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  1. Marvelous TK

    I have to say, Indiana Jones could probably learn something from Laz. And I never thought I’d say that about -anyone-.

    • David

      I wonder if Indiana Jones would do things any differently if he took a minor in engineering?

      I just want to know where he learned to use a whip like that!

      • Eilios

        Somewhere in the world, there is an Indiana Jones BDSM backstory fanfic being made. And it’s all your fault.

    • Voidreth

      The video games always help >.>

  2. Onasaki

    >.> Training, right. How many video games did he play over the course of his life?

    • David

      If there’s even an alien invasion, I’m pretty sure all we’d need to do is unleash our preteen gamers on them.

      • Dooomba

        Haha so true!

        • CHaoS

          if aliens invade i could defeat them alone.

          • MadMann135

            I think you would need three lives and another live every 1,000 kills

  3. Thoth

    Well, it seems like a perfectly sensible way to pass the “Trials” to me.

    A good thing this is a realm of magic. Otherwise I’d be forced to start wondering who was keeping all this stuff oiled and ready to go.

  4. PSA

    Smart move, save your energy for later for like out running from things with large mouths and many teeth

  5. eriendil

    Eshi, you seem confused. Risking your life pointlessly by butting heads with an obstacle rather than finding a way around it if you can doesn’t make sense.. If what your’e looking for is that important to you, you can’t get it and use it if your’e dead. Exaggerated personal honor usually gets in the way of progress. So, shut up, already and let the smart little demon child help you…..

    • David

      Eshita does seem a little proud, doesn’t she?

  6. Uhl

    It’s much smarter to jam the fan than to try dodging fast moving blades, Eshita.

  7. Miri

    COme on, Eshita. This is how the Tomb Raider does it 😀

    Laz is shaping up to be my kinda gamer. Tomb Raider, fantasy adventure games, possibly a dash of survival horror thrown in (run around avoiding the monsters so you can find your way though improbable numbers of doors locked by amazingly difficult-to-solve puzzles that involve strange keys and/or household/not-so-household objects used in creative ways)… Yeah. If it weren’t for his endless sarcasm, I’d really like to hang out with this guy.

    • David

      The more immature they are, the more character development hits them in the face like a lead pipe.

      • Miri

        Oh, yeah. And it’s not necessarily the sarcasm that bothers me, just the…. well…. the average 13-year-old-guy disease.

        • Dani

          Gods. . . Don’t remind me. I have a thirteen-year-old little brother, and sometimes it seems sarcasm is the ONLY thing that comes out of his mouth

  8. EveryZig

    That is totally a valid solution to the test. He was even using material found in the ruins rather than his own 10 foot pole.

  9. Kitsunehero

    Now he just needs to defeat the bottomless pit by walking around it and get past the invincible gate guardian by asking politely.

    • David

      I’m not 100% that he even knows how to ask nicely.

      • CHaoS

        thats why he isnt alone.

        • holden

          I’m not shure she know how to either

      • Kitsunehero

        Remember back at the Naga temple? He sure can seem innocent when the situation calls for it!

  10. holden

    Hey by disabling the trap you still passed the test

  11. Kevin

    Here is a question. In anyway is that chair going to become a recurring character? Or at least the chair and the stick should be Laz’s weapons. Oh and I almost forgot… where did the chair come from?

    • Someone

      If you mean the chair that Laz was sitting on when he was blogging, we haven’t seen it since, have we?


      • Someone

        …did I totally not notice the chair Laz was just standing on until now?

        Wisdom of 1 right here… -_-

  12. Lin

    Always the best way to deal with a problem: poke it with a stick, in the right place. 😀

  13. E.R.

    This world wouldn’t happen to run on narrative mechanics, would it?

    Also, there IS and outside chance she’s right. Some times there’s an advantage to taking the long, harder way.
    See the Thessaliad for an example.

    • holden

      yes but in life surving is the name of the game and for humans or any sentient being that usaly means being smart and clever.

    • holden

      and thinking out side of the box

  14. 2ManyCars1

    Funny, my first thought was of Indiana Jones using the gun on the guy brandishing the sword in one scene, thus making short work of what could have been long action sequence. If you don’t like the rules, change the game.

    • Draconis381

      The original script for the movie did call for a long and complicated sword fighting scene, but after one practice session Harrison Ford argued that if he was Indy he would just shoot the guy, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg thought that his solution did fit the character of Indy and allowed the change, thus leading to one of my favorite scenes out of all three movies. It just goes to show, if you find an easier way of doing something then do it the easy way, I just hope that the stick doesn’t break before they have to get back out of the temple.

      • badgerwolf

        I remember reading Ford was pretty sick with dysentery, and when faced with that sequence on that day, asked “Can’t I just shoot him?” Wonder if that’s true or just “mythos”…

        • Miri

          He didn’t ask, he just did. They liked it so much that they kept it.

          But yes, he WAS sick with dysentery.

  15. Graham

    Where did he get that chair?

  16. Eilios

    the God of Obstacles won’t be pleased with thiiis.

  17. BakaGrappler

    *Doo Doo Doo DOOOOOOO!*
    Laz has obtained the Deku Stick!
    And to think, all Link could think to do with it was light stuff on fire.
    Get me a lever long enough, and I shall move the world.

  18. holden

    You still have five weeks I only have six days left in my semester and I’m home free

  19. Abeo

    Definitely a rogue then. Hmmm… rogues seem to be short as a rule, interesting.

  20. Antonious

    I love Indiana Jones type solutions to dangers.

  21. Rocket Turtle

    “Go take the stick out and die if you want to.” and so on

    And once again, we see why everybody wants to kill Laz.

  22. LP

    I get in SO much trouble with my D&D group with stuff like this. If the DM didn’t want my character mind controlling the guards into disabling all the traps and leading us down to the big bad guy, he shouldn’t have let me make an illusionist/telepath. Similarly, if the rogue is out sick, I fail to see how using a crowbar and barbarian rage together doesn’t solve the problem of not having somebody who can open locks.

  23. Stig Hemmer

    I see another advantage to Laz’ way. There is a good chance they may have to go back again in a great hurry, as in running away from something big and ugly. You really don’t want a big whirly-ma-jig in your way then.

  24. Chaos

    where the heck did he find a chair?
    that is all.

  25. Obiani

    Sorry, but the awesome story drowns out the added effort you put into the drawings.

    • holden

      not realy the improved art combind with an alredy awesome story makes the comic well…awesome

      • Obiani

        As though it wasn’t before?

  26. GargoyleZoo1


    I have no stick.

  27. BiblioMatsuri

    And once again, the thirteen-year-old is the only sane man… er, demon kid. Whatever.

  28. Nocturne

    But the most important qestion: where did he get the chair?

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