Page One Hundred Five: The Hunt is On

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  1. approvedjunk

    Now all the guys need to do is hit each other at least one and the argument is forgotten. Except Beelzebub. He’s kinda….sorta really mad right now. He may eat you for disturbing him now.

    • David

      Pointless bickering is one of the few things they enjoy in life, methinks.

  2. SkitZ

    I got a great plan… Lilith gets naked and Laz will be compelled to follow… like any teenage boy would. He would of course use all the demonic power he didn’t know he had… so it would be forwarding plot and providing much needed fan-service but in the process the comic would become nsfw…

    • Uhl

      Lolz!| I don’t think that would work, but it would be entertaining. As for “how do you propose we do that?” Just yell, “AFTER HIM!” Or better yet, just follow the crow feathers.

      • Draconis Noir

        Follow the crow feathers? This is a supernatural comic full of demons, angels and defunct deities, and all you can come up with is ‘follow the crow feathers’? Naturally, what with Crowleigh being the new god of crows (apparently), and the fact that he summoned the spirits, there will be some supernatural connection between the feathers and himself…. ergo, they are about to use a locating spell of some sort.

        • approvedjunk

          But does it need to get that complicated? Obviously the crow spirit…thingies are losing feathers, so why not follow them?

          • Anime fan

            If they’re losing feathers won’t the bones eventually , without anything to send thier aura through to keep themselves semi-together, just fall down?

          • Draconis Noir

            Don’t forget, of course, that they seem to be losing those feathers in combat. The few times we see them not in combat, they don’t seem to be losing too many feathers. Which means that, unless Laz fights them literally every step of the way, there will be nothing for the demon crew to follow.


      she DOES look like she’s gonna pull her shirt off ^_^

  3. Anime fan

    Follow the black feather road! Follow the black feather road! Follow follow, DAMN 0.0 look at all that blood. (to understand this joke watch Freemans Mind if you haven’t already)

    • David

      Oh gawd, I forgot that existed. I should catch up on that.

      • Anime fan

        You should, the site got hacked but the stuffs still there. I think he fixed the hacking thing though.

  4. reynard61

    Wow! From “Love” to “brat” in, what, three comics? Lil certainly is fickle…

    • David

      Naw, it’s Mephistopheles sayin’ brat!

      • Faraway

        Yep, Lili referred to Laz as a child here. And besides, even if she did call him a brat, how can we be sure she didn’t have to play uncaring demon to the others?.. OTOH, we similarily wouldn’t have been sure if she wasn’t playing a ‘caring demon’ for Laz either.

        And the question not asked. What’s on the gripping hand?

      • reynard61

        You’re right. My bad.

  5. Omega 07

    OK… Let’s start our feather collection now… ^^

    And, maybe, let’s get Laz as well…

  6. Supertwitfan

    Hmm, it does seem like they have a complication, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it… cause it would smudge up my computer screen…

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