril. Who knows? The author, that’s who. Also, marksmanship is pretty far from crude, however forceful it may be. It requires a lot of skill and training. And to be as good as (do you mind if I still call him this?) Gem, that would take years of training and a lot of natural skill. Pretty far from crude.

      • David

        Perhaps he meant crude as in mundane? It’s hard to say whether an arrow could kill him. I woulddn’t be experimenting if I were him. Then, I’m not 13.

        • volfen7

          you mean it’s hard for US to say wether or not an arrow would kill him…you already know…or could decide whenever

  9. Thoth

    Well, that’s really not so bad; obvious warning shot, no apparent serious fear, and an immediate conversational opening. More or less “I’m ready for you, you don’t scare me, and so I feel quite confident enough to let you talk”. Given the general level of danger and chaos we’ve seen so far, I’d say this is “warily friendly” on the local scale of greetings.

    • VelociraptorBlade

      Gee, this place is getting cheerier by the second…..

  10. approvedjunk

    Christian devil? How does one distinguish what religion a devil is from?

    • Miri

      Because devils/demons are generally from the Christian, Muslim, and Judaic religions. We just called everyone else’s big scary monsters that after the fact.

      And the most popular of those religions, ATM, is Christianity, which has the dibs on the horns-and-red-tail stereotype.

  11. Kevin

    Well how does on distinguish an Oni from a Christian Demon. They resemble the cultures they come from.

    • Ogre

      The Oni come in two colors; Red and Blue. Laz is pale, ergo he would be easily distinguished from the Hindu demons (Eshi’s people) and the Japanese demons (The Red Oni typically carry large, iron maces/clubs and the Blue Oni carried swords). Plus…. he has a spade-tipped tail. Oni don’t, not usually…

  12. mokon

    wow your drawing has improved a lot its amazing
    p.s thanks for adding link as a character

  13. Pistol of shame

    I’m pretty certain that I’ve fallen in love with this page. The shading (my weak point when it comes to art) is amazing. And you’re better at drawing shapes than I am. So… I hold you in awe.

  14. Anime fan

    Wooh, someone’s upset.

    • volfen7

      actually, on the scale of how friendly people are when they meet laz, this guy is overjoyed

  15. Ogre

    I have to say, I am absolutely loving your comic; I have, for many years, studied and theorized about the multiverse and the complexities and variations. Call me crazy if you want but I believe in the multiverse and have had proof enough for me, and others. I love your inclusion of Lilith, especially… and the overall story is simply fantastic. This is quickly becoming my favorite comic, and I’ll now be looking forward to every update as they’re ready; please take your time in making them, don’t feel rushed about it, and it is my PERSONAL hope that we will eventually be seeing Anansi in the near future… and which version of him you use…. *Self-indulgent chuckle*

  16. scurv

    That is how you say “hello”

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